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20 Aug 2013

Yow Yow! Visits DRY Soda


all photos by Elliot Suhr

This post was written by Veronica Lim

Last month we were fortunate to sit down with DRY Soda’s Digital Marketing Manager, Garth Purkett, in the DRY Soda office found downtown in Pioneer Square. Not only did we want to learn about Garth’s day-to-day job at Dry Soda but also how the company came to be as well as where it’s going.

Founded in 2005 by Sharelle Klaus, DRY Soda has been working out of Pioneer Square since 2007. In a cozy, yet modern office, visitors are immediately greeted with a tasting bar the moment they walk through the doors. The rest of the office is lined with cases of soda along bright orange walls, reflecting a playful and creative space.


Initially intended for white cloth table dining, DRY Soda has transformed into a food-focused demographic that still ultimately aims for being a better soda. As we sat down with Garth, we learned about his daily tasks – which include running contests, day-to-day graphic design, and running DRY Soda’s social media. Rather than typical posts and hype, Garth tries to, “create fun content that actually matters to people.”

This mentality is what led DRY Soda to current Creative Director, Richard Blais, Top Chef All-Star. Richard first discovered DRY Soda at Ace Hotel in New York. While tweeting about National Left Handers day, Garth caught Richard’s attention and eventually looped Sharelle into the conversation.


Gearing towards a food-focused demographic, Richard plays a large role in introducing new flavors. Only seven flavors were available in bottles up until July 1st when cans and new flavors were launched. The new form factor being cans provide more opportunity for followers to buy the soda where glass bottles may not make most sense. Right now, apple and ginger are the newest addition to the DRY Soda family.


Making innovation a priority, Garth eagerly shared with us an app available for smart phone users. The app features wine pairings, cocktail recipes, food pairings, as well as a store locator making DRY Soda even more accessible.

When asked what separates DRY Soda from neighbor Jones Soda, Garth notes that the company is about:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Keeping the flavors interesting – flavor forward
  • Keeping it culinary focused

Because, “Every sip leaves you ready for the next one.”


Garth and the rest of the team don’t show any signs of slowing down. For now, the DRY Soda team is focused on cans and developing new flavors. To find out more about DRY Soda, check them out here or reach out to them via Twitter at @DRYSoda.


09 Jan 2013

Blog Posts Roundup 1/9/13

1. What “Girls” has taught us about fashion and dressing appropriate for every occasion – courtesy of Flavorwire.

2. Seattle, you are the best city that I have ever lived in and here’s why – – – – (Seattle Times)

photo cred | Chelsea Improvement Co.

3. Google provides free WiFi for the entire Chelsea neighborhood. [Source]

4. 72 Style Resolutions for 2013 from 72 fashionable Seattleites courtesy of Seattle Met

5. To make one of their most popular flavors, “Scout Mint,” Molly Moon’s ice cream shop needs a LOT of cookies – specifically the thin mints HOBviously. This Friday at 3PM, Molly Moon Neitzel along with other managers will be posted up at the Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Wallingford shops ready to purchase 84,000 cookies from quite a few eager Girl Scouts. Looks like Neitzel is on her way towards molding some future saleswomen! [Source]

photo cred | Floor 13

6. Pioneer Square has opened up a new space in their neighborhood perfect for intimate weddings and small events. Floor 13 holds 75 to 100 people and is absolutely gorgeous. [Source]

7. Part of Urban Outfitters’ “Get It Together” series – Dressing Like A Grown Up

8. Nordstrom’s 2013 visual displays are now up at the flagship! Check out the full gallery here

13 Apr 2011

Happy Birthday Elliott Bay!

It was exactly one year ago today that Elliott Bay moved it’s location from Pioneer Square to the wonderful neighborhood of Capitol Hill. This is one of my favorite spots on the hill because it is such a retreat from the rest of the city, but unfortunately, the only time I get to actually enjoy it is in the summer when I have the time. As a one year birthday gift to you all, Elliott Bay is offering a 15% coupon to all of you if you visit between April 14th – April 20th. Sound like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Snag your coupon here.

14 Dec 2010

Seattle Pinball Museum

The Storefronts Seattle is a community-driven project located in the Pioneer Square and International districts of Seattle that help put life back into empty storefronts. Sometimes they feature art work pieces by local artists or a space for the Seattle Pinball Museum where all you have to do is pay an entry fee to play as many different pinball machines you want until your fingers fall off. You can find the Seattle Pinball Museum on 508 Maynard Ave S until February 28th.


To learn more about Storefronts Seattle, click here.


09 Dec 2009

In local Capitol Hill News…

Elliott Bay Book Company will be moving from Pioneer Square to a new location on Capitol Hill.

What exactly does this mean?

The bookstore is scheduled to open around mid-march on “1521 10th Avenue, right next to Oddfellow’s Hall between Pike and Pine.”

It will be about 19,000 square feet and an amazing additon to the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The new location will also feature more parking spaces below the street level and near the store and have a cafe built in! No word yet on if they will be selling used books as well as new books.

For more details, read here for a letter from Peter Aaron, the owner of the Elliott Bay Book Company.


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