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08 Dec 2013

One Direction Concert Line- SNL

It’s amazing that I was able to stay up for Paul Rudd hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but I knew that with him on the show there were definitely going to be a few surprises. And I was right! Hello cast of Anchorman singing “Afternoon Delight” alongside One Direction. It was a pretty great episode and I found myself enjoying this skit above the most. Second most favorite part of the episode? One Direction performing “Story of My Life.” I finally get the appeal behind One Direction and Harry Styles. *Small swoon.

27 Aug 2010

Paul Rudd knows good talent

“I’ll be a nice judge, but if I don’t like what they do I will tell them to give up on their dreams.”

– Paul Rudd, joking about filling Simon Cowell’s judge’s seat on American Idol, to MTV News

Source: People Magazine

13 Aug 2010

How do you know Trailer

A new romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson


  • Keeping it 💯 and tropical
  • Today was mess and Winny saved me from getting hit by a car in the city so onwards to tomorrow!
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  • Quit playing games with my tots @tacotimenw #KandHdoTT
  • Melty in your mouth scallops
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  • Breakfast Toast 4 ways:
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- smoked salmon
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