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People You May Know

I don’t recognize many people in this film, but this was something that caught my eye and a plot that kind of fascinated me. I’ve been intrigued with the “People You May Know” section for quite some time on a number of social networks – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. I’m not quite sure how this plot is going to play out, but it’s a film that I’d watch on Netflix for sure, just not in theaters.

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Nick Jonas Gives Answers

Am I crazy for always wanting to post Nick Jonas videos? I mean, I think they’re great.

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Getting Engaged in 2015

Now, when my friends are getting engaged these days, I don’t imagine that they are experiencing a scenario like this one. However, there’s a part of me that thinks that maybe there is some staging happening to an extent. This one takes it a little bit too far, but it’s something to think about isn’t it? I’ve been meaning to write a post on this (and I will soon, I promise) but lately a friend/co-worker of mine and I have been “beefing” up our Instagram game. We’ve taken things to some pretty extreme lengths and it’s almost to the point if it hasn’t gotten there already that our friends are starting to hate us a little bit.

“Are you using VSCO to edit your photo?”

“Can you take this one more time?”

“Did you double share to Facebook? TAG US!”

More on that later though…


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Burlington Coat Factory Tweets

I came across a pretty interesting post today on my newsfeed (thanks Michael Sem!) and couldn’t resist the urge to click the link. Apparently the Burlington Coat Factory has been posting some awkward tweets and…is there anything we love more here on Yow Yow than something that screams awkward?! Let me provide you with an example:


Is that some philosophy I see?

Whatever the case, we support this. If it boosts their followers, then clearly they are doing something right. For more tweets and hashtags used incorrectly, click here.

Clarification: Burlington Coat Factory has confirmed that this is not their official Twitter, but still – wouldn’t you follow it anyways? It’s nice to pretend.

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Facebook Introduces Shared Photo Albums

photo cred | Mashable

Never showing any signs of slowing down, our favorite social networking website introduced a new feature that probably won’t receive very many complaints – at least maybe not yet.  In the past, albums were only allowed to be created and administered by one person and could hold up to 1,000 photos. With the new shared albums, there can be multiple contributors. What’s the best way to use this album? I love the example that the article has provided for vacations and trips. The feature is also great because we all know that at events, multiple friends can play photographer at parties and it would be nice to have that variation in photographs in one album.

The new feature was created during one of Facebook’s hackathons – a term that is becoming a household name within startups as a period of time when all employees take a break from whatever they do normally at work to design something innovative for the company.

Starting this week, the feature will be released to a select group of English users followed by an expansion internationally.

Also at Yow Yow! we’re a huge fan of working with friends and promoting their work. This article was written on Mashable by a friend of mine and he did an incredible job with it!


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LinkedIn Lowers Age Minimum To 14

Since I made my LinkedIn profile when I was in high school, it had never occurred to me that the professional networking site had an age minimum. It makes perfect sense though because while I am the biggest advocate for the site, I have seen it be used and abused for dating. Not only is it distasteful that people would do that or that it is my biggest peeve, but it makes people that use it for professional purposes lose their trust in it. Not even they are safe from unwanted advances on LinkedIn!

That would be my biggest concern when I learned that LinkedIn has decided to lower the age minimum to 14. In this day and age, entrepreneurs are getting started younger and younger and that’s great for them! I see them using it as a tool for connecting with those that will help them in their career, finding a mentor, and even learning how to build a resume (a good one!) if they don’t utilize their college resources or have no outlet for that. There are pros and cons to both sides of it. I hope that those at 14 will use it wisely and I hope that those well over 14 will not take advantage of those who are.


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Seattle Police Dept. Twitter


Locals, have any of you been following the Seattle Police Dept. Twitter recently? Apparently, they have been making some headlines for their social media presence and receiving some attention. And for good reason because this tweet that I retweeted out this week was hilarious! Yes, the Seattle Police Dept. mean serious business in our city, but it’s nice to see that even they have an amusing sense of humor. We are sending some social media praise over to this team today! Please keep the funny coming.

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Every Second on the Internet

second internet

A mind-blowing time waster and an entertaining scroll about our social media networks and our usage…here!

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Blog Roundup

photo cred | Jonathan Cooper

-Seattle was named the hardest working city today in the United States. [Source]

-Even though they are our exes, they’re still alive when it comes to social media and technology [Source]

-An interview with Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis before Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend. [Source]

-Men get self-conscious too, you know? They’re now injecting fat into their butts so that they can keep their pants up! [Source]

-Google gives back to San Francisco by paying $600k to give 31 parks in the city free Wi-Fi. [Source]

-A note on marketing and how Warby Parker gets called the “Ryan Gosling of brands at the moment.” [Source]

Time Waster! The News IQ Test. I may read blogs every day, but when it comes to news, I’ll admit that I’m not at the top of my game. I answered 6/13 questions correctly. That’s embarrassing. Curious to see how well you’d do? Click here to start the test.

