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13 Mar 2013

Rookie: Ask A Grown Man


Good morning!

Jimmy Fallon did a stint for Rookie the other day in which he answered questions from fans (young girls) offering his advice on how to flirt with a shy boy and how to tell if a guy likes you.  Don’t lie, you know you were wondering about that too. Hope y’all can start your morning with this enlightening video!

15 Sep 2012

Tavi Gevinson Schools Jimmy Fallon on the Bitchface

My teenage fashion icon Tavi Gevinson stopped by Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Rookie. During the interview, she also teaches him  how to perfect the bitch face and it is pretty silly. Watch the entire clip here on Late Night!

21 Oct 2011

Perfecting the Bitchface – Not As Easy As You Think

“STEP ONE: Look as much like you don’t care as possible. Remember, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference! So keep a straight face, and don’t flinch. (It always helps me to pretend I am a corpse.) If you’re one of those god-awful people who look all cheerful all the time, whose faces just naturally fall into a smile of any kind, you might have to use a little extra muscle to keep it looking like an emoticon.

Is it possible to adore Tavi anymore than we already do right now? I don’t think so. Tavi’s got a successful blog and an online ‘zine that oozes coolness. Have I mentioned that she’s only 15 years old? Practically in every post that I ever write about her. To read more about the steps in producing this “Unamused” bitchface look and other bitchfaces, click here.

06 Sep 2011


Yesterday, teenage blogger Tavi Gevinson launched her new website, Rookie, which is supposed to be sort of a bible for teenagers. It actually kind of rocks though and I think I’ll probably find myself on the site every now and then.  On the site, Tavi covers music, movies + tv, style (no surprise there!) and love and sex. At first, I thought that might be a little inappropriate as a topic for Rookie, but then I remembered 16 and Pregnant already happened. We’re a little too late for that…no pun intended? If I were a teenager, I think I would love to have an outlet like this to read and I have no doubts in Tavi of her success because she launched her career as a blogger at 13 and has only continued to blossom ever since. This site has already been compared to sites like HelloGiggles and The Hairpin (both blogs I read,) but is catered to the younger crowd. Check out Rookie here!



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