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04 Aug 2014

The Punch That Didn’t

“Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub. Orlando’s hand was pretty sore today, you know, from all the high fives he got.”

– Jimmy Fallon, joking about the alleged brawl between the actor and the singer, on The Tonight Show

30 Jan 2014

A Collection Part 39

Would you believe that it has already been 4 months since our last “A Collection Part” post? I can already hear Veronica’s voice in the back of my head saying, “I can.” Every time I speak to the girl, she’s always asking for another one. Little does she know, constructing these take forever! Good news though, I’ve already started building Part 40 so hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next one, but if she had it her way, it would be every week.

Making this post this time around was quite refreshing to me. Veronica once asked me how I choose the pictures that I do for this post and I don’t know if I was ever able to give a great answer. I probably just said that I chose the pictures I liked, but I’d like to elaborate on that a little bit. I used to do a bit of photography back in high school and in the early days of college, I brought my camera with me everywhere I went. I love that these photos are being taken in ways that I never thought of before. They are various shots that spark something in me, but I have no idea what it is and because I can’t explain it or put it into words of some sort, I love it. Maybe that’s not a better explanation than before, but it makes sense to me!


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13 Jan 2014

Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet

Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera and Amy Poehler in custom Stella McCartney

Happy Monday readers! Yesterday brought out some of the best in red carpet wear and along with that…some of the worse. We’re kicking off this red carpet post, however, with the best hosts this show has ever seen. Luckily for us, we get them for another year!

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25 Oct 2013

In Sad News Today…

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are splitting after 6 years together. The two have been separated for several months according to E! Kerr gave birth to their son Flynn in 2011 and were married for 3 three years.

‘After six years together, they have recently decided to formalise their separation.’

The statement added: ‘Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family.’

This is really sad! I always loved it when Orlando would come to her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to support her.


18 Aug 2012

Orlando Bloom the Photographer?

Could there be anything more perfect than Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and their son Flynn? I don’t think so. Australian model Miranda Kerr is kind of a household name (at least to me anyways,) and Orlando Bloom is an actor with a side hobby. Did some of you know that he enjoys shooting photography – specifically using Miranda as his choice of subject? I’ve seen quite a few shots from him, even some that were used in advertisements, but I don’t think I have shared these series with you until now. Here are some of my favorite latest photographs featured in New York Time Style Magazine.

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21 Feb 2012

Review: Kusmi Tea

I never drank caffeine or tea until I came to college because I was definitely someone that preferred Jamba Juice smoothies or Starbucks frappuccinos in high school. Yes, Seattle University turned me into one classy college student. Of course, if I wanted to pull all-nighters, blended fruit juices and sugar just weren’t going to cut it. Since being here at school, I have moved on from vanilla chai frapps and graduated onto white mochas – thanks Bree for introducing them to me.

In addition to the caffeine, I was able to let my wall down with tea. Both my parents are huge fans of it so after some convincing, I finally gave in. When Colangelo PR reached out to me recently to ask me if I was interested in trying Kusmi Tea, I was -of course- excited! They sent me this Essentials packet above featuring 12 of their best selling flavors (two of each – ie) 24 tea bags) which then prompted me to call Veronica over so that we could have a night of tea sampling.

Kusmi tea is a brand known for its traditional Russian style teas for the last 140 years and apparently is a favorite for Hollywood IT couple Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. Here he is below with Kusmi bag in hand after leaving their shop.

photo cred | Daily Mail

Katie’s Review:

Since I’m a huge fan of fruity flavors, I decided to try out the Prince Vladimir [citrus fruits, vanilla and spices.] What I loved about this flavor the most is that it was incredibly fragrant. The smell of it lingered the rest of the night and all I could think to myself was that I wish I had it in scent form. After finishing the tea, I felt at ease and calm. Some teas have been known to make me a little bit jittery, but this wasn’t the case at all with Kusmi. After splitting the flavors in half with my parents, I still have nine more left to try out on my own and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the flavors will bring to the table.

Veronica’s Review:

This past weekend, my dear friend Katie gave me the chance to try a classy new tea with her! Known as Kusmi Tea based in Paris and New York, we had a variety of flavors to choose from. While Katie tried “Prince Vladimir” I gave “Sweet Love” a shot. Meant to be a black tea with a kick, I was interested in the guarana that makes up the tea’s composition. To no surprise, I loved the subtlety of licorice and pink peppercorn that fit well with the hot beverage, giving it a kick. If anyone is looking for a new tea, I recommend looking for some Sweet Love.

To learn more about Kusmi Tea and to make a purchase, click here.

30 Nov 2011

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

(All photos by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

I may not be a regular at Victoria’s Secret, but I am a huge fan of the annual fashion show that airs on CBS every winter. I’ve always had an interest in runway shows, but what sets this one apart from all the others is that the models actually LOOK like they are having fun. Seriously, don’t you agree? They’re smiling, they’re dancing…there’s 300 pounds of glitter on the runway. Just picture that for a second. You would die if 300 pounds of glitter were on top of you. And that’s scary, but that’s what makes the show so successful. Well, that and all the models and the lingerie you know…


  • Performers: Kanye West, Jay-Z, Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj
  • Favorite theme: Aquatic Angels
  • How cute was Orlando Bloom rising almost every time wife Miranda Kerr hit the stage?
  • To keep you on the edge of your seat, the organizers of the show went all intense on us and gave us a play-by-play of what was going on backstage. Will Adriana make it in time?! Of course she does.
  • Karlie Kloss is the ultimate HBIC. This may be her first time walking for the show, but she’s no stranger to the runway – having snagged all of the major runway shows every single season.
  • Lily Aldridge is the best ever.
  • Not enough Chanel Iman.
  • Anne V. and Adam Levine…merrrrr

And now a tribute to my favorite Angels!

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03 Jul 2011

A Collection Part 24

Happy summer everyone! This collection post revolves around several themes this time around including youth and celebrating gay pride. Last week, we celebrated pride in Seattle and the rainbow flag is still hanging up in nearly every other business around here! Also – since it’s been three months since the last collection post, the pictures have accumulated so when I originally started working on this, I had close to 200 pictures in one post. Not wanting to freeze your computers from loading all of them, I’ve decided to split it. There are 100 pictures in this post and in another week I will post A Collection Part 25. Hopefully this is easier for all of you to see, but you’ll also be getting another one in a week as opposed to waiting three months again!

Have a happy Fourth of July everyone!

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  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there
  • If I could go back and do another part of the trip again. THIS.
  • This one time I spent two weekends at Jackson Square
  • Dare you to find me an outdoor courtyard I wouldn’t like
  • Today my shoulders started peeling. While I was wearing a sleeveless blouse 😭 this vacation really IS over!
  • A week ago, we were HERE! Currently enjoying my last few moments of funemployment before heading into my first day back at work tomorrow. It feels exactly like going back to school ✏️📓

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