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01 Jan 2017

A Collection Part 46

I always seem to have the most time to blog around the holidays, but it just so happens that I like being able to post for “A Collection” during this time too. We last did this post about 6 months ago so all of today’s photos are ones that I’ve been collecting and saving since then. Here’s hoping that these photographs tickle you, inspire you, or spark some kind of emotion within you the same way they do to us. Happy New Year! We’re excited for you 2017.

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06 May 2014

2014 Met Gala

I can’t believe it’s time already for the most fashionable night of the year! It’s crazy to think that a year has already gone by. I feel like I was making the 2013 post just last month. This year’s theme is White Tie and Decorations.

Of course we’re kicking things off with Queen Bey and Jay.

Beyonce and Jay-Z both in Givenchy Haute Couture

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02 Jul 2011

In the News…

Kate Moss has married rocker James Hince wearing a YSL wedding gown. [Source]

Justice releases the title of the tracks for their new album. [Source]

Paul McCartney has been named the best live act. [Source]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. [Source]

Macho Man Randy Savage has died from a bad heart. [Source]

Chris Colfer will star in the indie flick that he wrote himself. [Source]

– Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their new line Stylemint yesterday. [Source]

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore have recorded a song together. [Source]

-What if you had $1 million dollars in your bank account? [Source]

Denise Richards has adopted a little girl. [Source]

Lenny Kravitz and his cellphone. [Source]

Eight-inch Louboutins that are an emergency room visit waiting to happen. [Source]

Elle Fanning poses for Marc Jacobs’ new fall 2011 campaign [Source]

– Whatever happened to being just single or in a relationship? Check out these modern-day terms for relationship statuses. [Source]

Vinny has left the Jersey Shore house in Italy and the show mid-production, but is it for good? [Source]

– A schoolgirl was suspended from school after she dyed her hair to look like her icon Rihanna. [Source]

Maria Shriver has officially filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. [Source]

Chord Overstreet will not be a Glee regular next season, but Darren Criss and Henry Shum Jr. will be. [Source]

– The divorce between Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson has been finalized. [Source]

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood are back on again…sew jealouz. [Source]

– Could the NBA be cancelled next year? [Source]

– The University of Washington has increased their tuition by 20% – its highest increase ever! [Source]


14 Dec 2010

Another Split!

Well…now this is just getting awkward.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have separated. They are living separately and have been for awhile. They were married in September 2008.



15 Aug 2010

The movie that defines our lives

Everyone has a favorite movie. It’s not your favorite just because you like it or it made you laugh or there was someone really attractive in it. You’ll like it for more in-dept reasons. It struck a cord with you, pulled some emotional string, or defined your life. That movie for me is Definitely, Maybe. I don’t have the same life as Will HOBviously but I like to think there will be some similarities someday. I was shocked to hear when my friend Marilyn told me that she couldn’t even finish it. I’ve seen it at least ten times and it never gets old. Actually, I could compare it to fine wine -ages better with time. No.  This movie, believe it or not, has taught me many lessons about life, relationships, and how to live. That sounds kind of silly, but if you have a movie that is that dear and near to your heart then you know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t know what the movie is about – let me break it down for you.

Will Hayes [played by Ryan Reynolds] is an ambitious man who has always has his eye on politics. Throughout his life he has dated several women and one night his daughter Maya [Abigail Breslin] decides to listen to his life story to determine which one of his three girlfriends became his wife and ultimately Maya’s mother. It’s a very cute father-daughter interaction and a great romantic comedy. I would recommend it, but I’m assuming it’s going to either be a hit or miss. You will either like it or not finish.

So what movie defines your life? I really want to know.

04 Aug 2009

A Collection

of things that stimulate my mind today… Every time I make one of these posts, I try to think about what draws me to these images or words and what this says about me.

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  • OK these first two days at home have been lovely, but where should I escape to out of the city for a day?
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • I’m appreciating Kevin’s rooftop more than he is
  • Last night’s ramen gifted us with the thickest slice of pork ever and a side of butter corn 🤤
  • Weekend hangs at the shopping plazas
  • Had a craving for the sush last night 🍣
  • Dessert, always
  • Spread of my dreams ✨
  • Never have I ever done anything like this for the 4th of July

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