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28 Dec 2011

2011’s Most Memorable Quotes In Pop Culture

Initially I believed that Kris Humphries’ quote about people not caring about Kim Kardashian after she has kids was the winner of 2011, but now New York Magazine’s post is making me have second thoughts. The magazine has compiled a list of quotes from celebrities, movies, and television series that are catchy, memorable, and just downright silly. A few of these got a chuckle out of me, but I think my favorite ones come from a couple of movies that I did not watch from this year.

“If you don’t surrender that list, I will kill every friend you have — Zake, Keelie, neighbors, even your boring teachers — and when I’m finished you will be responsible for the death of every friend you have on Facebook.” – the villain after Taylor Lautner’s character in Abduction

“This is aaahr time.”Kenny Wormland’s character in the remake of Footloose

For a full listing of quotes, click here.

16 Sep 2011

I Like Your Style…

Lily Collins!

If you haven’t heard of Lily Collins yet, that will soon change! Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins, but she has been actively working towards her career endeavors since she was a teenager. Her first gig as a Nickelodeon correspondent helped launched her into acting roles including Sandra Bullock’s daughter in The Blind Side and now opposite on-screen and off-screen boyfriend Taylor Lautner in Abduction. The girl also just happens to be a star on the red carpet as well. Surprising? Not really.

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01 Sep 2011

Lily Collins for ASOS and InStyle

Lily Collins looks absolutely stunning in her feature for ASOS and in her InStyle outtakes. Lily, the daughter of musician Phil Collins, has been working hard these past few years to build up her career in Hollywood first starting out as a correspondent for Nickelodeon at 18 and then moving to the big screen as Sandra Bullock’s daughter in The Blind Side. Next, we’ll be able to catch Lily alongside Taylor Lautner in their new action thriller flick Abduction.

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20 Oct 2010

Taylor Swift Will Probably Never Stop Writing Songs About Guys In Her Life

Taylor Swift is an amazing and talented artist; there’s no denying that. She writes songs that she feels her fans may be able to identify with and has said it in countless interviews that her songs are based on her own life experiences. In fact, they are so personal and honest that she doesn’t leave any names out.  Her hit single, “Forever and Always” was written about Joe Jonas. Although the song title may seem sweet, the lyrics are not. I’ve always wanted someone to write a song about me, but definitely not a song like that.

In her new album, it is safe to say that she has written a song for Kanye and about Taylor Lautner and even John Mayer. This hasn’t been confirmed quite yet, but there is a new song off her album entitled “Dear John” and the lyrics completely point in the direction of John Mayer. John and Taylor even collaborated on his song “Half of My Heart” for his “Battle Studies” album, but I never thought that there would be anything more to that relationship.

I’ve rounded up a few questions:

Does this make her dating life complicated? If I were a guy, I would hate to cross Taylor because then there would be a whole song written about me and those don’t exactly go away.

I’ve heard that Duncan Penn finally went out on his date with Taylor Swift – in reference to the second episode of The Buried Life’s second season. Does this mean he will make it into a song as well?!

Still pondering…

I’ve never kept quiet the fact that I write songs about people. “It’s like, this is album number three. You guys have had fair warning!”


25 Mar 2010

Let’s Talk: New Moon

I’ve never been a Twilight fan, but I’ve never been opposed to it either. I tried it out. I read 20 pages of the first book and watched the first movie. I’m curious to see how the story line goes so I will continue to watch the movies, but in no way do I find myself even remotely enjoying it.

One scene in particular made me laugh a little bit to myself. I was watching this w/ my mother by the way, and there’s that one scene where KStew approaches the shirtless men w/ her ‘tude and then BAM! out of nowhere… JACOB.

My mom nonchalantly says: What happened to animal activists? I’m gonna call them.

Anyways watching the movie tonight brought up a few questions I had:

  • Why is there no consistency in the movie? Scenes coming out of nowhere, nothing feels like it is organized that well… it’s a little hard to watch.
  • The man-bear dogs are so cute!
  • After that grueling fight between Jacob and the shirtless man, everything was resolved with a “sorry?” Talk about drama…
  • The soundtrack to the movie is so good. Death Cab for Cutie AND Lykke Li? It’s too bad the music can’t save the movie.
  • Do you ever feel that Bella puts herself in the worst situations? She’s practically asking for it.
  • Bella commenting on Jacob’s body heat, “You’re like your own sun.” WHAT a pickup line.
  • Bella and Jacob – such a tease
  • Romeo and Juliet reference? Is that really necessary?
  • Edward…be more emo please. Also, there was not enough of him in this movie. More Rob less Kstew please.
  • Kristen Stewart – I dare you to produce one complete sentence without a gasp of air, breaks in between, or stuttering.

So excited for Eclipse!


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