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05 Mar 2013

Shipley & Halmos Debut New Website



I’ve been a fan of Shipley & Halmos from the very start. No, they don’t make women’s clothing, but their menswear is the kind of stuff I want my future guy to wear! Well, their tech team did a major rework on their website today and it is pretty spectacular. The reason I’m sharing it with you is because the new website is more than just retail. It’s actually kind of men’s blog in itself! So male readers of Yow Yow…get up on it!

20 Feb 2013

The Home Of Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock

lisa and jeff

photo cred | GQ

When two perfectly polished fashion designers couple up (and shack up) you can pretty much expect that every aspect of their life is going to be a designer’s dream. GQ recently featured the home of Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock of Shipley & Halmos and Vena Cava, respectively. Not only are these two my style icons and the most fashionable couple I’ve ever laid eyes on, but they are so very much in love and what do I love more than love? Um. Nothing.

Check out the entire slideshow here.

06 Feb 2013

Some Men Like Valentine’s Day

Like many little girls growing up, I always believed that Valentine’s Day was for the ladies! It was the one day that girls would acquire something sparkly, nibble into some chocolates, or even receive a bouquet of flowers. (This doesn’t happen in real life) For some reason, no one ever told me that guys  were getting something out of it too. Of course, as I grew up I knew better. I knew that if I were to ever celebrate Valentine’s Day that it wouldn’t be all about me and that I would treat the relationship as being mutual. It still bothers me to this day to watch reality television shows in which girls expect to be treated like princesses at all times. I’m looking at you Heidi Montag.

I’m pretty proud of myself that I can still believe that chivalry isn’t dead, but also that girls can split meals, ask a guy out on a date first, or even WHOA treat their guys out to a date sometimes. It’s what keeps things exciting, right?

The point of this is that Valentine’s Day is a celebration for both you AND your significant other so enjoy it and girls – allow yourself to do something nice for your guy (not just on V-day) but other days too.

Kings County Distillery Chocolate Flavored Whiskey – $20

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25 Oct 2011

Shipley & Halmos Sketch Seattle


During their last visit to Seattle two weeks ago, designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, set up shop in the downtown Seattle Nordstrom to sketch out some of the locals. Check out the rest of Sam’s handy work on their blog Numerous Drawings.

14 Oct 2011

Sam Shipley Gets In On The Coveteur Action

In addition to featuring Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos on The Coveteur this week, the site has also decided to include the home of his partner Sam Shipley!

Love it love it! Who is going downtown to meet them at Nordstrom tomorrow?

Check out his lovely abode here.

13 Oct 2011

Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock Living In Style

I think by now we are all aware of who my favorite style icons are in the fashion industry, but hands down – the title for my favorite couple in the industry belongs to Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock. Jeff Halmos is one half of Shipley & Halmos and Lisa Mayock is one half of Vena Cava; both just happen to produce some of my favorite collections! I’ve  had a soft spot for S&H ever since Jeanette and I had the opportunity to meet them last summer and partake in their photography project and I have adored Vena Cava’s since they hosted an online garage sale last summer featuring some of their own personal items. Should have snagged those oversized sunglasses when I had the chance. Together, the two of them are sensational. The couple recently invited The Coveteur into their home and the photographs were so stinkin’ cute, they made my stomach hurt a little bit. When this fashion power couple gets married, they will rule everything. Click here to take a peek inside their adorable home.

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