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11 Mar 2011

Song of the Day

Kowalski – Letters from the height of Summer (Dear Bird)

Today’s Song of the Day comes from a song that I had recently heard on the MTV Skin’s episode “Michelle.” It reminded me so much of Local Natives and my first love Cavil at Rest that I was almost convinced that it had been done by them.

Have a wonderful Friday and finals weekend students! It’s actually impossible to put “wonderful” and “finals” in the same sentence, but make the best out of it!

To listen to the lovely track, click here.

07 Mar 2011

Song of the Day


Unsolved Mysteries – You Only Live Once

I just caught the most recent episode of MTV Skins “Michelle” this past weekend and was blown away by how stacked the lineup was for the music featured. I was in love with nearly every song so naturally, those will be the Song of the Days for this week and possibly the most consistent post since I’m gearing up for finals.

01 Feb 2011

Song of the Day


Marlena Shaw – Wade in the Water

Tonight’s Song of the Day is an oldie, but a goodie! I’m going to need it for the night I’m about to have. If the song sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because it was featured on last week’s episode of MTV’s Skins.

29 Jan 2011

Skins Series 5: Franky Review

Since it had been some time since I have watched the UK series of Skins, I had almost forgotten what it was that I loved about the series. When watching MTV’s version, I started to believe that the underlying concepts were still there, and that it still exuded the same raw passion as its original counter part in the UK.

This past Thursday, UK Skins Series 5 premiered their first episode “Franky” about an androgynous girl named Franky who was trying to fit in at her new school after a rough ordeal at her last one for being tormented because as a girl she felt more comfortable dressing more masculine. Although I enjoyed the MTV’s episode “Tea” this past week, I have come to the realization that it lacks something that the UK has always done. The UK series is effortless. Everything flows so well whereas the MTV version feels like it is stuck on this structured route. Is it because they are recreating the first series of the original Skins? Probably. I love the way that the UK series is shot. It is mesmerizing and beautiful and I am so glad that I have found a way to continue watching it through the season.

Anyone else catch the episode?


25 Jan 2011

Skins Writing Competition 2011

UK Skins is on the hunt for the next aspiring script writer! Now, we all know that Skins has been in the news lately and they have been getting a lot of attention for how racy the show is and will become, but what most people don’t realize is that underneath that all is a fantastic story line. Did you know that the writers of the show both in the UK and I think the US as well are between the ages of 16-22? Yes, people our age – my age – are the masterminds behind this show.

Now, they are about to give one lucky person the chance of a lifetime by becoming a script writer for Skins Series 6.

To read through all of the details, click here!

PS: Did anyone catch last night’s US episode featuring Tea?! She was AMAZING.

21 Jan 2011

In Skins News…

– The HBIC [original Effy] Kaya Scodelario tweeted about America’s version of Skins. [Source]

Skins Series 5 (UK) will include the most graphic sex scene the television series has ever seen. [Source]

Taco Bell has pulled its ads from the MTV series. [Source] calls Skins out for being inappropriate child stuff. [Source] It is not

Skins actress Sofia Black D’elia defends the series. [Source]


Skins received a great deal of attention this past week through the media and from the premiere of their first episode. Those that had never seen Skins before may have been shocked, but those who had seen the UK version probably did nothing more than shrug their shoulders.

The series was meant to be controversial and racy show. That was the way that it was intended. There was no doubt in my mind that parents would be in a frenzy after the show premiered. There is a solution for all of this, you know… um don’t let your kids watch it. I get it. Parents are worried that their hormonal teenagers will be inspired by the show and act out, but everyone in the UK has been just fine – for the most part! Television is television and if people can’t distinguish between acting and reality…well there are therapists for that. I think the real reason why parents are upset is because they may be in denial. Your kids may or may not be participating in some of the acts on the show, but somewhere out there a parent’s teenager definitely is.

The creators of the series have been honest from the start. They’ve given everyone fair warning from their ads to their promos, to the disclosure at the beginning of the series. At some point, you’re just going to have to let things be and accept it. If the show is not for you, then turn the channel.

On another note, I’d like to discuss my thought about the first episode.

It mirrored the first episode in the UK series pretty well. It was funny, witty, charming, but I cannot wait for them to diverge from the original story line. Like Kaya, I also wish that Eura (Effy) looked like Effy. The Eura they picked probably should’ve been cast as Katie (Cassie). Was that confusing? The music selected for the show – fantastic. I’m glad they are keeping in line with the original. For some reason when I watch this new cast, I imagine them with accents because I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they actually have an American version of this show. All in all, I’m pretty excited over it, but more so for UK series 5. I think people are overreacting over the show though because there hasn’t been nudity shown and most swear words have been blocked out. You think this is scandalous? Try watching the UK verison, it makes MTV’s take on it look like Full House.

17 Jan 2011

Song of the Day


Girls – Lust For Life

Today’s Song of the Day comes from the an original UK Skins episode! The celebration continues…

17 Jan 2011

10 Favorite Moments in Skins

After months of anticipation, MTV will finally be debuting their version of Skins this evening at  10PM. While I am excited to watch their rendition of the first episode and season, I have been trying to remind myself that the UK version will always be better. The fresh faces of the new cast have potential and I am curious to see where their story lines will go, but what I’m worried about is that those that watch Skins and will come to love it over the next few months will believe that MTV has created something truly original. Unfortunately, MTV’s version includes less nudity, less scandal, and bleeped out profanity – which is something that the UK has never held back on.

Let’s not forget where Skins originated from okay? I’m sure the series will continue on and it will probably be the most racy piece of television we will ever seen on our televisions, but just know that the UK did it first and they did it better. In this post, you will find some of my favorite moments from my favorite characters of UK Skins series 1-4. Enjoy!

Spoilers and inappropriate language below. If you were planning on watching the previous seasons, you should probably stop reading this post now. They’re on Netflix!

By the way, this took me all day to compile.


1. Cassie is a free spirited girl struggling from an eating disorder. Often times misunderstood for her airy behavior, Cassie surprises us all. She is full of love and hope, but constantly neglected by Sid who has always loved Michelle until one day he finally “wakes up.” My favorite Cassie episode  is the episode focusing on her disorder and trying to get the attention of Sid. My favorite moment of hers is when she flees to America and is taken in by a sexy photographer.

“I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely.”

Read more “10 Favorite Moments in Skins”

14 Jan 2011

Song of the Day


Sleigh Bells – Kids

Because MTV has not promoted Skins enough with this Sleigh Bells song.

13 Jan 2011

New Skins UK Trailer


Yes, MTV’s premiere of Skins will debut next Monday, but I am just as excited for the UK series premiere as well. Here’s a look at the first trailer!


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