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22 Jun 2013

Google Makes A Shift In Their Hiring Process

For quite some time, everyone has known Google to ask some outrageous questions in their interview process. For example – how would you map out the entire city of San Francisco? Candidates have been prepared for it  – not knowing the question beforehand – but knowing how to respond quick on your feet and logically. An article came out recently that Google has decided to eliminate their brain teasers because there is no correlation between an answer to that type of question and how well a candidate can perform in their job. Instead hiring managers in Google and every where else are digging deeper into their candidates with behavioral questions like “Give me an example when you had to solve a difficult challenge in the workplace” or “What would your current manager say about you as an employee?” Answers to these questions say so much more. So readers, if you’re applying! It’s time to start preparing yourself!

Additionally Google has also come out and said that GPAs are not so much a factor for them anymore. Check out this interesting article here.

13 Mar 2013

Onboarding – And Why It’s So Important

Having been in a human resources environment for nearly the last year and working within the industry, I’ve gotten a taste for just how crucial the onboarding process is for new employees. While I was in college, I took one HR class (the only one that was offered and required) and after finishing that course, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what HR did. In fact, maybe it’s because their responsibilities span beyond the norm of just making sure employees are taken care of. We forget that under the HR umbrella comes payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee relations, and if not one of the most important components – the very first day.

This morning I read an article on the Times called “Getting New Employees Off To A Good Start” detailing how many companies these days are re-structuring the onboarding process in order to get their new members ramped up quickly and feeling like a part of the team. Too often, I have witnessed people on the first day kind of flailing and not having that structure the first day or first week being left to fend for themselves. It’s refreshing to see that companies are considering this a higher priority. So which of my favorite companies are paving the way? None other than Warby Parker, Birchbox, Thrillist, and a couple others!


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