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10 Oct 2013

This or That: Skin Products Made with Chocolate

I’ve never practiced a strict skin regimen though I probably should and have been telling myself that for years. Having lived in Seattle for so long, my skin had adapted to the environment there and the move to California has not been the smoothest. Here, I find myself relying heavily on my Olay moisturizer more (as discussed in my Beauty for Breakfast post) but am now trying to seek out other products that might get the job done and allow me to still use less.

Refinery29 introduced a new line of products by Karin Herzog today that infuses real chocolate and naturally we became curious.

These high-performance products actually count cacao as an ingredient — no artificial scents or dyes here. In fact, considering the skin-boosting properties of chocolate (nutrients and vitamins aplenty) and its natural, way-luxurious scent, we’re surprised this is the first time we’ve heard about a skin care brand harnessing the power of our guiltiest pleasure.

So unfortunately, you can’t eat it, which is what most people wonder about when they see chocolate on a label. You’re going to need to find yourself a grocery store for that one. Readers, would you still try the product? I love the scent of chocolate, but I’m also wondering if using it as a product on my skin and smelling it all the time might make me tired of it.


28 Mar 2013

Music Festivals: A Comparison in Illustrations

art cred | Joana Avillez

You would think that because of how diverse the lineups are at every music festival that you would get a general mix of people. To an extent, that is true. However, every music festival has its own atmosphere, its own style, and its own personality. Even without knowing that that the above illustration was for Glastonbury, I would naturally assume that because of the Hunter boots and olive jacket. That place is a mud fest every year! In looking at my own experiences, I attend Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot every year and maybe I’ve never paid any attention to it until now, but I can definitely see that the way I dress for one festival differs from the other. Since Bumbershoot is spread out over the Seattle Center, I make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I make sure to bring a cardigan of some sort or dress in summer layers. At Block Party, that’s just not the case at all. Bring on the short shorts, tank tops, and little dresses. It’s the culture, the environment, and the people that tend to affect your surroundings.

Refinery 29 had Joana Avillez create these illustrations for 7 different major music festivals and I’d say that it’s spot on. I’ve never been to any of them, but I’ve caught the Street Style Snap Shots every year.

28 Mar 2013

7 Reasons To Love Spring


Readers, no one is more excited than I am to see winter GONE. I have loved spring since the day that I was born, but there are 7 reasons that I am going to share with you today on why I am swooning over this season. Even though it’s all that I’ve ever known, spring in Seattle is gorgeous. I don’t know how I am ever going to part with it, but we don’t have to talk about that now – so let’s just get into the good stuff, shall we?

1. I (personally) get to dress better. While I love my layers, the worst part about winter is having to hide every outfit with a coat. Another reason? I’m too lazy to go to coat check. During spring, that just isn’t a problem. Bring a cover up, fold up a cardigan, and you are good to go. This season, I am thrilled to be bringing out my favorite dresses for the weekend and even in the office paired with a blazer. Some of my favorite dresses will be featured in just a couple of days for The Closet: March 2013 post.

photo cred | Refinery 29

2. The men are dressing better. Pastels, crisp shirts, lighter fabric – we like it all. Guys, need to know what to purchase for the spring? Check out Refinery 29’s guide here.

3. It’s the start of the wedding season y’all! Unfortunately, I have not been invited to any weddings yet this season, but I am assisting my co-worker in her side project of being a freelance wedding planner and I am ecstatic to be jumping into any sort of event planning once again.

4. The gorgeous views of the sun setting in Seattle from my home and Mt. Rainier! I can’t get enough of it.

5. My Mariners even though they’re not doing so hot right now, that’s okay.

6. Blogging on the go. What I loved about living in Seattle for the past 4 years is that I could take my computer with me everywhere and I have found that blogging in different settings whether it’s on campus, in a coffee shop, at a cafe, outside, etc completely gave me a new perspective. It affected the content that I was writing or the mood that I was in and naturally, I just loved moving out and about. You can do that in the spring, but in the winter, you won’t see me leaving the house to just blog.

