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ICYMI: President Obama’s Statement On This Week’s Shooting

It’s becoming harder and harder to watch these every couple of months. President Obama is clearly very fed up over this situation and I think the rest of the country is too.

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The White House Twitter Gets “Mean Girls”

bo mean girls

I have said from the beginning (more like after President Obama got re-elected for his second term) that his PR team has been on point. Not only do they convey messages that are heartwarming and memorable, but they also like to prove that they are with the times and can throw out modern references every now and then. Today, Obama’s team threw out what will go down in history as one of the best tweets ever by tweeting this “Mean Girls” reference.

This tweet embodies three things that we love – Mean Girls, dogs, and the inner workings of the Oval Office.


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Obama: “Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago”

President Obama gave an incredible speech while I was at work today shedding more light onto the Zimmerman trial. I have been following the trial on and off, but with all of the recent activity, I’ve done my best to stay on top of it. I understand that right now, more than ever, individuals feel so passionate about the case and for good reason. As a country, we have come so far, but we haven’t gotten  far enough. What this trial has shown me is that there is still so much work to be done not only as a whole, but within ourselves.

I wanted to share with you this recap from CBS News and I completely quoted the whole thing because I didn’t write a single part of it.

In some of his most extensive comments on U.S. race relations since entering the White House, President Obama on Friday gave a very personal perspective of the shooting of 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial of George Zimmerman, offering an explanation for why the case has created so much anxiety within the African-American community.

“When Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said this could’ve been my son. Another way of saying that is, Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago,” Mr. Obama said in an unexpected appearance in the White House briefing room, where reporters were gathered to question White House spokesman Jay Carney.

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Photo of the Day:

In case you missed it yesterday, Time released a photograph of 17-year old President Barack Obama at his high school prom! 


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Obama Inauguration Playlist

photo cred | Apartment Therapy

Inauguration is Monday and is there any better way to celebrate than with an Inauguration playlist filled with President Obama’s favorite songs? Of course there isn’t. Get started on the festivities from now all the way to Monday with this playlist featured on Spotify here. The 16-track playlist includes John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours),” and many more.


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President Obama’s Four Years in Photographs

Photo Cred | Pete Souza

This apparently seems to be the photo of the day, but since I was away from Yow Yow! all day I am just now getting around to posting it. It’s appropriate because today President Obama was named Time’s Person of the Year 2012 and no one is more deserving enough for this title. It has been a difficult and challenging four years, but as a woman, a young adult, and a former college student, I am confident in saying that there is no one else that could have done this job better than him. He was the only candidate in my opinion that I believed had my best interests at heart. With that being said, this job and the person doing the job does not come without flaws.

Samantha and I once had a conversation about President Obama and the role of a President in general in which she had asked me if anyone has ever taken a before and after picture of a President at the start and end of his term.

“I bet you’d be able to see how much a President has aged in those four years due to all of the stress they’ve had and the responsibility they’ve taken on.”

And she’s right. There’s no before and after picture, but you can see it. You can even, at times, feel that President Obama has aged in the way he speaks. In addition to the interview and cover, TIME also featured 125 photographs of the President during his first term that Flavorwire has called both “adorable and heartbreaking.” You can view all of them here.


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Time Person of the Year 2012

President Obama y’all!

This is the second time that President Barack Obama has been named Time’s Person of the year.

In a blog post, Time managing editor Richard Stengel explains that Obama was chosen because he is a cultural figure as well as a political one: “There has been much talk of the coalition of the ascendant — young people, minorities, Hispanics, college-educated women — and in winning re-election, Obama showed that these fast-growing groups are not only the future but also the present,” he writes. “If his win in 2008 was extraordinary, then 2012 is confirmation that demographic change is here to stay.”

Bow down.


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Who Was The Online Voice Behind The Obama Campaign?

I’ve said it countless times throughout the campaign period, but President Obama’s social media team was on point this year. Every tweet and Tumblr post was not only appropriate and meaningful, but also relevant. If Mitt Romney would have turned one of his statements into a cat meme, it would have been a little out of place. (Just kidding, he took the Friday Night Lights tagline instead and got himself some h8trssss.)

An interview with Laura Olin – the woman who was behind the President’s Twitter handle was published today and it is the most interesting thing I’ve read all day. It’s kind of incredible because Laura Olin is a social media strategist and every move she makes is carefully planned out to a tee with her team… and to think that this job did not even exist just a few years ago is shocking.

Check out the interview here.

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The election is heatin’ up y’all! President Obama explains the term ‘Romnesia.” LOLOLOL is all I have to say.

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Politics & Pop Culture

President Obama | 1

Mitt Romney | 0

Mitt Romney has adopted a slogan from the hit television series “Friday Night Lights” for his campaigning, but the show’s creator is less than thrilled about it even accusing Romney of plagiarism. Well, yeah.

The slogan reads: “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.”

Not only his show creator, Peter Berg, kind of livid about it, but he actually took matters into his own hands by writing a letter to Romney and he didn’t hold back.

Check out the full letter here.


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Photo of the Day:

But seriously, I dare you to find something cooler than this right here.

President Barack Obama, Beyonce, and Jay-Z at an event where the couple raised $4 million for the President’s campaign.

photo cred | Billboard
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Presidential Campaign Playlist

I bet you didn’t think that something like this would exist, but it totally does. With the conventions happening these past couple of weeks, I have been starting to get a little bit more excited about all that has been going on. When I voted at 18, I was still pretty young and new to voting. I think I was mostly excited that I had the opportunity to vote. These days, I’m paying careful attention to the issues that not only affect me, but the ones that affect those that I care about.

All that aside, I’m not trying THIS post that serious. Check out the playlist compatible with Spotify, which I’m sure Obama’s marketing/publicity team created, but I like to think that he handpicked these songs himself.

It’s packed with artists that I can get behind like Wilco, Al Green, Florence, Arcade Fire, and more.

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Who Runs The World? Michelle Obama.

“When we married, our combined monthly student loan bill was higher than our mortgage. We were so young, so in love, and so in debt.” – Michelle Obama

In case you missed THIS speech yesterday…

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