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In Skins News…

– The HBIC [original Effy] Kaya Scodelario tweeted about America’s version of Skins. [Source]

Skins Series 5 (UK) will include the most graphic sex scene the television series has ever seen. [Source]

Taco Bell has pulled its ads from the MTV series. [Source]

Parents.org calls Skins out for being inappropriate child stuff. [Source] It is not

Skins actress Sofia Black D’elia defends the series. [Source]


Skins received a great deal of attention this past week through the media and from the premiere of their first episode. Those that had never seen Skins before may have been shocked, but those who had seen the UK version probably did nothing more than shrug their shoulders.

The series was meant to be controversial and racy show. That was the way that it was intended. There was no doubt in my mind that parents would be in a frenzy after the show premiered. There is a solution for all of this, you know… um don’t let your kids watch it. I get it. Parents are worried that their hormonal teenagers will be inspired by the show and act out, but everyone in the UK has been just fine – for the most part! Television is television and if people can’t distinguish between acting and reality…well there are therapists for that. I think the real reason why parents are upset is because they may be in denial. Your kids may or may not be participating in some of the acts on the show, but somewhere out there a parent’s teenager definitely is.

The creators of the series have been honest from the start. They’ve given everyone fair warning from their ads to their promos, to the disclosure at the beginning of the series. At some point, you’re just going to have to let things be and accept it. If the show is not for you, then turn the channel.

On another note, I’d like to discuss my thought about the first episode.

It mirrored the first episode in the UK series pretty well. It was funny, witty, charming, but I cannot wait for them to diverge from the original story line. Like Kaya, I also wish that Eura (Effy) looked like Effy. The Eura they picked probably should’ve been cast as Katie (Cassie). Was that confusing? The music selected for the show – fantastic. I’m glad they are keeping in line with the original. For some reason when I watch this new cast, I imagine them with accents because I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they actually have an American version of this show. All in all, I’m pretty excited over it, but more so for UK series 5. I think people are overreacting over the show though because there hasn’t been nudity shown and most swear words have been blocked out. You think this is scandalous? Try watching the UK verison, it makes MTV’s take on it look like Full House.

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Song of the Day

Girls – Lust For Life

Today’s Song of the Day comes from the an original UK Skins episode! The celebration continues…

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10 Favorite Moments in Skins

After months of anticipation, MTV will finally be debuting their version of Skins this evening atĀ  10PM. While I am excited to watch their rendition of the first episode and season, I have been trying to remind myself that the UK version will always be better. The fresh faces of the new cast have potential and I am curious to see where their story lines will go, but what I’m worried about is that those that watch Skins and will come to love it over the next few months will believe that MTV has created something truly original. Unfortunately, MTV’s version includes less nudity, less scandal, and bleeped out profanity – which is something that the UK has never held back on.

Let’s not forget where Skins originated from okay? I’m sure the series will continue on and it will probably be the most racy piece of television we will ever seen on our televisions, but just know that the UK did it first and they did it better. In this post, you will find some of my favorite moments from my favorite characters of UK Skins series 1-4. Enjoy!

Spoilers and inappropriate language below. If you were planning on watching the previous seasons, you should probably stop reading this post now. They’re on Netflix!

By the way, this took me all day to compile.

1. Cassie is a free spirited girl struggling from an eating disorder. Often times misunderstood for her airy behavior, Cassie surprises us all. She is full of love and hope, but constantly neglected by Sid who has always loved Michelle until one day he finally “wakes up.” My favorite Cassie episodeĀ  is the episode focusing on her disorder and trying to get the attention of Sid. My favorite moment of hers is when she flees to America and is taken in by a sexy photographer.

“I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely.”

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Song of the Day

Sleigh Bells – Kids

Because MTV has not promoted Skins enough with this Sleigh Bells song.

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New Skins UK Trailer

Yes, MTV’s premiere of Skins will debut next Monday, but I am just as excited for the UK series premiere as well. Here’s a look at the first trailer!

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Skins Series 5 – the UK Version

I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding the premiere of MTV’s Skins Series One right now, but what about Skins Series 5?! They are, after all, the original. While I do believe that the MTV version will be successful in the states, watching the series will be like watching the original season from the UK all over again. Same plot – similar characters, etc. There is no official trailer yet, but here is the promo and the opening for series 5.

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Song of the Day

3D Friends – Lina Magic

Today’s Song of the Day will become the new theme song behind MTV’s Skins – the US version. SkinsTV has reported that they will speed up the track a bit, but here is the original song.

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In the News…

The best stuff happens in December, I swear.