-“They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Wouldn’t it make sense to intentionally surround yourself with people of great character and influence?” [Source]

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Wanting To Be Liked

Hey readers!

Remember the post I did not too long ago about social media anxieties? It’s been on the brain recently because I have found that it has such an impact on the way we carry on with our lives and it is affecting us at a much younger age than we even realize. I came across an interview today involving a 15-year old and her social media usage and it BLEW my mind. I found that her answer to checking her Facebook in the morning is typically how I would answer that question and we are nearly 10 years apart. However, when she describes what it means to have “likes,” I recognized what a problem this could be for her as she went on through life. A “like” in the social media world equates to validation and while we all know validation is necessary in life whether it be from a significant other, from family, from friends, or even a workplace, I have to wonder – does a “like” in social media add up to it? Will it be enough for this girl? What happens when we aren’t liked enough? Check out the interview here and please feel free to share your thoughts on it.

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Social Media Anxiety: It Exists


When you say the words, “Social Media Anxiety” out loud, it may sound kind of silly because after all – how can we take social media all that seriously? But it exists. I know because social media anxiety is exactly what happened to me yesterday morning when I was trying to promote a Yow Yow! post on Facebook. First I posted it. Four minutes later I took it down. Then I posted it to a friend’s wall and deleted it. And then I re-posted it to my own Facebook again. It was so ridiculous and I’ll admit I was a little bit embarrassed, but that is in fact what social media anxiety is at its finest. When you know that what you post will be seen by others that you are connected with, it’s hard NOT to feel self conscious. Is the status your posting witty enough? If it doesn’t have enough likes, is that a bad thing? Is my Instagram shot artsy enough? Will my tweet garner any re-tweets or replies?

The Today Show recently conducted a study in which they surveyed 7,000 American mothers and have discovered that 42% of them suffer from “Pinterest stress” – the worry that they are not crafty or creative enough. Yeah, that’s a real thing.

New York Magazine just wrote up an entertaining piece about the 6 Major Social Media Anxieties and it couldn’t be more spot-on. Check it out here.

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How To Stay Updated On Yow Yow!


This year has been a very exciting time for Yow Yow! We are so grateful for all of the subscribers, emails, comments, interactions, views, and support. In case you were new to the blog or didn’t already know how to connect with us through social media, I wanted to give you an update on how you can keep track of us online.

Want Yow Yow’s posts sent directly to your email? Subscribe to us at the very bottom of this page by clicking the button that says “Sign me up!”

Additionally, you can follow us on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!

I’m also excited to announce that soon you will be able to follow me on Facebook for our latest blog updates on posts that we are working on or featured posts.

Got a question for me? Reach out to me via email on my About page.

Thank you so much again for all of your support! I’ve had such a wonderful time being a “Seattle blogger” and feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with certain companies, Seattle businesses and events, and interviewing some of the most amazing people.

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Blog Posts Roundup 1/3/13

There were just too many fantastic reads today that I couldn’t make a post about every single one of them.  Seriously, they are taking up all my tabs so I decided to turn them into a roundup post for your viewing convenience.

1. Facebook Prototype – Swedish designer Fred Nerby created this awesome prototype of a possible Facebook user interface that looks nothing like Timeline. Instead it resembles something more of the renovated MySpace, but damn, this looks. good. If you want to see the details clearer, watch the Vimeo in full screen. [Source]

2. Saving Your Instagrams – – – > Instaport

3. “Why I Left My Fancy Magazine Job” – Former Fashionista Editor Lauren Sherman explains why she left a gig at Lucky Magazine that many aspiring young women dream of.

4. Pinterest Acquires Punchfork – Pinterest makes its first big move in 2013 by acquiring one of my favorite recipe sites. [Source]

5. Seattle Music Ruled Today – Allen Stone performed on Ellen and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” went platinum.

photo cred | Michael Clinard – Seattle Met [Russell Investments office]

6. Modern Style Offices Thrive in Seattle – I couldn’t agree more that this open floor plan does wonders for productivity. [Source]

7. The 5 Innovative Social Media Campaigns of 2012

8. Starbucks is revealing their new $1 reusable cup. Will it catch on? [Source]

9. Man moves back in with his family to allow a homeless family to live in his home – such an amazing story about kindness and generosity. The video to accompany this post is a must-see. [Source]

10. McDreamy wants in on the Tully’s on Broadway in Capitol Hill. [Source]

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