7. Brunch – better yet, any meal outdoors. Enough said.

13 Feb 2013

Refinery 29 Man

photo cred | Mark Iantosca

I am so pleased to announce that one of my favorite fashion blogs – Refinery 29 – has launched a new page dedicated entirely to Men’s fashion. I’ve been a huge fan of menswear and even men’s blogs for quite some time, but have had a hard time breaking into it myself on Yow Yow. I’d say the best guys’ post I ever did was the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for men, but even that was pretty recent. Guys – you are very important to me and whenever possible I’m going to share with you men’s blogs because you deserve to read something completely tailored to you. Please check out Refinery 29 Man and enjoy!


20 Jan 2013

The Makeup In Your Handbag

Refinery 29 recently wrote a post about how stolen handbags often contain an average of $275 worth of makeup. E-tailer Escentual discovered this truth and that to me is mind-blowing. At the same time though, it makes sense. For the normal working woman, a work day may not always end when the clock strikes 5:00pm. After work, there are the meetings, happy hours, dinners, events, etc. and while we would love to believe that our makeup lasts all day, I will be the first to raise my hand and tell you all the truth that it does not. Okay, maybe mascara does, but makeup gets worn down throughout the day so it’s believable that ladies would include in their handbags touch-ups or that they would purchase two of every product, one for at home and one for the purse.

The makeup in my purse? One tube of Vaseline Lip Therapy at $2.95


19 Jan 2013

Madewell Spring 2013 Look Book

Life as a post grad has flown by! It’s hard to believe already that spring is just around the corner, but as always – I can’t wait. In fact, there’s nothing that I look forward to more than the upcoming season mainly because sickness doesn’t usually happen to me around that time, it’s my birthday, and spring fashion is much more lively in this season than fall and winter.

Madewell never disappoints. Time to start saving towards my spring wardrobe!

Read more “Madewell Spring 2013 Look Book”

05 Jan 2013

An Ode To Clueless

photo cred | Refinery 29

Los Angeles brand Wildfox is hitting 2013 with the best lookbook I’ve seen yet. This model has got the Cher Horowitz look down to a point and it totally goes without saying, but I love their tribute to the 90’s classic! To view the entire lookbook, click here to view on Refinery 29.

21 Dec 2012

Alexander Wang Home Decor

a wang teddy

photo cred | Alexander Wang

It’s always pretty exciting when a designer you recognize dives into something a little bit different than the norm. Whether it’s a capsule collection, Target collaboration, etc. as consumers we like to be in the know for what our favorite designers are planning next. By now, Alexander Wang has become a household name. Of course his collections are ones to be admired, but who could ever forget his darling little niece?! Aside from those two things, he has now decided to venture into home decor and summer accessories and if you didn’t know his name was tied to it in the first place, the collection literally SCREAMS Alexander Wang.

Everything is in signature Wang black.

Check out the rest of the collection here.

13 Nov 2012

Rodarte For Starbucks Has Arrived

photo cred | Refinery 29

Can’t afford real Rodarte? Missed the Rodarte for Target collaboration a few years back? Well, here’s one more chance (and hopefully not the last) to snag Rodarte at a price that you may never see again. The Rodarte for Starbucks collection has arrived in stores and is ready to be adored by the masses. The collection is modern, crisp, and minimal. Would you expect anything less than stellar from the Mulleavy sisters?

For more photos, click here.

17 Oct 2012

Fall Staples For Men

I am very fortunate that every important man that has ever come into my life has always wanted to go shopping with me. Everyone except maybe my own father, of course. Regardless, I’ve been told that I make a good shopping partner! This weekend, boy and I are taking our first shopping trip together and I couldn’t be more excited. Luckily for us, I stumbled upon Refinery 29’s 30 Fall Men’s Wardrobe Staples to Stock Up On Now to give us some inspiration and direction. I went through the list myself and I can whole-heartedly agree with MANY of these items. And if a girl approves, then you know that’s a good thing.


  • Coming soon: ☝🏽 sweater ✌🏽 ways
  • Crushing on these exteriors 💕
  • wrinkles on my skirt
  • I usually end the week with sushi because it’s a treat, but we’re having it tonight because TODAY has been a day.
  • Happiness fueled by midnight elote 🌽
  • Hi little babe @chessieandvalentina
  • Sometimes when the blanket is at the far end of the couch and out of reach, I just use this puffer. Substitute blanket.
  • I love a nearly empty restaurant all to myself
  • Can we just get to hometowns already on The Bachelor?! 🏡

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