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02 Jul 2013

Blog Roundup

We only do blog roundups when there is a BIG news day!

photo cred | SF Station

The Mayer Hawthorne Burger returns to Umami Burger for the upcoming album release. [Source]

HBO buys “Girls” actress Lena Dunham a new pair of underwear every day when she is on set. [Source]

6 Quirky things to do in Seattle! [Source]

A pizza that looks like Anna Wintour’s face!  [Source]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have turned down a $3 million offer for the first photos of their daughter North West to the tabloids. [Source] Are they holding out or do they not have any plans at all to release photos?

Ballard men’s boutique, Blackbird, is closing this Sunday. Say goodbye to the beloved store after nine years with their “beers and tears” party from 5-10PM. [Source]

photo cred | Capitol Hill Seattle

Rancho Bravo breaks into the business of burgers with a new spot called “Freddy’s” replacing the former Grubwich and my personal favorite…Pita Pit on Broadway. RIP. [Source]

The right way to take care of your smartphone battery. [Source]

One of my favorite happy hour spots, Bimbo’s Cantina is now delivering! And it’s free with a $20 order. The question is though…will they deliver my favorite sangria? [Source]

A list of restaurants locals can look forward to in Seattle  this coming year! [Source]

photo cred | Travel and Leisure

America’s coolest distilleries – including Bainbridge Island’s Organic Distillers. [Source]

Weird things start happening in your 20s and how to deal. [Source]

24 May 2011

One Month Later – Still Mourning For That Pita

When Pita Pit announced that they would be closing up shop last April, my heart and stomach were devastated. While Capitol Hill has their fair share of late night eateries, I particular enjoyed calling up my old roommate at 12:30 (or even close to one) so that we could grab Pita Pit to go. I was probably their only customer that had my customized order programmed into my notepad on my phone, but now that they are gone, we can only look forward to what will fill the space next.

According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the spot will be replaced with Grubwich – a gourmet sandwich shop that will feature 10 specialty sandwiches (and ice cream sandwiches!)

Also, in case you were looking for more desserts on the hill, (aside from custard, pie, ice cream (x2), yogurt, and cupcakes) you can now expect a cheesecake shop called The Confectional opening on June 4th!

Things are looking up for Broadway!

05 Apr 2011

RIP Broadway Pita Pit


I owe you endless “thank you’s” for catering to my cravings between 1 and 2AM. Now that you are gone, I’m not exactly sure what I will do, but please know that you will never be forgotten in my heart or my stomach.


12 May 2010

Quadstock – and why you should go

We’re just two days away from Quadstock 2010 and this year is sure to be much more “epic” than last year’s. Nearly every student at Seattle University knows that there are two Quadstocks. One is the actual event. The other is an event not put on or associated by SEAC at all and is basically a party for the masses. Both are great and both cater to types of people with different needs.  I’d also like to let you know that you will be missing out if you choose not to attend this year’s Quadstock.

This year our Quadstock Chair has truly outdone himself. He has put together the best lineup that has ever come to Seattle University in the history of Quadstocks. Our main stage will include performances by Beehive, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Hey Marseilles, Dan Deacon, and

Tokyo Police Club!

We have touched based with a variety of genres including pop, hip hop, indie, local etc and each are bringing something new and fresh to the table. Hey Marseilles is a well-known local band from the Seattle area. Dan Deacon puts on the most incredible performances and this year Tokyo Police Club performed at Coachella and will perform at Bonnaroo– two very big music festivals [that you should know of]

Also, you should know that it isn’t easy planning a music festival. It has spanned over the entire school year and that it is also difficult to book musicians and artists because there is such a thing as tour dates, recordings in the studio, and contract bindings. It is not a job that anyone can do. And despite what you might think about us being a private school, we do not have infinite amounts of money.

Our chair has done a fantastic job! This year we are offering food from local vendors including Ezell’s, Dicks, Pita Pit, Jimmy Johns, and Mighty-O Donuts. Tickets are only $10! A ticket for a normal Tokyo Police Club show is $20+ but for this $10 price you are getting amazing food (lots of it!) and four other bands as well as being able to catch our wonderfully talented student performers.

Last reminders:

– If you don’t buy your tickets soon, they will probably sell out.

– We are not associated with the “other Quadstock,” but we are tempted to sell you one of our shirts for $20 when you ask us.

Quadstock is for Seattle University students and is not open to the public.

For more information click here

12 Dec 2009

I Love New York Deli coming to Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill is on the verge of a major breakthrough. First Po Dog, Seattle University’s numerous remodelings, renovations of old buildings, Elliott Bay Book Company’s moving, and now we can add I Love New York Deli to the list.

The new I Love New York Deli location will be right off Broadway between Pike and Pine (of course.) Everyone get ready for amazing sandwiches and … get ready for this… they might be open 24 hours! Seattle University students, you now have one more late night eatery option to add to your list of “places to eat after a night out on the hill.” All this time, you’ve had the street meat, Pita Pit, Dicks, etc, but now you can sink your teeth into a nice delicous sandwich. Competition beware.


  • Get yourself a best friend that constantly challenges your athletic and drinking abilities at the same time.
  • Our weekend getaway to Bend was a gem, but I’m also very happy to be back home 🏡
  • Back together with these girls in Bend
  • What’s your favorite part of chicken and rice? Mine is always the skin!
  • This pasta looks like little 🐛 to me
  • from where I stand
  • Just a girl on top of 🌎
  • Could snack on pieces of this halibut crudo 4ever! Strawberries with marcona almonds, serrano chili, nouc cham, and basil 🍓
  • Need a courtyard like this someday 🌿

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