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03 Feb 2017

Performance of the Day

My followers on Spotify may have seen me listening to this song over and over (and over and over and over) again up to 26 times on a weekday last week after 10:30 PM. We’re not really sure what happened, but at the end of the track, we never could find ourselves moving on from it. And yes – I did ugly cry to it. You would too!

Sampha just released his album on Spotify tonight! And we’re actually about to listen to it the whole way through. I’ve been anticipating it ever since my ears first heard this track and we have high hopes that it will an album that we’ll be repeating all weekend long.


14 Sep 2013

Performance of the Day

Drake ft. Sampha – Too Much

Last night Drake performed his new single “Too Much” for the first time on Jimmy Fallon. I haven’t been keeping up much on Drake news so this was the first time that I was hearing about this collaboration, but I absolutely love Sampha and the two of them together. I think one of the main reasons why I’m a fan of Drake’s at all probably stemmed from his time on Degrassi. Anyone who says that one of their favorite characters wasn’t Jimmy is lying to ya!

17 Apr 2013

Choreography of the Day

This song came onto my Spotify today and it is one of my favorites! It’s also my favorite solely because of this choreography right here. I thought I had posted this video before, but I couldn’t find it in my searches. Regardless, it is worth the duplication.


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  • Daylight savings is the best because it’s still bright out when I leave work ☀️
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  • Who’s ready for a week of rain 🌧

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