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A Collection Part 43

Sometimes these photographs and things are little reminders to myself, but basically more of a collection of my own thoughts from the last couple of months.

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Blog Roundup

– Because Burning Man begins this weekend and it is being completely overrun by the tech industry these days. [NY Times]

– Seattle’s 2014 indie rock bands [Seattle Mag]

– 10 SF Startups to watch [Strategy Eye]

– The Burning Man packing checklist [Fest300]

– Don’t give up on your space dreamz. I love flow charts. [GOOD]

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An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Chris Hadfield has popularized astronauts and space through social media making him a celebrity. From one of the most well known Reddit threads to over 1 million Twitter followers, the retired Canadian astronaut is also an author.  An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth was published this week and details Chris’s life as an astronaut.

To welcome you into his world and new book, Chris made a clever video that you can check out here:


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How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

My coworker Tommy who is equally as obsessed with space as I am introduced me to a new website tonight at dinner. How Many People Are in Space Right Now not only provides you with the answer, but also gives details as to who these people are and how long they have been up there!

You better believe I bookmarked this website.

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Blog Roundup

  • When fashion and technology merge – Apple hires Burberry’s CEO to run retail operations [Circa]
  • What it’s like to live in space – from a mother [Design Mom]
  • A note on management styles within tech [Medium]
  • A peek into Square’s new office in San Francisco [Mashable]
  • Anatomy of a fashion show soundtrack [Business of Fashion]

Hmm there seems to be a pattern hidden among these posts… I wonder why!

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Instagram I Followed Today

In mind blowing news today, I discovered that NASA is now on Instagram. It’s great because I can follow amazing space photographs on my Instagram feed. So far they have been posting on a daily basis, which is good news for me because it means that they are actively on it.



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Can I share something magical with you guys? I just discovered Space.com

So simple and so minimalistic yet this is the first I’m hearing about it.

Hello new time waster.


Saturn and Earth

We haven’t had a space-related post in awhile. NASA released these photographs of Earth taken from the dark side of Saturn by the Cassini Spacecraft and they are really something to marvel at.

In the photo Earth is 898 million miles away and the moon appears as just a tiny protrusion off to the right (you might need to see it up close). According to NASA this is only the third time that Earth has ever been photographed from the outer solar system.


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A Collection Part 36

Without even noticing, every “A Collection” post has some sort of a theme. I always enjoy going back and looking at the different sets asking myself what the common theme was. What was I feeling that day? Why did I select this photo, that photo, and this series of photos? I started writing this about a fourth into completing this post and I noticed that all of the photographs are pretty simplistic, but also muted. There are times when I won’t remember why there is a theme, but I think this completely embodies how I’m feeling right now. Somewhat muted, but it’s a refreshing time right now because there is so much that is unknown. Also – Seattle has the hottest weather in all of the country right now, which is incredible and NEVER happens. Funny, because you would think that these photos would be much brighter to resemble that, but they are not. Surprise!

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The Space Coast

photo cred | David Ryle

I stumbled upon this photo series the other day by David Ryle showcasing the build up to the launch of the Atlantis space shuttle. These were taken on the East coast of Florida. Ryle was hoping that with this series he could capture the notion of space and the way humans relate with their surroundings. 


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Bedding For Kids

You’d think that I would want the princess bedding, but c’mon now – I’m a Space Girl all the way!


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What if Other Planets Replaced Earth’s Moon?

Neptune instead of the moon

Being a little bit of a space nut, I was excited to come across this post that replaced the moon with other planets. I remember being a kid and just wishing that I could see the entire solar system in the sky every night and not just the moon. Distance didn’t really mean all that much to me back then. These images were created by artist Ron Miller who kind of had a similar question to mine. Check out the rest of the shots here.

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Things I Want/Need:

Astronaut Chandelier


Why hello, astronaut chandelier. Will you be mine? For $180, you could be.

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A Collection Part 33

Veronica told me just the other day that I was overdue for A Collection post. In looking through my archives, I see that it has only been TWO months. This is actually probably a new record for us. Like many “A Collection” posts, there is no theme. I wish I had something to say about how I’m feeling or why I chose the photographs that I did, but I choose them because at the time it is what is most pleasing to me!



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