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28 Mar 2015

Blog Roundup

– 8 Graphs That Capture the Truths of Breaking Up [The Bold Italic]

– How addicted to the internet are you? [PsychCentral] I received a healthy score of 14! What did you all get?

– The Secrets of Highly Efficient Napping [i09]

– How my old neighborhood of Capitol Hill is evolving and unfortunately, not in a good way [Seattle Times]

– The science of why Legos are so painful to step on [Quartz]

18 Aug 2013

Bumbershoot’s Master Planner – Chris Porter

Earlier today, someone who I had worked with previously in the music industry reached out to me to see what I was doing now. My current career couldn’t be farther from the music industry and what I was used to doing within the Seattle music scene, but it’s not like I don’t think about it everyday. I’m reminded of the music scene daily because I still receive emails from bookers looking to see if I am interested in hiring their acts. I receive samples from new bands and artists interested in having their song as the Song of the Day on Yow Yow! It would be easy to fall back into it, but once you leave, you really kind of drop off the face of the Earth. When a bands’ career ends, the members go their separate ways – some within music and some not. Rarely do we find ourselves back into it, but it’s a career and industry that I have so much love and respect for. No one could ever understand how much work goes into a job in the industry unless you’ve done it yourself.

When I read this interview with Bumbershoot’s programming director Chris Porter, waves of nostalgia fell over me.

And there, on a whiteboard covered with sticky notes, the draft lineup for Bumbershoot 2013 appears. Porter has devised a color-coded system using the sticky notes: square pink ones are ideas, bands that have pitched the festival or the staff wants to pitch; square yellow sticky notes show bands that have been offered a spot but have not accepted; rectangular notes are for confirmed acts that will, unless something goes sideways, be playing Bumbershoot this year.

It’s a kind of organization that is so crazy, but you wouldn’t believe how well it works! The interview with Porter is not only insightful into what goes on in this role, but fascinating that one weekend takes an entire year to plan.

Don’t I know it, though. Been there – done that.

09 Jan 2013

Blog Posts Roundup 1/9/13

1. What “Girls” has taught us about fashion and dressing appropriate for every occasion – courtesy of Flavorwire.

2. Seattle, you are the best city that I have ever lived in and here’s why – – – – (Seattle Times)

photo cred | Chelsea Improvement Co.

3. Google provides free WiFi for the entire Chelsea neighborhood. [Source]

4. 72 Style Resolutions for 2013 from 72 fashionable Seattleites courtesy of Seattle Met

5. To make one of their most popular flavors, “Scout Mint,” Molly Moon’s ice cream shop needs a LOT of cookies – specifically the thin mints HOBviously. This Friday at 3PM, Molly Moon Neitzel along with other managers will be posted up at the Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Wallingford shops ready to purchase 84,000 cookies from quite a few eager Girl Scouts. Looks like Neitzel is on her way towards molding some future saleswomen! [Source]

photo cred | Floor 13

6. Pioneer Square has opened up a new space in their neighborhood perfect for intimate weddings and small events. Floor 13 holds 75 to 100 people and is absolutely gorgeous. [Source]

7. Part of Urban Outfitters’ “Get It Together” series – Dressing Like A Grown Up

8. Nordstrom’s 2013 visual displays are now up at the flagship! Check out the full gallery here

10 Nov 2010

How Seattle Music Is Shaped

I know I’ve been sounding like a running PSA these past few weeks about this, but I wanted to share with you a very special article from the Seattle Times earlier this week called “When Redmond Rocked: How Our Rich Pop-Music Scene Took A Turn East.”

In the past couple of years, I have watched the Seattle/Eastside music scene change drastically. The article explains that this transformation has been going on even before my involvement. We’ve lost our character. We’ve lost our spirit – our passion. There was a period of time between 2005 and 2007 when the teen centers were the place to be every Friday and Saturday night. They brought out well-known local bands from the Seattle area and an incredible fan base every week. You couldn’t find an empty spot on the floor because it was so crowded. It was absolutely necessary to take a shower when you got home from a show because you had your sweat, the sweat of others around you, and the sweat from the lead singer all over you! It just wasn’t hygienic. Unless you got to the show when the doors opened or even a half hour before, you weren’t going to get in because the show was sold out. Merch tables filled with screen-printed t-shirts, buttons, and demo EP’s were scarce by the end of the night.

It is heartbreaking to see that this is no longer the case. Teen centers are barely making ends meet. They don’t have the appeal they once had because kids and teens would rather play video games or Facebook and spend time on the computer instead of listening to new music played by their peers. It is difficult to see teen centers suffering after having worked so hard to build their reputation over the years as premiere all-ages venues.

I want to know what can be done. There are a number of bands that have gotten their start from teen centers and local shows and now it is time to give back. It just isn’t fair knowing that these kids – aspiring artists will not have the same opportunity as those before them.

  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Fleet Foxes
  • This Providence
  • Blood Brothers
  • Modest Mouse

Ohhh yeah, I’m talking to you.

19 Apr 2010

Good Eats of Seattle

The Seattle Times and the best restaurants in Seattle have decided to collaborate for Seattle Restaurant Week. For ten days only (April 18-29) the selected restaurants will offer up this special deal that includes three courses for only $25. That’s quite generous considering the fact that there are restaurants around here that charge $25 for one course. It’s nice to take advantage of nice things sometimes isn’t it?

For more information on the event and the participating restaurants, click here

02 Mar 2010

The Original Red Robin to close

The first Red Robin ever near the University of Washington on 3272 Fuhrman Ave. E is set to close at the end of March. Well sort of. March 21st,  happens to be the birthday of my best friend, who happened to work there for almost three years, at least two years. So Red Robin holds a very soft spot in my heart and although I’ve never eaten at this location, it is the first original Red Robin. Ever.

That’s like saying you’re going to close down the first Starbucks at Pike Place Market. That’s just not going to happen. Turns out the reason that the closing is happening at all is because the historical building that it is in is just getting too expensive, therefore, the general manager has decided “not to renew their lease”.

To read more about the article in the Seattle Times click here

Some people are actually so upset w/ the closing that they decided to start a Facebook group about it in hopes to keep the restaurant open. It’s just the thing to do these days… click here to view.

16 Apr 2009

A movie showing that goes against norms

So I was reading the paper this morning at breakfast before geology – of course my favorite section “Northwest.” It now includes local and entertainment news etc all into one. In the corner of one page I read an article titled, “Sensory-Friendly” screenings which is about how AMC Entertainment and the Autism Society of America are joining together to show movies for people that are affected by the condition.  On Saturday morning, the AMC in Woodinville and the AMC theater in Kent will be playing the “Hannah Montana” movie at 10 AM. Instead of having the lights dimmed the lights will be up and the sound will actually be turned down a bit so the kids and families can dance, sing, stand or shout in the environment that will make them feel more comfortable. Tickets are $4-$6 but that will depend on the location.

I’m glad to hear that a theater I’m quite familliar with is participating in such a great cause.


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