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13 Jan 2013

Today. Sunday.

Readers today is a very big SUNDAY.

I woke up early today to watch my Seahawks play in the playoffs and while it was a great game and a fantastic comeback after the first half, we lost.

Sad day. As soon as the game finished, I had to switch gears and go straight into Golden Globes red carpet mode. I thought I was going to end up missing the show because of a happy hour that I had planned with some friends, but now that it has been rescheduled, I can now watch.

I’m giving a play-by-play of red carpet looks on my Twitter NOW and will be live-tweeting throughout the show.

Additionally, we’ve got a new ep. of Revenge and the premiere of Girls tonight so…there is my Sunday night.

Of course, expect a red carpet roundup post tomorrow!

07 Jan 2013

Winter Premieres: Monday

For some reason, I ended up missing the premiere of Revenge last night because I decided to put on Celeste & Jesse Forever in the middle of it. #badtiming. I had such high hopes for the film! That’s why I was so disappointed that I missed Revenge. It was not worth it.

Tonight, that won’t be the case because The Bachelor and Catfish are BACK. Nothing will be interrupting these programs again.

Also, is anyone else watching besides me?

18 Aug 2012

In the News…


Joseph Gordon Levitt for Playboy Magazine [Source]

Condé Nast lets you play model in their new video game, Fashion Hazard, available on both iPhone and the iPad. [Source]

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas  puts her hair in the hands of celeb stylist Ted Gibson. [Source]



Spin Magazine has cancelled their Nov/Dec issue. [Source]

Record label, Fueled By Ramen, is raising money to support The Academy Is… band member Andrew Bishop Mrotek AKA The Butcher. Andrew was violently mugged at the end of July and has been in and out of the ER undergoing several surgeries. He is also without health care and FBR has said that any support that fans can provide will significantly help towards his bills. [Source]

Remember that brawl between Chris Brown and Drake not too long ago? The nightclub is allegedly suing them for $16 million. [Source]

Lady Gaga x Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the way! [Source]

The Jonas Brothers will come together again for a one-time concert. [Source] I want this. 


TLC taps into a new reality “looking for love” show called “Secret Princes.” [Source]

ABC’s Revenge has decided to make a re-cast decision for Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. [Source]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham released a new music video. Apparently, auto tune is her best friend.  [SourceToo awful to actually post the video on my blog

ABC Family has cancelled “Jane By Design.” [Source]

NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ has laid off 20 employees. [Source]


The city of Bremerton will re-name a street for Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian. [Source]

Amazon Local will begin delivering Capitol Hill’s Eltana bagels. [Source]


Lauren Conrad made a huge mistake by releasing a new DIY video on her YouTube account today that showed her slicing up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and turning it into a storage project.  Fans of the series were not very happy and her video has since been deleted. [Source]

Top Chef Cruise 2013 [Source]

Could a men’s birth control be in the works? [Source]

27 May 2012

Katie’s Breakdown of Memorial Day TV Watching

  • (10) episodes of Suits
  • (3) episodes of Glee
  • (2) episodes of Revenge
  • (2) episodes of Dance Moms Miami
  • (4) episodes of Victorious
  • (4 ) episodes of Giuliana and Bill
Is this going to be my life after college? Yes. Yes, it is. 
21 Jan 2012

Steamy Revenge Spread for Entertainment Weekly

Before a new television season begins, I read the reviews, do my research, and start planning out my tentative lineup. Initially, the schedule has me booked for Mon-Thurs between the hours of 8PM-11PM. Prime homework time! As time goes on, the shows start dropping like flies. It’s not because I realize my priorities, but it’s because the shows don’t catch my attention long enough that they need to continue to be on the schedule.

One show that has stuck around is Revenge. In fact, it’s probably the one show that I refuse to miss every week and the funny thing about that is that it makes no difference at all if I am forced to watch it the next day. Regardless, 10PM rolls around; the books are closed and posts for the blog are put on hold because Emily Thorne is about to initiate another take down!

If you haven’t caught onto the show yet, I strongly suggest that you start. Since it’s only the first season, you can easily catch up.

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22 Dec 2011

Katie’s Favorites of 2011

pic cred: WhoWhatWear

Favorite Style Icon: Zoe Saldana

Zoe wins again and again with her presentation on the red carpet and at press events. Here she is wearing a Calvin Klein dress in my favorite color for 2012: MINT!

Runner Up: Elle Fanning


Photo: Nate Watters | Apes on Tape

Favorite Event of the Year: Capitol Hill Block Party 2011

Two out of three days was just enough to make this festival not only the highlight of my summer, but the most memorable moment of the year. Who can turn down a weekend of great company, amazing live performances, free goodies, front row at Cults, stellar weather and meal breaks at all of my favorite restaurants just outside of the gates? You can’t.

Runner Up: Girl Talk at the Showbox SODO and being on stage!

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09 Nov 2011

Tyler Shields Shoots Revenge Cast

Are there any Revenge fans on here? I am a huge follower of the show and have basically tried to shove it onto just about anyone that hasn’t started watching it. There won’t be a new episode tonight, unfortunately, but I thought it would be fitting to still have a Revenge themed post. Here’s a peak at a recent photo shoot with the cast shot by Tyler Shields.

Check out the rest of the shots here

26 Sep 2011

Fall TV Lineup


Hart of Dixie – CW – 9PM

The Lying Game only has two eps left so… I get one hour back.


Glee – FOX – 8PM

The New Girl – FOX – 9PM


Revenge – ABC – 10PM


Vampire Diaries – CW – 8PM

The Secret Circle – CW – 9PM


Nikita – CW – 8PM


[RIP Hellcats]

15 Sep 2011


I forgot to tell you all that there was a password to watch Revenge.

Here it is: MN3JozZrq

or this works too… afZ4llPts

14 Sep 2011

ABC’s Revenge

For weeks, all I have heard on blogs was the built up anticipation surrounding ABC’s newest television series Revenge – set to premiere September 21st. The shows I usually watch are on CW and FOX so it is rare for me to venture outside of those comfort zones, but I’ve been a fan of Emily VanCamp since her days on Everwood (are you still acting Gregory Smith?) so I was curious to see her in a lead role in a series. I heard she was decent on Brothers and Sisters, but I’m willing to bet that her character was nothing like the character she portrays on Revenge as “Emily Thorne.”

The pilot episode of Revenge leaked sometime last week and I think since ABC knew they could no longer hold fans off before the premiere date, they decided to just release it as a special preview. Watch the entire pilot episode here (like I did!)

To avoid any spoilers, I’ve written my review underneath the cut.

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  • Just my very first ✨ holiday party dress and @b_dix
  • Another day, another mall
  • Seeing these loaves of bread is always so satisfying 😋
  • Walkin’ into this week like... only four more days until vacation time!
  • We know what we’ll be asking for this Christmas ☝🏽
  • Holiday cookies at the @cuyana pop-up yesterday! 🌵
  • Been feelin’ pretty sickly all week, but ready for a reset when we can dip from work ✌🏽
  • ⏸
  • The pork belly is unreal, ok? 💯

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