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13 Apr 2018

Song of the Day

Jhameel, Blue Satellite – Feisty (Remix)

Because Fridays should be fun!

17 Mar 2018

Song of the Day

Leon Bridges – Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand

Leon shared two new songs this week and it’s all I’ve been listening to on repeat. This song, in particular, has the tune of a first dance wedding song, but it’s actually a break-up song! His debut album “Coming Home” released back in 2016 is one that I’m dying to have on vinyl. To this day, I still listen to it every other week or so before bed as part of my routine and we’re longing for his next.

18 Feb 2018

Song of the Day

Kehlani – Again



  • Are these not the most perfect slingbacks?
  • Still taking senior photos well into my 20’s
  • not Monday
  • Monday #4
  • In luv w u 😍
  • only Wednesday?
  • Throwin’ it back to colder days
  • When @crystalpak has a good outfit and it’s better than anything you wore that entire week
  • cozy corner

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