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30 Jul 2014

Caught In A Beauty Bind

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I trade off between spending the week down in the South Bay and my weekends up in San Francisco. Though I’ve done this so frequently, I always end up forgetting to pack something in my weekender and this weekend that “thing” happened to be my entire beauty bag! We had plans to go out that night and while I wish I could say I am comfortable enough with myself to go completely make-up free, that wasn’t the case. I managed to find a moisturizing lotion where I was staying so I had the base covered, but the next thing I needed to do was prioritize. I asked myself two questions: What did I absolutely need to have and where can I get it?

I’m not someone who is big on makeup and knowing everything, but I think I can get by on the basics that my mama taught me. On the priority scale, I decided that I needed black eyeliner, eye makeup remover (if I could get it – to take off the previous night’s work,) mascara, and a foundation.

First stop? Sephora. You might be wondering why I didn’t choose to go to a drug store first and I wondered about this myself, too. Too often, I find myself actually using products from Sephora rather than drugstore brands and while these were just going to be “back-up buys,” you never know when you’re gonna find something that you can either a) end up using for a longer amount of time or b) replace something you already have that maybe needed to be replaced.

Sephora is a store that gets abused by their customers. Too often, people come into the store that don’t want to buy their own makeup and test products all day long until they’ve done their entire look for the night or had someone else do that for them. Using samples at Sephora to do your makeup is kind of gross because as sanitary as they try to make it, that doesn’t usually happen. Gross. I went into the store with a fresh face and only moisturizer and I knew I might speak to some consultants, but I wasn’t going to take advantage of them by not buying anything. The first place I headed to was near the cash register where they have a lot of their basic products in much smaller sizes. The price ranges from about $8-$15. Here is where I picked up a duo combo of eyeliner and eye makeup remover as well as my Tarte mascara.

I’d been wanting to replace my foundation for quite some time as I have been using my Chanel for at least a year. (Should probably throw that out by now, right?) I’ve always been interested in using Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow and this was the perfect opportunity. A consultant matched it with my skin tone. I asked if he could try it on my entire face so that I could see it and I walked away with that purchase at around $36. Altogether from the day I spent about $50 on four things.

Long story short, if you’re ever caught in a bind like this – pick the items that you need and head to your nearest Sephora 🙂 It sounds like they asked me to say that, but I promise they didn’t.

Note: I didn’t love the eyeliner and the makeup remover because it was too greasy so we didn’t include it in the photo.

09 Mar 2014

Sephora Releases One-Time Use Nail Polish

Nail polish itself isn’t a costly purchase, but when you buy one of those small containers, you’re saying to yourself that you believe that you will use it more than one time. Sometimes, that is just not the case. After using one time, the realization sets in that the color just isn’t for you. And if you’re like me then you’re the type of person that wants the same thing in varying colors for no reason at all. Yep, if you guessed it – I am exactly that same way with my basic clothing. I really love this idea that Sephora is releasing a set of one time use nail polishes. It’s a game changer. And knowing me, I’ll naturally just do my best to see if I can try and make it last for more than just one time! (Because isn’t it kind of the challenge?)

At 24 different shades from Sephora’s own nail polish collection, the set will cost $39 and start selling in stores and online this May.

More of a nail pen-like pod than a traditional glass bottle of nail varnish, each one is designed to hold only the amount of polish needed for painting all 10 nails with two coats each. You basically pop off the cap to expose the brush, put a little pressure on the bottle, and paint away.


05 Dec 2013

Beauty For Breakfast Pt. 15

Whenever my Mom and I get together, we somehow always find time to exchange beauty products that we’ve come across. On my last trip home, she handed me this CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm without any direction other than “make sure you put this on after your moisturizing lotion, but before your makeup.” But wait- what exactly does it do? While getting ready this morning and going through my routine I decided to hit up Google and instead typed in “Beauty Flash Bomb” because I clearly can’t read labels very well. I’m three days into using the product and still a little confused. All I do know is that it not only moisturizes, but makes my face feel a little bit more refreshed. I don’t believe that it works exactly the same as a moisturizer though. On the plus side, it makes my face smell like peppermint and based on that fact alone, I would continue buying it.

For the Sephora description, click here.

30 Jun 2013

Sephora To Launch 200 New Nail Polishes

This fall, the beauty retailer will unveil 200 new nail polishes! This new brand will replace the current lineup of Sephora nail polishes with OPI. The new line, called Formula X will include an array of colors, effects, and treatments.

There are 93 colors on offer, plus over 50 effects polishes in 12 different categories. There’s The Brilliants, disco ball-inspired multi-glitters; The Sparklers, 3-D metallic shimmers; The Celestials, matte metallics; The Superwatts, jelly glitters; The Chromes, liquid metallics; The Translucents, shiny sheers; The Holograms, holographic color shifters; The Transformers, illusionary topcoats; The Lusters, multi-sized glitter; The Shifters, shade-shifting duo-chromes; The Electrics, neon pearl and shimmers; and, our favorite, The Xplosives, matte confetti glitter that mimics a splatter effect.


