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26 Nov 2017

Blog Roundup

– Neopets and its internet girl culture movement [Rolling Stone]

– How to plan a wedding your guests will enjoy [Vogue]

– 5 Different women on getting dressed for work [Racked]

– What the “Stranger Things” logo could have looked like [Vulture]

– If you’re obsessed with “Jelena” like we are, here’s a timeline for every important moment in their relationship that you need to know [Vogue]

– My LinkedIn Photo [The New Yorker]

– 101 Ways to Make a $1000 [Money]

– Apple Park Visitor Center now open to the public [Inhabitat]

08 Oct 2013

Morning Soundtrack: The Head and the Heart

Readers, I woke up this morning thinking that I would listen to throwback JoJo albums, but on my newsfeed I stumbled upon a post notifying me that Rolling Stone had released the new Head and the Heart album available for stream! Their album “Let’s Be Still” actually comes out on October 15, but trust – you don’t want to wait until that date to begin listening to it. Every song leaves you wanting a little more and reminds me so much of the place that I call home. Can’t wait to see these guys live in December!

To listen to the whole album, click here.

14 Aug 2013

Macklemore Covers Rolling Stone

photo cred | Rolling Stone

Our favorite Seattle rapper is covering the latest issue of Rolling Stone out this coming Friday, August 16th. In his cover story – also featuring Ryan Lewis – the two discuss Macklemore’s background as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict while Ryan highlights the issue that people don’t understand what he does and how is he a part of this duo. It’s true; that’s what most people believe. I really enjoyed the preview of this article though and am looking forward to reading the entire story on the both of them.

The cover story, by Brian Hiatt, goes in-depth on the life and career of Ben Haggerty, a.k.a. Macklemore, and his musical partner, Ryan Lewis. Haggerty, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, says that at one point he was so worried about being trivialized as “the ‘Thrift Shop’ guy” that his sobriety was at risk: “I went through a place of not being happy, getting put in the box of ‘This is a novelty rap song,’ and being like, ‘What did I sign up for’?” But the success of the pro-gay-rights track “Same Love” helped him relax. “The legacy that I’m leaving on the world is more than just a song about second-hand clothes,” he says.

Lewis, meanwhile, acknowledges some concerns about being the lesser-known half of the duo. “I think on the mainstream level, nobody knows what the fuck I am. Am I the DJ? Do I make the beats? Do I rap? Am I singing on tracks? I don’t think a lot of people know except real fans who have been around. I mean, you guys, Rolling Stone, don’t want to put me on the cover. It’s like, you’re going to sell more copies with Ben’s face. Why is that? Because the general public, based on the way this whole thing’s been marketed… are going to be more receptive to ‘Macklemore.’ The public don’t care how the song came together. And I can’t change that. So if I have jealousy, deriving from that, then that’s just stupid.”


13 Sep 2012

Politics + Music w/ Chris Walla

[On whether it matters that Obama is aware of pop culture and knows who Jay-Z is]: “I think it does. When the level of awareness of pop culture that the opponent has is limited to “grits y’all,” the choice is pretty clear.” – Chris Walla

Rolling Stone interviewed Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla recently to see where he stands on the issues and how he feels about Presidential candidates working with musicians and bands. It’s pretty short, but still a significant read – at least in my opinion.

Check it here yo.

10 Jan 2012

Get Re-acquainted With The Shins

After five years, The Shins have finally released a new single entitled “Simple Song” for their fans. This will be the first single off of their upcoming album, “Port of Morrow” due out on March 20, 2012.

Oh how beautiful it sounds…

Click here to listen to the full track courtesy of SoundCloud.

