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13 Sep 2011

Seeing Double

The Lying Game

I had high hopes for Ringer, I really did. I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar since I was kid after watching her in every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I was thrilled to see her return to television once again. What I wasn’t excited about was the plot. Ringer is about a young woman named Bridget, a recovering alchy and former stripper/prostitute, who has a twin sister completely opposite of her – wealthy, not a hot mess, has a hot husband and a secret lover. Steamy. Near the beginning of the episode, the two sisters meet up and take a ride on Siobhan (the rich sister’s) boat in the Hamptons. This is the weirdest spelling I’ve ever seen for this name. Why didn’t they just name her “Shivan” so that the silent “b” and random “io” don’t have to confuse me? Anyways, Bridget somehow falls asleep on the boat and when she wakes up, Siobhan is gone. She drowned – so Bridget believes. Then Bridget decides to completely step in and take over her life. I know that CW doesn’t have a huge budget since they’re packing so many shows into their fall lineup, but the quality on this show just looks awful! There was a horribly obvious green screen behind the boat while they were on the water that made me cringe in my seat.

#awhellno they can’t be doing this to THE Sarah Michelle Gellar. She deserves to not be in front of a green screen. This hour was long. At times, it was unbearable and at this point I cannot see Ringer making it past more than one season. The only high point of the show was the ending because that’s when the twist actually takes place and not just because it was the end of the hour. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and watch one more episode next week before I decide to let it stay in my fall lineup or give it the boot.

Has anyone been watching The Lying Game though? I didn’t realize until tonight after watching Ringer how much more I loved this show. It is essentially the same plot line except both twins are alive (except in the books, one is dead.) It’s interesting how similar these two shows are though because there is also a secret lover in The Lying Game and one sister comes from nothing and one is well-off. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think the young actress that plays both roles does a better job than Sarah Michelle Gellar. Who will win the battle in the same plot television series? My money’s on The Lying Game.

09 Mar 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a comeback in her new HBO show

I chose this picture because Sarah is wearing one of my favorite Herve Leger dresses! Anyways, Sarah is finally making a comeback from her Buffy days. She’s been in a few movies but she’s also been off the radar for some time.

Nate Corddry (Gene on “United States Of Tara“) and Molly Parker (“Deadwood“) will join in as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s siblings in the new HBO pilot “The Wonderful Maladys.”

The comedy is set in New York and will revolve around the dysfunctional lives of the three siblings who had lost their parents at a younger age.

I’m excited to see this! The only show I watch on HBO is Entourage because Tell Me You Love Me got cancelled..

Source: ONTD

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