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28 Apr 2013

Apartment Number 9

Jack Spade Sharpe Short

I have such an appreciation for men’s clothing. You would think that I would feel the same way about women’s clothing, but I don’t. It’s a much different feeling and one that I can’t even describe. There’s nothing better than a well dressed man – simply put. Nothing. Try me. I recently came across a men’s clothing site called Apartment Number 9 and ooh wee – you just know the type of guys that are wearing these pieces are the ones that make the ladies swoon.

[Did I really just say that?] Sometimes it happens. Anyways, with spring/summer coming into play, here are my favorite pieces from the site for guys!

Paul Smith Classic Fit Plaid

Relwen Canvas Field Jacket

27 Feb 2012

The Academy Awards 2012

photos via except for last two

[Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture]

I absolutely love this gown on her. It’s so refreshing to see her not wearing black for once since most of her press outfits and even gowns on the red carpet recently have been black.


I spent most of the day watching the red carpet special for the Academy Awards yesterday as E! decided to start it around one if not sooner. Unfortunately, thirty minutes into the show, I decided to give up on watching it to spend my time with some great company. It’s alright – the red carpet is usually the main priority for me…that was until Ashley sent me a text that said, “We could have easily made tonight a drinking game,” which meant that I was missing a whole lot of highlights from the show.

I suppose I can just read about the rest of the stuff that happened during the show. I did, however, witness Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator dump Bisquick all over Ryan Seacrest’s Burberry suit. Just watching him trying to contain his anger over the situation was entertaining enough.

And with that, let’s get into some red carpet looks!

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