08 Jan 2013

In The News…


– Fashionista documents the best looks from Pretty Little Liars [Source]

– Marc Jacobs’ new makeup line will hit Sephora shelves this fall. [Source]

– Stella McCartney is launching a collection of eyewear and it’s pretty spectacular. [Source]


– Justin Bieber will host and perform on Saturday Night Live’s Feb. 9th episode. [Source]

– Paramore ain’t over y’all! A new album is on the way. [Source]

– Mariah Carey is hilarious in an interview with Barbara Walters in which she says she didn’t know Nicki Minaj sang…”I thought she rapped or whatever. [Source] Trollin’


– “Girls” actress Lena Dunham was criticized for having a ‘blobby body’ in a review. Uhhhhhh girl can do whatever she wants, she’s fantastic, okay? [Source]


– Aladdin will be on Broadway in Spring 2014. [Source]

– Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin join the cast of the Sin City sequel. [Source]


– This is how Taylor Swift looks post split from Harry Styles. Haylor is no more. [Source]

– Khloe Kardashian is selling her old workout clothes on eBay. Sick. [Source]

– Anderson Cooper has been named Gay “Man of 2012” by Out readers. [Source]

– Snooki wants a baby. I think everyone had their doubts, but now that she’s proving everyone wrong no one really care. Go on with your bad self and have another baby Snooki! [Source]

– The White House has banned the paparazzo images of Sasha and Malia on the beach. [Source] um duh! Block that ish.

28 Apr 2012

My Worst Beauty Blunder

I am slightly embarrassed about the story I am about to share with you all, but at the same time – I think it just needs to be said. This could happen to anyone, or so I’d like to hopefully believe.

A few weeks ago, Ashley and I were downtown shopping and when we stopped into Sephora, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t exactly need a new eyeliner pencil sharpener, but it was purple and black so I had to have it. I could have continued washing my foundation brush with just water and soap, but this one was anti-bacterial! I made the purchases and they stayed in my Sephora for weeks until last night.

As I stayed in for the night and glanced over at my Chanel foundation brush, I thought that it could use a good clean. I whipped out the anti-bacterial shampoo from Sephora and analyzed the bottle. There was a “Try Me” sticker on it. Why would my bottle have this sticker unless it was a sample. Oh…light bulb! So this is the point where we come to a crossroads. Do we decide to throw it out completely or go ahead and use it anyways. No one is going to bring their brushes in and use this sample to clean it are they? I could tell my bottle had been used so yes, it looks like someone has done that already. Then again, there is some distance between putting the bottle directly onto the brush, but that is something I would have done too…

I wasn’t going to win this. I went ahead and did it and while this is completely gross and you’re probably wondering what could ever make me do such a thing, I urge you to ask yourself how a Sephora sales associate could ever think that it would be okay to sell me a sample product. That is not okay, therefore, I am worse off because of this decision.

08 Dec 2011

In the News…


Fashionista explains while Elle has decided to select their Carey Mulligan cover photo after Vogue already did in 2010. [Source]

The Vogue Archive has every Vogue issue available for viewing/reading from the last 120 years. Cost? $1,575/yr  [Source]

photo cred: Teen Vogue

Pantone and Sephora will collaborate on a new line devoted to the color of the year – Tango Tangerine. [Source]

Clemence Poesy is the new face of G-Star Raw. [Source]


Janelle Monae will release two albums in 2012. CAN’T WAIT! [Source]


Glee will do a Michael Jackson tribute episode. [Source]


– Get a head start on purchasing your Capitol Hill Block Party tickets now! AKA the best. weekend. ever.

Coldplay will return to the Northwest in 2012. [Source]

– Former Seattle Sonics player, Gary Payton, will help Seattle get a basketball team back here in 2012. [Source]

Eddie Bauer opens up a pop-up shop at Melrose Market. [Source]


Lindsay Lohan’s “tasteful” Playboy cover has been revealed. [Source]


Twitter is about to get a makeover. [Source]

– Shots have been fired at Virginia Tech’s campus and two people are confirmed dead. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this incident. [Source]


07 Nov 2011

Mini Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora’s New Beauty Line

I’m not the most skilled when it comes to makeup, but I’ve got my favorites. I’ve got a wide range of products such as my Covergirl lash blast mascara found at the drugstore to my Chanel compact purchased at department stores. Oh yeah – I also like my freebies too – you know the little samples you get when you purchase a “gift.” Just kidding – that totally just ruined the definition of free, but you know what I mean. Karl Lagerfeld will be collaborating with Sephora to release his new line of beauty products out next week yesterday and Fashionista had the first look! How adorable is this eyeshadow palette in the shape of Karl’s silhouette?

I’d also like to own this Karl Lagerfeld doll that has no beauty product power whatsoever.


20 Dec 2010

Sephora Partners Up With Hello Kitty

Slated to release mid-January, Sephora’s new collaboration with Hello Kitty will include make-up, brushes, fragrance, mirrors, blotter paper, and a cute little shower cap. I am loving the look of this collection because it seems more subtle than the MAC x Hello Kitty collaboration that was released two years ago.

For more pictures on the items that will be included in this collection, click here for full coverage from High Snobette.

16 Jun 2009

Sephora Favorites

Last month, I did a post about the Sephora Sun Safety Kit which allowed you to purchase samples of many items for a price that was way cheaper than it should have been. I think the retail value would have put it over $100 or so. Anyways, Sephora is continuing this kit process with a new line called Sephora Favorites.

Maybe you heard from a friend that a certain product was good, but you’re hesistant to try it because it costs $15-20 and you’re not willing to shell out that much for a product that might look great on your friend but shitty on you. BUT the Sephora kit gives you a sample of that product and nine others that you can try! The brand is launching 10 different kits that have themes such as skincare, brows, waterproof products and the pink lipgloss.  (above) All of the sets are $40 and under and available for purchase online and in stores. I couldn’t find it online though so maybe it’s not up yet but it should be soon.

Source: Teen Vogue


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