04 Jan 2012

In the News…


– A first look at the Jason Wu for Target campaign! The collection debuts February 5, 2012. Is anyone else as excited as I am?! [Source]

Vera Wang will hit the ice and show off her skills on April 2nd as an honored guest by Figure Skating in Harlem. [Source]


– Indie singer Lana Del Rey has scored a modeling contract. [Source]

The Black Keys cover the Rolling Stones’ newest issue. [Source]

The Killers will release a new album in 2012. I still just love Hot Fuss.  [Source]


The Kardashians are hoping to launch a tabloid – just won’t quit building themselves up. [Source]

Tim Gunn receives a daytime talk show. [Source]

– Contestants for Celebrity Apprentice have been revealed. Clay Aiken! [Source]


Twilight will become a Broadway musical for one night on January 16. Proceeds from the event will go directly to charity Blessings in a Backpack. [Source]


photo cred | The Stranger

– Apparently, the QFC on Broadway skipped three months ahead to Easter even passing on Valentine’s Day. [Source]

Christine Gregoire will introduce a new bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington state. [Source]


Michelle Bachman has officially ended her presidential bid. [Source]

– Rumored Britney Spears is shopping for a wedding dress in the direction of Betsey Johnson or Jeremy Scott. It looks like our pop princess is spicing things up by opting out of the traditional gowns that would have been made by Vera Wang. [Source]

Nick Cannon was hospitalized after suffering from mild kidney failure. [Source]

Zooey Deschanel has officially filed for divorce from Ben Gibbard…is also a savvy spender according to TMZ. [Source]

Sinhead O’Connor has called off her divorce after a night of passionate lovemaking with her husband. The divorce was filed after 16 days of marriage. So…Kim Kardashian wins again? [Source]

Emma Roberts is deferring her college experience at Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville, New York due to her work commitments and budding romance with Glee star, Chord Overstreet. [Source]

Russell Brand and Katy Perry did not have a prenup. He could end up making $20 million off of her. [Source]

James Franco has sold his first novel to Amazon Publishing. [Source]

15 Jul 2011

Happy Harry Potter Day!

(Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam as Sirius Black)

I might be one of the few people that is not at the premiere currently and while that may shock you, I would like to assure you that I am completely OK with that. It makes no difference to me seeing the film at midnight or next week at 9AM or whenever. It’s all the same to me!

In honor of Harry Potter Day though, I’d like to share with you a cute little post that substitutes the faces of musicians as Harry Potter characters. It’s not as weird as it sounds, I promise. In fact, some of the musicians resemble the actors so accurately that even I was convinced that they were the same person. That is not true for the picture below though.

(Jay-Z as Kingsley Shacklebolt)


26 Apr 2011

It Ain’t Easy Being an Internet Personality…

The internet deserves a great deal of credit for making YouTube stars and molding internet personalities. With this kind of instantaneous fame, people can do just about anything. Fashion bloggers are designing collections with high end designers. The world applauded a young teenage boy who stood up to his bully in a video that went viral in less than 24 hours. Then there are stars like Justin Bieber. Where would you really be without YouTube?

Even though the internet can be generous with its offerings, it’s important to remember that the people behind the screen won’t always be so welcoming. As I was going through my daily reads, I came across an article that will be appearing in next month’s Rolling Stone Magazine about Kirsten Ostrenga AKA Kiki Kannibal, a young girl known for her scene queen personality. As her internet celebrity status skyrocketed, the young girl developed both a following of fans and haters.

I actually had no idea who Kiki Kannibal was until reading this article nor do I understand how MySpace can foster celebrities like this, but I did find this article an extremely interesting read.

To check it out, click here.

17 Feb 2011

Justin Bieber: The Legend

I’m starting to wonder if Justin Bieber’s film “Never Say Never” (in 3D) is going to be like “The Social Network” for me. Is it going to be one of those films where you are sure it’s going to suck, but then it turns out to be actually phenomenal? Who are we kidding? These two films are not on the same level. This week, I received a special request from one of my friends:

“Wanna go to the Justin Bieber movie? No one wants to see it with me so like, be a friend?”

I declined her offer. This doesn’t mean that I am a bad friend. I just don’t feel like paying money to watch a biographical film about a 16-year old pop singer. While I will admit that I have a weird guilty pleasure for listening to his song “Somebody to Love,” I am reminded of why I don’t necessarily enjoy his presence in pop culture when he opens his mouth.



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