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05 Sep 2018

Rachel Zoe

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we were covering Resort? For as long as Yow Yow! is running, this is something I never want to quit doing. Runway shows have always been a favorite of mine. It’s a time capsule for me to look back on styles I once loved. It’s a way for me to look forward into how I want to rearrange my own closet. And it reminds me that fashion is one of the sole reasons we made Yow Yow! in the first place.

It’s hard for me to know what engagement is like for these posts. My mom tells me that she likes to look through these, but disagrees with many of my choices. My take is that most of you just view it as my inspiration lookbook / mood board and you’re not wrong about that!

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26 Oct 2017


Zendaya wearing Teresa Helbig

It may be fall everywhere else in the world, but southern California is still experiencing 95 degree weather and yesterday’s outfit choices in LA for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show prove it. The finalists from the competition showcased at Chateau Marmont in front of a panel of judges and in attendance for the event were some of our favorite celebrity icons and even those that are style icons in the making. Here are some of our favorite looks:


25 Dec 2016

How to Ring in 2017 or More Importantly… What You’ll Wear

Rachel Zoe satin-trimmed corded lace jumpsuit$495 $347

We always write this post a little bit late don’t we? Last year, I wrote it the day after Christmas and today I’m starting it at the end of Christmas Day. The reason why is usually because we don’t have time or we put off doing it, but my rationale is that New Years plans always happen last minute! Unless you’ve planned a trip around it or have some kind of occasion, most people have no idea what they’re doing for New Year’s Eve – myself included. Every. Single. Year. Last year, I ended up going out on Capitol Hill with my cousins and having a pretty entertaining night, but this year? We’re still not sure. I brought my trusty long-sleeved Aritiza dress back home with me though for this specific outing. You know… just in case! I’m sharing with you all some of my favorite looks to end the year, but it’s likely you may not be able to purchase these and get them delivered on time so look to these as inspiration instead!

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07 Jun 2016

2016 CFDA Awards

Ashley, Elizabeth, and Mary-Kate Olsen all wearing The Row

So it’s not the most fashionable night out of the year (that’s the Met Gala!) but the CFDA is a close second! This is a post full of amazing looks. We don’t need to say anymore.

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03 Jun 2014

2014 CFDA Winners and Looks

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

The CFDA awards highlights the best of the best in the fashion industry annually. This year, celebrities and the most notable players in the fashion world came out for one of the best dressed events of the year. We’re highlighting our favorite looks below and the winners below that.

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06 Mar 2013

Kiernan Shipka For Foam Magazine


I’ve never watched an episode of Mad Men though I’ve heard rave reviews. Apparently Sally Draper is not one to be messed with though and is quite the little sassy one herself. Kiernan Shipka is just 13 years old and geez – clearly not going through an awkward stage. I wish I looked that good at her age, but I’ll have to settle with the fact that we have the same hair cut…now.

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  • The pork belly is unreal, ok? 💯
  • little
  • One week till my OOO is on
  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten sick because you chose to dress inappropriately for the weather 🤚🏽 that was me Friday night without my jacket over my holiday party dress.
  • Over ordered
  • Sundays at the farmer’s market 💐🍎🍊🥬
  • Why pick when you can have both? 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Blessed that this year’s holiday party landed on a Friday so that I have two days to get right. 🙏🏼
  • salt 〰️ sand

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