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22 Dec 2013

Christmas Wish List 2013

Comfort Food Toast Squishable – $35

I always end up making this list too close to Christmas so that by the time I list out things I could possibly want, it’s too late for my family to purchase them for me. Realistically, I don’t need any of these things for Christmas. They are merely just things that I can get for myself in the near future. We’ve actually been doing this Christmas List post for quite some time now so it wouldn’t have felt right if we didn’t have it again. I hope all of you have such a wonderful holiday. I’m off work for the week, but I’m really excited to be spending some time with Yow Yow! and prepping for our roundup posts that we do every year.

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26 Sep 2013

National Parks Explorers Guide

I’ve never been to a National Park in my life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope to go to one someday. If there’s something that I regret about leaving Washington, it’s that I’ve never been to one of THREE national parks that exist in my state. That may not be entirely true because I’m sure as a kidlet, it had to be one of the many field trips I took. If you’re an outdoorsy person, this print might be something you want to hang up in your home. If you’re really adventurous, you’ll treat it like it’s a to-do-list and visit every single park.

Why not, right?

By Ello There and being sold for $95


17 May 2013

A Collection Part 36

Without even noticing, every “A Collection” post has some sort of a theme. I always enjoy going back and looking at the different sets asking myself what the common theme was. What was I feeling that day? Why did I select this photo, that photo, and this series of photos? I started writing this about a fourth into completing this post and I noticed that all of the photographs are pretty simplistic, but also muted. There are times when I won’t remember why there is a theme, but I think this completely embodies how I’m feeling right now. Somewhat muted, but it’s a refreshing time right now because there is so much that is unknown. Also – Seattle has the hottest weather in all of the country right now, which is incredible and NEVER happens. Funny, because you would think that these photos would be much brighter to resemble that, but they are not. Surprise!

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23 Apr 2013

A Collection Part 35

It used to take me over six months to go back to a blog that I haven’t visited in a while. With my new routine and schedule and the absence of homework, I am able to get through my blogs a lot quicker which frees up more time for me to be creative and to spend more time on posts that mean a lot to me instead of just posting and being done with it. Most of the photographs in this A Collection post came from one blog and go figure it’s called Thriving Twenties so of course we can relate hence why we love it.

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13 Apr 2013

Recite This


When I am on Pinterest, some of my favorite things to pin are little quotes that I find matched up with awesome print designs like this one above. They can all be found on my Truth and Words board. Last night, I stumbled upon this great site called Recite This in which you can do the same thing with quotes that you pick yourself! While at dinner last night, Stephanie said the above and I thought to myself, this would look pretty great as a print…better turn it into one.

Have fun with the site you guys! I know I”ll be keeping it around in my back pocket for other moments in the future.

24 Oct 2012

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Marry

photo cred | People via Huffington Post

The couple married on October 19th in Italy surrounded by their closest family and friends and wait-for-it (as if you can’t see it already!) – Jessica Biel wore a pink  Giambattista Valli gown! Talk about risks from someone who doesn’t often take risks! She looks stunning of course, but this is me writing this so I don’t know if I could ever tell you that a bride doesn’t look gorgeous on her wedding day. The couple has sold their exclusive photos to both People and OK! for a whopping $300,000. Hi, I can’t wait to see these.



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