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02 Feb 2013

One Year Ago Today

– I gave advice to college students. [Source]

photo cred | The Coveteur

– My style icon, Louise Roe, became the Glamour Editor-At-Large. [Source]

– Yow Yow! had an insanely fun Song of the Day!

– I shared with you all my favorite eye liner of all time by Stila.

– Madonna tried to sway people to attend her show. It didn’t really work.

– We learned about what kids were learning from school. Not much.

– Our favorite internet memes become movie posters that we wanted to buy. [Source]

– We were given the Sasquatch 2012 lineup!

– I was impressed by Jeopardy.

17 Dec 2012

One Year Ago Today…


Facebook brought us Timeline and guess what?

We got over it.

Just like we knew we would.


07 Apr 2012

One Year Ago Today

– Seattle Restaurant Week began! This year, it runs through April 8-19. Check out the participating restaurants here.

– We viewed Death Cab For Cutie’s live music video for “You Are A Tourist.”

– We read some news and stuff.

– Madewell debuted their Fall 2011 collection and it was glorious!

– I got a little antsy about summer wedding season. Ashley and I spent 45 minutes watching wedding/proposal videos this evening.

– I wanted to buy some things. What else is new?

Most importantly, I discussed the 21 things I learned from my 21st birthday!

– There were a few things that I was obsessing over and they were awesome. Enough said.

– This infographic already told us what we already knew about the Pacific Northwest.

– This book was pretty cool.

– I wondered why Washington never had any cool prints made for them like this one.

– This is the best excuse I’ve ever seen.

27 Jan 2012

One Year Ago Today

– We admired Elie Saab’s 2011 Spring Couture Collection

– Dan Savage was reportedly getting a television show w/ MTV…

– We wished the Vera Project a happy 10th birthday! Now they are 11!

– The Song of the Day was Leighton Meester’s Summer Girl from Country Strong. I probably won’t ever see the movie, but I do love this song.

– H&M announced that they would be launching an e-commerce store in the US for 2012!

– We viewed a collection of posters that gave us no reason to watch the movies at all.

– The first Oscar promo video featuring James Franco and Anne Hathaway was released. We had high hopes for that, but unfortunately the entire show just let us down.

– These 175 photos taken at night look like they were taken in plain daylight!

– I reviewed The Pierces’ Love You More EP – the duo behind the Pretty Little Liars theme song.

16 Dec 2011

One Year Ago Today…

I was definitely on my winter break because the amount of content I posted would not have been possible during finals week or even a regular week. Random fact – this was not exactly a year ago, but give or take a few days, the new Facebook layout was revealed and now that same thing is happening to us once again with the Timeline.

Well, back to what happened a year ago…

Mayor Mike McGinn announced that the Dale Chihuly Museum and the KEXP headquarters will be moving into the Seattle Center.

– We learned about the Seattle music scene from 12 local bands in the short series $5 Cover.

– I made up my winter quarter television schedule. RIP Hellcats.

– The Kardashians got serious for the holidays.

E! never launched this show, thank goodness!

– We learned that a school’s library is a nice alternative for your own bed.

Flavorwire let us know what our favorite 2010 movies said about us.

25 Aug 2011

One Year Ago Today

One thing that I’m extremely grateful for from WordPress is the archive function for my blog. Yes, I realize that many sites do have this. No, this is not the first time I am discovering it. Many times, what I have found in blog writing is that I write the post and then I’m done. I don’t revisit many of my old posts and many of them sort of get forgotten and left in the past. It’s funny because I wanted to create Yow Yow! initially so that I could remember everything that has happened within the past few years, but I haven’t made any effort to do that…until now.

On August 25, 2010 this happened:

– We learned that London would be hosting this awesome installation called Outrace

– We mourned the 9-year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. Unfortunately, today will have been ten years since her death.

– Songs that we couldn’t get out of our heads were given to us one after the other on Unhearit.

Gmail taught us how to take back an email that we didn’t really mean to send immediately after sending it. I still can’t figure out how to do that today.


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