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07 Jan 2017

Seattle’s Summer


Whenever I return home, I never feel like I have enough time. In a perfect world, I would spend every summer in Seattle and then elsewhere for the other seasons! I spent a week this past June like I always do and we’re now sharing some of the photos from our trip. If some of these look familiar to you (because you’ve seen these shots before) it’s because I basically will do the same kind of thing on every trip. We know what we like, obviously! Now if only we could get back there more often…

^^ I will tolerate sushi in the Bay Area, but we all know that it doesn’t exactly compare to Seattle. And even though my go-to place looks like a club inside, the food is 100. This is at Wasabi on 2nd Ave!

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15 Jul 2015

The Best Time to Visit Seattle

It’s actually been a few weeks since I returned from my trip back home! It almost feels a bit outdated to write this post now, but then I remembered that I couldn’t not share all of the photos of everything that I ate while I was in Seattle. It just seemed like the wrong thing to do. Even though I’m calling the Bay Area home now, Seattle is never that far away and I don’t take advantage of the short flight as much as I should. It can be challenging because I have times at work where I should be in the office and not on vacation, but luckily for me the summertime is not that time. And that time also happens to me when Seattle is the hottest and the brightest! I decided to go back for Father’s Day and a few days extra which ended up being the right amount.


Before I even landed in Seattle, I had one request and that was for Kevin to pick me up at the airport (okay a 2nd request) and take me straight to Wasabi Bistro. I didn’t get to go here when I was in town during the holidays and it was the only thing that I wanted because no offense – California can’t even match up to Seattle when it comes to sushi and seafood. We were all thinking it. Also, I had sushi three times when I was home, so there.

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22 Jul 2013

The Weekend: 5 Things

ferris wheel

With Alex in town from San Francisco and Lucia back from LA, it was a freshman reunion with the whole gang back together. I’m grateful that the friends I made in my first quarter of college at Seattle University are still the people that I love and enjoy being around! In addition to all of this going on, it was also Ashley’s last weekend so we had a total “Seattle Day” being tourists around the city before we gave her a proper send off to San Diego.

One year later, I FINALLY visited the Great Wheel. And it was awesome, as expected.

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16 May 2013

{Follow Up} With Maddie Cary

Throughout college and surviving the business school, Maddie was kind of like my little rock. The girl never ceases to amaze me and she’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Here at Yow Yow! we’ve always supported her in her musical endeavors and will continue to do so of course. Her follow-up piece is something that I know will resonate with many of you and definitely falls in line with the post-grad 20-something talk we’ve been going off of lately. To give yourself a refresher, see her original guest post here.

The Sweet Spot

Hello Yow Yow! readers! The last time I took some time to sit down, and you know, casually reflect on my ever -looming future, I wrote about questioning my path to pursue a career in business (whatever that really means) and to instead jump head-first into a life as a singer/musician. Well, it’s been over a year since I wrote down all of those thoughts, and I KNOW you all have been on pins and needles wondering how I feel now (does sarcasm come across in blogs? I’m still so new to this…).

Since graduating from Seattle University in June 2012, I’ve been working at a search-engine marketing agency in Queen Anne. Before you ask, no, I don’t work for Google. I’ve been working at this company since the summer before my senior year, and over my two years there, I’ve gone from a part-time intern all the way to a recent promotion to Client Manager. I’m proud of these milestones, but I’m sure you’re starting to realize it isn’t quite that career in music I was always daydreaming about.

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16 Jan 2013

Out on the Town: 1/18

Easy Street Records on Queen Anne will close this Friday, but before they shut their doors for the last time, there will be one more performance. This Friday, alternative rock group Yo La Tengo will put on the very last performance at the Queen Anne location for free and for all ages. Show starts at 7pm.

The West Seattle Easy Street Records location is still open.


09 Jan 2013

Blog Posts Roundup 1/9/13

1. What “Girls” has taught us about fashion and dressing appropriate for every occasion – courtesy of Flavorwire.

2. Seattle, you are the best city that I have ever lived in and here’s why – – – – (Seattle Times)

photo cred | Chelsea Improvement Co.

3. Google provides free WiFi for the entire Chelsea neighborhood. [Source]

4. 72 Style Resolutions for 2013 from 72 fashionable Seattleites courtesy of Seattle Met

5. To make one of their most popular flavors, “Scout Mint,” Molly Moon’s ice cream shop needs a LOT of cookies – specifically the thin mints HOBviously. This Friday at 3PM, Molly Moon Neitzel along with other managers will be posted up at the Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Wallingford shops ready to purchase 84,000 cookies from quite a few eager Girl Scouts. Looks like Neitzel is on her way towards molding some future saleswomen! [Source]

photo cred | Floor 13

6. Pioneer Square has opened up a new space in their neighborhood perfect for intimate weddings and small events. Floor 13 holds 75 to 100 people and is absolutely gorgeous. [Source]

7. Part of Urban Outfitters’ “Get It Together” series – Dressing Like A Grown Up

8. Nordstrom’s 2013 visual displays are now up at the flagship! Check out the full gallery here

02 Jan 2013

In the News…


– Zooey Deschanel does not look like Zooey Deschanel on the cover of Glamour. [Source]

– Fake braces are all the rage right now in Asia. [Source]


– Girls will be releasing a soundtrack in January! Excited. Hope this is on Spotify because their music selection is. on. point. [Source]

– Our girl Britney will be working on a new album. [Source]


– a scripted hour-long drama is in the works for E! and will be a mixture of Gallery Girls and Mean Girls called Gallerina [Source]

– Ann Curry won’t let that NBC drama get her down. Apparently, she’s been contacted for a position at CNN as an anchor. [Source]


– The shows that ended in 2012.

– Andddd the television characters that passed away in 2012. [Source]


– The Twilight Saga was voted the worst movies of all time. Shocker. [Source]


– We prepare to say goodbye to the iconic Easy Street Records on Queen Anne. [Source]


– Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris finally got married! She didn’t run away this time. [Source]

Did I mention that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a spawn baby together?

– The PS2 is not more. Japan stops production. [Source]

– Are you in a profession that could lead you to being a psychopath?

Author Kevin Dutton tells us in his new book which professions are most likely and least likely to lead to psychopathy. [Source]

21 Aug 2012

Currently Craving:

Molly Moon’s Campfire Sundae

I don’t even know what this entirely consists of (I have an idea,) but I want it! I don’t even like sundaes that much, but I just want this one.


09 Mar 2012

Out on the Town: 3/10

Lana Del Rey is comin’ to town y’all! She’ll be singing and signing autographs at Easy Street Records on Queen Anne this Saturday at 2PM. It’s free and all ages and you get to see her in the flesh!

Somebody please go to this and let me know how it is. I would love to hear all about how she performs live and if she is as awkward as she once was on SNL.


06 Dec 2011

Out on the Town: 12/7

(photo cred: ssgmusic)

Local Seattle band, Pickwick, will be performing a free set at Easy Street Records Queen Anne at 7PM! Their show with Campfire OK and Jessica Dobson (The Shins) at the Neptune is sold out so if you wanna see them – THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!



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