– Have you always dreamed of becoming a stylist to the stars? Here’s your chance! MTV Skins and Lookbook.nu – one of my favorite street style websites is collaborating on a new contest in which the two winners will have a chance to style the entire cast of Skins alongside the Series Costume Director Edward K. Gibbon. Keep in mind that you will not have access to designer clothes because the actors of Skins portray real teenagers, which means these are brand new actors working with scripts even written by young adults. Winners will also get a $1,000 shopping spree to Diesel. Learn more details here.

Bring It On: The Musical has announced their cast here. They better not ruin my favorite movie.

Powerhouse PR firm KCD is launching a new digital division. [Source]

The first photo from Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s wedding. More exclusive photos will be released to People Magazine this Friday. [Source]

Mark Zuckerberg is the person of the year. [Source]

Justin Bieber will cover Vanity Fair. [Source]

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Music Spotlight: Viper Creek Club

The other day I made a post about Mad Rad’s remixed song “The Youth Die Young” featuring Viper Creek Club, but that was actually my first time hearing about VCC. I decided to check out their stuff and what I found was really no surprise. Mat and Brandon are a two-piece indie/electro duo out of Seattle. They’re currently unsigned, but these guys are so talented that I feel like that change could happen at any time. They will also be playing at the Mad Rad release show at Neumos next week. Unfortunately, it’s 21+ sorry young ones! The song of the day is “Eliza.” I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday. The beginning of this song sounds like the theme from the UK version of Skins also. Enjoy!

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In the News…

LeAnn “Homewrecker” Rimes is apparently engaged to Eddie Cibrian. [Source]

– Former Bachelorette contestant Julian Hug was found dead Wednesday along a Southern California Highway in San Diego. [Source]

This guy loves Pokemon. Don’t mess. Language totally NSFW.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing a college tour to promote his new project RE:Acting & RECording.

The dates are: UCLA – Nov 8, UPenn – Nov 17, Columbia – Nov 19, NYU – Nov 20, and USC – Nov 22. [Source]

– Christina Aguilera is back in the studio recording a new album after the failure that was “Bionic.” The new album is inspired by her sophomore album “Stripped.” Oh geez, please don’t let there be another “Dirrty.” [Source]

Jennifer Aniston playing the same character [as always] in the new film “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler.

Actress Anna Kendrick is in the new LCD Soundsystem video for their single “Pow Pow.” Maybe you’ll see it make the Song of the Day in just a few days.

A mother of four has been hit with a $1.5 million fine for illegally downloading 24 songs. She should have bought from iTunes. OWNED. [Source]

– Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo have gotten engaged after four years of dating. [Source]

Actor Mark Wahlberg collaborated with Microsoft the other day to deliver the Kinect for XBox 360 system to thousands of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. [Source]

My favorite Skins’ actress Kaya Scodelario became visibly distressed earlier this week when out of nowhere, a man in his 4o’s attacked her boyfriend by punching him in the stomach. Her boyfriend Elliott Tittensor had just left court where he was guiltily charged for running over an 18-year-old boy who had refused to get out of the way of his car. [Source]

Real World alum Sean Duffy has been elected to Congress. He is now…officially the most successful Real World alum ever. [Source]

– Demi Lovato entered rehab earlier this week emotional and physical treatment NOT for drug or alcohol related issues. No one really knows why. [Source] Another Disney star bites the dust! Selena Gomez is the only one who will last.

– The band Garbage are recording a new album. [Source]

Oprah will sit down with Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackons’ kids, in an exclusive interview set to air November 8th. [Source]

Shia Labeouf will direct a new short film by Kid Cudi entitled, “Maniac.” [Source]

Leighton Meester will be the face of Vera Wang’s new scent. [Source]

– Scientists actually try to create a real life invisibility cloak. [Source]

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MTV Will Prove You Wrong

When news broke out last summer that MTV would be recreating the hit UK television series Skins, fans of the show reacted in the worst way possible. I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts as well. I imagined that MTV would censor the material and turn it into a series that would not even amount to what the UK version was. MTV decided to address the uncertainty that fans had by releasing these new promo photos to prove that they won’t butcher the series.

I see what you did there MTV. Alright…I can warm up to this…

To see more promo photos, click here. The best part about this is that the album is named “Haters Gallery.” That’s right, show them what’s up MTV.

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A Collection Part 18

It’s time to transition out of August and into the fall that is September. Back to school – back to reality – back to dreams. I am so much happier w/ this collection post than the last one. These photographs are not as sarcastic as the last, but instead beautiful, inspiring, and more genuine.

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Meet the cast of Skins series 5

Well… there is no way any of them can ever be better than Effy Stonem.


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