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26 Dec 2012

Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2012

You guys found these posts the most interesting. Can’t say I agree with all of it, but I don’t make up the rulez.

  1. Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life
  2. If Disney Princesses Were Hipsterfied
  3. Who Is Zeddie Little?
  4. Prom Dresses For The Classy High School Students
  5. Pretty Little Liars Season Two Midseason Promos 
  6. 2012 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet
  7. 500 Days of Summer: Why Summer Finn Made A Huge Mistake
  8. Suit Up Sweatpants 
  9. {Guest Post} By Nick Shea
  10. My Favorite Pretty Little Liars Characters
17 Sep 2012

School: 10 Favorite Posts

Earlier this afternoon, I received my school’s quarterly magazine and instantly missed everything about being back in school. This past week, I have been feeling all sorts of nostalgia. I wanted to be a freshman again. I wanted to see my friends. This time last year before class started, I was doing happy hours every day (not just for the drinks y’all! Happy hour food is my guilty pleasure.) It also didn’t help that some of my favorite professors that I’ve ever had were featured in this magazine’s issue too. So all of these mixed emotions led me to looking back on my college days and selecting my 10 favorite “school-themed” posts to highlight.

It’s time for a blast from the past! And when I say past, I mean three months ago.

  1. What I’ll Miss About “Greek” (Because I lived vicariously through these characters who had a Greek system)
  2. From One Post Grad to Many Undergrads
  3. Work With Me, Mentee
  4. {Guest Post} By Ashley de Leon
  5. Pickwick Surprises
  6. Prom Season Is Coming Up
  7. Dorm Life
  8. Meet: Brendan Leonard
  9. Smart
  10. Connie is a Graduate [from my idol Connie Wang]
22 Apr 2012

Prom’s Price Tag

I recently read an article from USA Today in which they calculated how much prom is costing for high school students in 2012. According to the survey they conducted, the average price is $1,078. I’m sorry, but that is just downright ridiculous. Prom, though memorable and a milestone on its own has this magical aura about it, but it doesn’t need to cost that much.

Teenage girls – (because I know that the guys aren’t as focused on trying to spend this much) here is what I am telling you. Prom is not the prerequisite to your wedding. I mean if anything, that’s what you should be saving up for. But prom? No.

Since you haven’t had your prom yet, let me shed some light on the truth behind it.

  • You’re probably going to wear your prom dress once and that’s it. If you were planning on buying your dress from those Prom magazines, there is no other occasion that will be appropriate for you to be wearing that dress. I was able to get two wears out of my prom dress by wearing it at a wedding.
  • You will lose your corsage before you even get to the dance or get tired of having a branch attached to your wrist blossoming out of you.
  • You’re going to look at your pictures once after they get printed and never again. Oh, is that your high school sweetheart? That’s so cute…and where are they in your life now?
  • You’re going to eat half of your food. I’m not sure why high school students feel the need to drop moneys on the best restaurant ever, but at 18 you just don’t know how to fully appreciate food. I would be so much more excited about eating at the Metropolitan Grill today than I would be when I was 18.
  • Okay. The limo is worth it.

Check out the entire breakdown by USA Today here.

07 Apr 2012

Prom Dresses You Shouldn’t Be Wearing This Year

Since I recently made a post about what dresses I find to be appropriate for this year’s high school students attending Prom, I suppose it is only fair for me to post some dresses that I think Prom could do without. There are quite a few schools that have been notifying students of specific dresses that are banned from the event and while I am a firm believer in expressing yourself through clothes, I think I agree with the schools.

A few of these so-called “banned” dresses are featured in the seasonal prom issues of magazines such as Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom. Why do these even exist? Most of the time, these dresses have to be specially ordered or ordered online and that to me just doesn’t seem worth it especially when you can go into a store and have the opportunity of trying something on.  It is magazines like these that sometimes put a lot of stress and pressure on a young girl to find the perfect Prom dress, but the dress is not what is going to make your night memorable. Anyways, here are a few dresses that I would not want to be wearing at Prom.

Sexy Jasz Evening Gown

I’ll admit the ombre fade to dip dye is nice, but two cutouts? Really? TWO cutouts? One is usually enough and sometimes even that can be pushing it. The cutouts in addition to the high slit and the back of the dress (click the link for this bonus view) are too much. The model should just omit the middle, wear a bustier and wear the bottom of the dress as a skirt.

Read more “Prom Dresses You Shouldn’t Be Wearing This Year”

07 Apr 2012

Prom Dresses For The Classy High School Students

With shows like Dancing with the Stars and outrageous red carpet gowns, it is no surprise that school administrators have been cracking down on the dress codes recently. Schools districts all over the country have gone as far as creating a guide for their students informing them what types of dresses are banned from their formal dance. The times have definitely changed since I was a high school student because this was never an issue for my peers.

However, from a young girl’s perspective – I get it. Short is sexy. Cutouts are intriguing. See-through gowns are mysterious…maybe? But there’s a difference. You can incorporate trends without being over the top and can ere on the side of classy over trashy. You may think that the only way to be fashion forward is to be sexy, but you’re going to Prom to wear a beautiful dress and to have an incredible time with your friends and your date. The sexiest thing about a someone at Prom is confidence and you don’t need a dress to do that for you. Here are some of my favorite picks for the season:

J. Crew Sinclair Dress – $250

Read more “Prom Dresses For The Classy High School Students”

29 Mar 2011

Prom Season Is Coming Up

Jason Pitts performed a song he wrote himself to ask Lianna Cohen to PROM and it was adorable.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll set aside some time to compile a list of my favorite prom dresses for the season because

a) I hope that someone somewhere goes after one of the dresses I’ll feature on a post

b) It’s been three years since my prom and this is the only way that I can still feel somewhat connected to it.

I live vicariously through all of you.


19 Nov 2010

Disney’s “Prom”

Now, what is Disney doing making a movie about prom? I find it a little strange that Disney is focusing on a different age target in their newest film considering some of the …*ahem* activities that revolve around this event. Oh, who am I kidding? I am such a sucker for films like these. I try not to remind myself about some of the terrible associations of my own high school experience, but my prom was pretty much – and not so much in a bad way.


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