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19 Jun 2017

Cover of the Day

I may not love the direction that Paramore has been on for the last few years, but we’ll never stop adoring Hayley Williams.

24 Sep 2013

Music Video of the Day


Zedd – ft. Hayley Williams – Stay the Night

This song > Paramore’s latest single

09 Apr 2013

Paramore – Still Into You


After reading on my newsfeed last night from someone that said that this could be Paramore’s best album yet, I had high hopes for their new single “Still Into You.” For the record, their best album was (by far) the first. Instead I was immediately thrown off by the music video and Hayley Williams in 80s pop colors bouncing around an empty house in what looked like a prom that she threw herself. WHAT. What happened to the badass Hayley from back in 2004? I’m not a fan of this track, but I will give the rest of the album a listen. Thoughts on this?

08 Jan 2013

In The News…


– Fashionista documents the best looks from Pretty Little Liars [Source]

– Marc Jacobs’ new makeup line will hit Sephora shelves this fall. [Source]

– Stella McCartney is launching a collection of eyewear and it’s pretty spectacular. [Source]


– Justin Bieber will host and perform on Saturday Night Live’s Feb. 9th episode. [Source]

– Paramore ain’t over y’all! A new album is on the way. [Source]

– Mariah Carey is hilarious in an interview with Barbara Walters in which she says she didn’t know Nicki Minaj sang…”I thought she rapped or whatever. [Source] Trollin’


– “Girls” actress Lena Dunham was criticized for having a ‘blobby body’ in a review. Uhhhhhh girl can do whatever she wants, she’s fantastic, okay? [Source]


– Aladdin will be on Broadway in Spring 2014. [Source]

– Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin join the cast of the Sin City sequel. [Source]


– This is how Taylor Swift looks post split from Harry Styles. Haylor is no more. [Source]

– Khloe Kardashian is selling her old workout clothes on eBay. Sick. [Source]

– Anderson Cooper has been named Gay “Man of 2012” by Out readers. [Source]

– Snooki wants a baby. I think everyone had their doubts, but now that she’s proving everyone wrong no one really care. Go on with your bad self and have another baby Snooki! [Source]

– The White House has banned the paparazzo images of Sasha and Malia on the beach. [Source] um duh! Block that ish.

08 Feb 2011

Meet: Liz Lee

Last year, my roommate and I were obsessed with our TV time. We had our scheduled shows to watch almost every night and if for some reason we had to miss an episode, her and I would stream it together from my laptop the day after. One night during TV hour, I caught a promo for MTV’s new series “My Life As Liz.” Liz Lee was a high school senior from a city in Texas with hair as red as Hayley Williams. She wasn’t a part of the mean girls, though she once hung out with them. She wasn’t a mathlete, a prep, a jock, or a sexually active band geek, though she does enjoy singing! Liz and her best friends would actually prefer to call themselves the “Nerd Herd.” The show revolved around her life, her relationships, and the end of her senior year in high school, but basically what you need to know is that this girl is badass. Liz is totally a girl that I would have hung out with in high school and I think that’s probably one of the reasons why I adored the show. Although the series was shot with reality television style camera-work and editing, the show is completely unscripted. As the season went on, I became more interested in trying to reach out to Liz for an interview on Yow Yow, but unfortunately wasn’t able to. It took me a year, but I’ve finally gotten my interview! Two weeks ago, Liz and I finally had the chance to speak with each other on the phone (my second phone interview since Brendan Leonard.) where she filled me in on her first year of college, her first season shooting My Life As Liz, and now her second season, which premieres tonight on MTV at 11PM after Teen Mom 2.

Q: Hi Liz! First off, how old are you and where are you from?

Liz: I am 19, and I am from Burleson, Texas.

Q: How did you acquire your own show? Did MTV approach you or did you approach them?

L: MTV was shooting a pilot for another show at my school focusing on my school’s journalism program. (Supposedly a spin off of The Paper) The producers interviewed me and the test shoot morphed into my own show.

Q: Prior to forming a contract with them, did you have any hesitations about letting MTV into your life or did any of your family/friends have any hesitations?

