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11 Mar 2017

Bay Area Eats: Taka Ramen

In the Bay Area, there is no shortage for ramen restaurants. Go to any neighboring city and you’ll have a handful of options. I was running an errand in Santa Clara one night after work when I felt a serious craving coming along. So what’s a girl to do? Pull out your Yelp app and find the nearest ramen stop nearby with a rating of 4 stars. I love eating in the Bay Area and because food is such a necessity for me, I really don’t care if I’m going to a restaurant by myself. I pulled up a seat at the “bar” and decided to order what they were known for. What I love about this spot is the noodles! Every other ramen place in the Bay Area has the thicker kind, which is fine, but kind of inconsistent at a lot of restaurants. Most of the time, they haven’t been cooked long enough and are still unpleasant to chew. The noodles at Taka are really nice and thin though. As you can see, the egg is cooked just right and the pork was super juicy and tender. I haven’t been back since this first time that I stumbled across it, but it’s definitely in my top 5.

16 Aug 2015

We Went to Taylor Swift!

Sometime last year, my co-workers had bought 24 tickets to Taylor Swift. At the time, I was like “Oh, nah I don’t want to go. I hadn’t even listened to 1989 really.” Then the week before the concert was actually happening, a serious wave of FOMO fell over me. I needed a ticket. I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to say anything because I had turned it down so hard before! Luckily, someone pulled out in that final week and a spot had opened up to which I quickly accepted. Even in the time since the album was released, I still hadn’t listened to it that much other than the songs that had gotten radio play, but I was still really excited. I’ve heard such good things about Taylor as a performer and I really wanted to see it for myself!

As a group, we held a “Taylor Tailgate” prior to going into Levi’s Stadium. The demographics around us? Young girls and their parents, as expected! This was still one of the most fun things that I’ve been a part of this summer though 🙂


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24 Nov 2013

Bay Area Eats:

photo (2)

Known for being one of the best Ramen spots in the Bay Area, Orenchi’s in Santa Clara is a place that boasts many fans. When I first moved here, Kevin and I went to Orenchi’s one day underestimating its popularity. On the evening that we had went, the restaurant had run out of its signature broth, but the two of us were determined to get in on Orenchi’s at some point during our trip. The next day we returned for lunch and already there were so many people ahead of us. Most people would give up, but Kevin and I aren’t those kind of people. We waited until finally it was our turn and it was SO worth it. Orenchi’s really does have some of the best Ramen I’ve ever had. It beats every place in Seattle that I’ve tried and the only place that it rivals is a spot up in Vancouver that Kevin and I have been going to for years. 

The wait isn’t for everybody, but if you look at the Yelp reviews then it’s obvious why most people do. 


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