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09 Sep 2013

2020 Summer Olympic Games To Be Held In Tokyo

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a post about the contenders for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The decision was between Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo and I can’t remember which city I was rooting for at the time, but they had used Rihanna in their bid video and that basically won me over. The winner of the three cities, however, will be Tokyo! This is the second time that Tokyo will be hosting the Summer Olympics with their first time being all the way back in 1964.

In case you missed it, here’s their bid video:


And a rendering of the future stadium:


20 Nov 2012

Empty Olympics

photo cred | Janie Airey

Earlier this summer, Flavorwire made a post showcasing some eerie photos of completely deserted Olympic arenas. It’s strange to think how so much hype and money can be thrown at one event for a short period of time. After it ends, it’s almost like it was never there or at least it is forgotten about for some time. It’s been a few months since the summer Olympic games ended in London and what’s left of it remains here in the evidence of these beautiful photographs. Check out the entire series by Janie Airey here.

18 Aug 2012

In the News…


Joseph Gordon Levitt for Playboy Magazine [Source]

Condé Nast lets you play model in their new video game, Fashion Hazard, available on both iPhone and the iPad. [Source]

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas  puts her hair in the hands of celeb stylist Ted Gibson. [Source]



Spin Magazine has cancelled their Nov/Dec issue. [Source]

Record label, Fueled By Ramen, is raising money to support The Academy Is… band member Andrew Bishop Mrotek AKA The Butcher. Andrew was violently mugged at the end of July and has been in and out of the ER undergoing several surgeries. He is also without health care and FBR has said that any support that fans can provide will significantly help towards his bills. [Source]

Remember that brawl between Chris Brown and Drake not too long ago? The nightclub is allegedly suing them for $16 million. [Source]

Lady Gaga x Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the way! [Source]

The Jonas Brothers will come together again for a one-time concert. [Source] I want this. 


TLC taps into a new reality “looking for love” show called “Secret Princes.” [Source]

ABC’s Revenge has decided to make a re-cast decision for Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. [Source]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham released a new music video. Apparently, auto tune is her best friend.  [SourceToo awful to actually post the video on my blog

ABC Family has cancelled “Jane By Design.” [Source]

NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ has laid off 20 employees. [Source]


The city of Bremerton will re-name a street for Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian. [Source]

Amazon Local will begin delivering Capitol Hill’s Eltana bagels. [Source]


Lauren Conrad made a huge mistake by releasing a new DIY video on her YouTube account today that showed her slicing up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and turning it into a storage project.  Fans of the series were not very happy and her video has since been deleted. [Source]

Top Chef Cruise 2013 [Source]

Could a men’s birth control be in the works? [Source]

13 Aug 2012

Photo of the Day

photo cred | Fashionista

Did any of you catch the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony last night?! I nearly cried when I saw them return to the stage in updated wardrobes reminiscent of their past. The songs – the dancing – all fantastic. Fun fact: the Spice Girls were the first concert I ever went to at age 7.

09 Aug 2012

Happy Thursday Y’all!

The Fierce Five are kind of my favorite

More pictures of them in London here.

And here’s a video of McKayla Maroney teaching Jenna Bush how to ‘dougie’


08 Aug 2012

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed

My bus ride is a time for some extensive reflecting. I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything that crosses my mind on a daily basis, but today it was “Why do people belt their belts below their butt?” “How fast am I going to get to my stop today?” “Hmmm remember that time when I thought those statues were  actually really still human beings?” For some reason, this image of McKayla Maroney also popped into my head. I swear it was before I found out that a meme was created for her and then a whole Tumblr dedicated to this meme. I thought about how fierce McKayla Maroney is for a 16 year old. When she received the silver instead of the gold the other night, the girl was just unhappy. As the Tumblr suggests “not impressed” clearly. And then I thought to myself how funny it would be if I, too, had adopted her scowl and used it for every moment I wasn’t impressed.

I’m really glad that I’ll never forget what it looks like now because of this meme.

Check out the growing collection here.

05 Aug 2012

Photo of the Day

Four generations of all-around champions in gymnastics!

From left-to-right – Mary Lou Retton, Gabby Douglas, Carly Patterson, and Nastia Liukin


04 Aug 2012

Photo of the Day:

photo cred: Fashionista

How amazing do the Spice Girls look?! It’s weird to still call them girls when they are grown women, but I am more than thrilled that their style has reached milestones over time. They’ve really come a long way, haven’t they?

Rumor has it that the lovely ladies are also performing at the Olympics Closing Ceremony!



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