L: Before shooting season one, my family was concerned about me being in the public eye and living out my high school experience in such an open way. They were only familiar with reality shows that involved drinking and partying, which also concerned them. They wanted to make sure that my show was positive and reflected my life and the situations encountered by my friends on the show in an accurate and positive way.

Q: Looking back on it now, how do you feel about those hesitations? Are they still there or how have they been resolved?

L: The hesitations have been resolved because they were able to see that my show is of a different breed. They also feel that it’s totally worth it because of the way that the fans of the show have reacted.

Q: So it’s been a year since we’ve seen your show’s first season. What has changed and can you set the scene for what the second season will look like?

L: Well, now I live in New York and I graduated from high school and now go to an art school called Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. It’s my first year of college and it just sort of follows that big change, you know, the dynamic between you and your old friends and trying to find new friends and trying to be independent in this huge scary place. It’s sort of like – not every college experience is like an Asher Roth song or a movie. It’s showing the tough side of it especially since the Pratt curriculum is pretty heavy undertaking. So I’m trying to juggle school and all of these adjustments at the same time. It follows the relationships and how the dynamics change and stuff.

Q: And how was your first year of college?

L: It was a struggle at first because it was this whole new place. I had never been this far away from home and I didn’t really have any friends up here so it was just kind of tough. But now, I kind of feel like this is where I belong and I feel like I’ve finally found my place with friends – and it’s just great.

Q: That’s great to hear. This is my third year in college, but I remember that same feeling of being down and trying to adjust with friends at school and with friends away at school and managing those relationships as well.

L: Yeah, well because there’s just sort of this stereotypical college experience that you see on TV or in movies and I come to college expecting that I’m going to immediately have a social life and a bunch of friends,  and it’s just not that way especially with school. It’s tough.

Q: But college must be a lot easier because there’s no Cori there right?

L: Yes, it’s great! It’s awesome!

Q: I can’t remember if you mentioned it in one of your episodes, but how did that rift happen in the first place?

L: We were really close freshman year – like really really close. I sort of started to break off of that group of friends – the like blonde girls in the show – and she wasn’t really too happy about it, I guess. She was always kind of catty, but I just kind of thought that’s how friendships were.  I remember sitting with my nerd herd for the first time and at the lunch table it was like I completely forgot that there were friends you could trust, you know? That you could confide in and that wouldn’t talk about you behind your back.

Q: After having one season out, do you think that MTV has portrayed your life pretty accurately? Do you think they ever edited anything deceivingly at all?

L: No, it’s really accurate. It’s through my eyes. It’s through my prism as I see it.

Q: Do you have any hand in how it gets edited at all or is it just left up to them?

L: It’s never been edited in a different way than it was shot. They’ve never put things out of order or took things out of context. It’s all been accurate.

Q: What was it like to watch your life on television from over a year ago? Do you sometimes cringe at some of the things you said or did or do you wish you would have done some things differently?

L: It’s weird; I don’t really have any regrets. Everything, even the awkward stuff, were things I learned from. I was open and honest about that struggle and I’m glad that people got to see that. I know that when I was going through those experiences, if I were to know that someone was just like me going through the same things, maybe I would feel a little bit less alone and it would have been easier.

Q: Last year, I saw some comments after the show aired that people speculated that the show was scripted or they couldn’t believe that it was real. How do you respond to these types of comments and do you understand why they might think that it is scripted?

L: Yeah, well definitely, I mean it’s a hybrid. We’ve never been handed a script. There was never a script for the show, ever. All the characters are real. They act the same way in real life. They have the same name. They’re not actors or actresses and never planned to be actors or actresses. You know, it just sort of happened and all of the relationships and the people are real. The shows and themes are how I see it, but the people are portrayed exactly how they are as well as the relationships. Sully and I have been friends since the 8th grade and we’ve been really close ever since.

Q: And what has the show taught you about yourself?

L: What has the show taught me about myself…It’s really weird and awkward seeing myself on TV. It’s kind of like when you hear yourself on a voice mail or something, it’s like, “Do I really sound like that?” “Do I really look like that?” All the stuff that I learned wasn’t necessarily through the show. I think I’ve learned a lot over the time the show was shot though. It wasn’t necessarily through the show, but through the events.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you with the cameras now in your second season?

L: You know, I don’t even think it was the cameras. I think it was the people behind them. It’s weird having so many people stare at you at the same time when you’re shooting, but we’ve sort of grown to be like a family. I really trust them and I don’t even notice it anymore. I just act natural because they’ve been there for so long.

Q: So is this the same crew you had in the first season?

L: Yes, there’s some added members, but aside from that – even with the new members, we grew close over time. We just hang out like family. It’s really cool.

Q: When did you guys actually wrap up the second season?

L: It was awhile back – maybe three months ago was when we finally finished editing and the voiceovers.


Q: Going back to high school again, what is your best memory from high school?

L: The best memory I can recall was the talent show. I was so afraid and so nervous and I was just anticipating the worst. Then to have Bryson show up and be there for me… to see my friends in the crowd supporting me and to hear people clapping; it was just a really cool feeling because all that stress – all the anticipating and the horrible stuff – it was just the exact opposite. I felt really accomplished.

Q: Do you ever get mistaken for Hayley Williams of Paramore?

L: Yes! I actually was just talking about that in another interview. I was eating at this Chinese restaurant called Joe Shanghai when I was with the rest of the cast and this kid walked up to me asked me if I was Hayley Williams and everyone I was with answered “Yes” for me. It was a really awkward “What do I say?” but he got so excited. He honestly had no idea who I was, but I felt like I was disappointing him.

Q: Oh no!

L: Sometimes it happens on Twitter too. A lot of times on Twitter, people are like “Oh you guys look alike.”  I personally don’t think we look like. I think we both just have red hair haha

Q: Tell us about a typical day in the life for Liz Lee.

L: Well, I go to school at Pratt Instititute and it’s an art school in Brooklyn. The curriculum is just really heavy undertaking so I’m usually doing homework or going to school. On Wenesdays, I’ll go to comic book shops and aside from that I’m kind of a hermit and I play video games and watch Netflix.

Q: So are you a sophomore in college now?

L: Yes.

Q: And what are you majoring in?

L: It was art history, but now I’m taking some writing classes. I think I’m going to veer into that major.

Q: What kind of music are you listening to these days?

L: Bad Books is a band I’ve listening to a lot of. Who else… I would blank out on this list. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bad Books and old school hip hop like N.W.A. I don’t know why I’m revisiting that, but it just seems like a good time. I’ve been listening to the new Cold War Kids album too. It’s pretty neat.

Q: If you could choose a musician or band to be the soundtrack to your life, who would it be?

L: The band that reflects my life best right now is Anamanaguchi. I love that they hacked a Nintendo and Game Boy to create such awesome music. Nerds love video games so I find their music very fitting.

Q: So last night before finishing up these interview questions, I watched the trailer again and I have a few questions for you. I know you can’t give too much away so if you want you can answer them in one sentence or however you would like. First off:

Q: Is Bryson in New York with you?

L: I can’t really give it away. It could be either or. I could be back in Texas or he could be in New York.

Q: Can you tell us anything about this new guy Louis?

L: Louis – oh my gosh, he’s so great. He’s such a good guy! He’s such a gentleman and it really shows how he’s such a good guy. He’s in a band called Augustine and he’s such a talented musician, it’s incredible. And he’s just a total dreamboat altogether. He was one of the first friends I had in New York and he really kind of helped me adjust.

Q: You seemed a little lonely in the trailer and you expressed your feelings about it. Have things since changed?

L: Yeah, actually. Things are a lot better now. I finally know where I’m going. I haven’t quite mastered the entire subway system, but I’m meeting new people, making new friends, and you get to see that in the show and those people. I’m doing a lot better. I actually feel like I belong here for the first time.


Q: So what are you doing with your life these days and where can we expect to see you next? Do you think there might be a third season or even after My Life As Liz wraps, is there anything else you would like to pursue?

L: You know, it’s really cool to be at Pratt and being surrounded by this community of artists and being able to make friends with these people who are animators and drama majors and photography majors. I’d really like to collaborate with some of them in the future. Maybe with a comic book and writing it with them and illustrating it or even a cartoon and animating it or something like that in the future. Right now, I’m just focusing on school. It would be cool if there were a season three, but I don’t know just yet.

Q: What are you most excited to have the world learn of you through this next season?

L: I’m really excited for fans to see romantic relationships unfold from the other cast members. There are tons of surprises in store for fans who want to see a different side of Sully, Taylor and Miles. They have love interests this season and it’s a totally new dimension of their lives this season.

Q: Lastly, do you have anything you would like to say to my readers?

L: I really appreciate my fans out there. I’m so grateful. I’m really excited about this next season. It’s just filled with so many twists and turns every episode – it’s just crazy and wild. It’s also a really fun and interesting season.

Thanks Liz! We wish you the best at Pratt and on the upcoming season of your show.

Catch My Life As Liz every Tuesday at 11PM after Teen Mom 2!

22 Dec 2010

Ex-Paramore Bandmates Bite Back

Josh and Zac Farro have now posted a statement to clarify the announcement that Hayley and the remaining members we don’t care so much about made this past weekend about the departure.

Well, we all knew that it would come to this. I adore Hayley – as much as I can adore someone without meeting them first, but there was something about that original statement that signaled to me that this wasn’t going to end well for the band.

Oh yeah…it was this:

A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday. None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn’t seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore.

Paramore, you’ve had a great run. You’ve put out three very successful albums, but where are you headed? Is this really what you want to be doing Hayley? If going solo has been your intention all along (basically stated from what Josh and Zac had to say) then why not do it already? The references to the bible in the guys’ statement is a little much, but kudos to them for having a voice in all of this!

To read Josh and Zac’s statement click here. For the original Paramore statement, click here.

19 Dec 2010

Paramore Loses Two Original Members

Today, Paramore announced that Josh and Zac Farro would be leaving the band. Both members have been a part of Paramore since they had formed six years ago.

One thing that my work advisor and I had in common was our love for Paramore. I loved their music. He loved Hayley Williams – disregard the age factor. When you have favorite bands, you hope that they never break up, but hopes and reality are two completely different things. Plenty of my favorite bands have broken up: Gatsby’s American Dream, Copeland, Acceptance, Forgive Durden. “Why does this happen? If bands are doing successful and producing great music then what could be the problem?” asked teenager me.

“When bands first form, it is because they love the music. They love what they do. Success is great, but if you factor in touring, management, and earnings, it becomes a business. Bandmates are no longer friends, but rather they are co-workers. They don’t hang out for fun anymore because when they do it is for work. When they have time off, they’d rather spend it with other people outside of the band since they get enough of each other on the tour bus.”

When rumors swirled last year that Paramore was breaking up, I instantly thought back to this conversation that I had had long ago. When Paramore was established, the members were friends. They were not brought together by a record label as strangers. In fact, they tried to stay away from that. They wanted control over their music and they wrote their own songs. While I have enjoyed their second and third album, their best was their first “All We Know Is Falling.” If you’ve been paying attention to the band, you would notice that their first album is significantly different from the rest. It was raw and edgy. There is no doubt that this business has changed the band for both the better and the worse. They’ve been nominated and won several awards. They’ve made it to the Top 40 and “The Only Exception” was used in an episode of Glee. Unfortunately, it was some of these rewards that caused sacrifices to be made. Growth within a band is inevitable. I do wish small and local bands great success, but not at the cost of their relationships with each other.

Paramore will go on. The members will be replaced, but they may never be what they once were when they started.


19 Sep 2010

Boy steals kiss from Hayley Williams – doesn’t steal her heart


When three fans were called up on stage at one of Paramore’s concert during the Honda Civic Tour, one male fan took the leap in attempting to kiss lead singer Hayley Williams.

Miss Williams was not amused.

13 Sep 2010

2010 MTV Video Music Awards

  • Lady Gaga won eight awards. She basically swept the whole show and wore a gown made of meat. Nice.
  • The carpet was white – naturally everyone decided to be boring and actually wear black and white or something dark.
  • Florence + the Machine put on an AMAZING performance of “Dog Days Are Over.”
  • Kanye West tried to have Taylor Swift sing a song he wrote for her prior to the show. She declined and instead performed a song for Kanye “forgiving” him called “Innocent.”

I didn’t watch the show, but this is what I had gathered.

This dress was designed by Franc Fernandez.

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