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14 Nov 2017

Ashley Judd on How to Handle Sexual Harassment

I’ve been holding onto this video for a couple of weeks now and usually when that happens, it’s because I want to marinate on things a little bit longer before I post. These past few weeks – past month – have been littered with news calling out numerous individuals across different industries, but mainly entertainment, for sexual harassment and sexual assault. At times, the details are disturbing and hard to read, but I continue to do so because it’s important. I know that the victims, both men and women, likely struggled to spit those details out for fear of re-opening those wounds. I have so many thoughts on all of this that I could write an essay about it. However, I want to focus for a second on the video posted above.

The assaults, the harassment – all of it is just bad. One thing that consistently irks me is the cat calling. I don’t know how we can get away from it. I wish I could say that I’m someone that is quick on my feet and that when it happens to me, I’m able to shoot something back out at the caller, but I am never that person. You want to know what kind of person I am? The one that comes up with a comeback four hours later. It can be hard to call out the people that are calling YOU out, but I really loved Ashley Judd’s advice in this video that she did for Teen Vogue. I hope that others find this useful as well.

04 Nov 2017

Saying Goodbye to Teen Vogue

First Nylon and now, Teen Vogue – say it ain’t so! It breaks my heart that Condé Nast is now shuttering the print version of Teen Vogue otherwise known as the bible of my adolescence. I’m sure I’m not the only one here that found a lot of value in these magazines. This year, I’m especially proud of Teen Vogue. Tucker Carlson was wrong when he said that these are filled with just fashion and makeup and that the writers themselves should just stick to “thigh high boots.” Since that incident, Teen Vogue has continued to prove everyone wrong with their investigative reporting and political hot takes. While the print version of Teen Vogue itself is folding, they plan on investing more time in their digital, video, and social platforms – areas of Teen Vogue that have been thriving.

It’s not a surprise to anyone that print editions of magazines have been folding left and right, but my hope is that this paves the way for more innovation through digital and that their original voices can live on and still be a powerful force.


26 Dec 2016

Lauren Duca Stands Up to Bully Tucker Carlson

By now, I hope everyone has seen this clip. I watched this a few days ago and I felt like I was FUMING inside. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must have been for journalist Lauren Duca who was talked over by Tucker Carlson the entire time. Another part of this that bothered me is that when I tried to look up this clip so that we could write this post the headlines that kept popping up were “Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Moron Journalist Lauren Duca on Ivanka Trump” and “Lauren Duca Lies to Tucker Carlson.” No, that’s not what happened here and how manipulative of these sources to write the headlines that will sway people to think otherwise. Lauren was not destroyed by Tucker. She was bullied and I think every woman that watched this was proud of Lauren for standing up for all women in saying that our interests in pop culture and politics are not mutually exclusive.

This is something that resonates so strongly with me because I would never accept someone coming on to Yow Yow! and telling me that I’m not allowed to have a political view point just because I write about what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet or which wedding videos make me tear up. Just like men, women are allowed to have multiple interests. Shame on Tucker for telling Lauren that she should stick to writing about thigh high boots. It’s 2016. That’s the equivalent of telling us we belong in the kitchen and that is NOT okay. Fox News is the worst, but it’s important for everyone to view both sides of the spectrum here. Also, s/o to Teen Vogue – I’ve never been so proud of the magazine that I spent years reading tackling the hard issues and educating young girls on what’s going on in politics today!

08 Nov 2016

“Are Print Magazines Dying?”

That was my first thought when I read a headline today that Teen Vogue would be scaling back that issues from monthly to quarterly. Granted, it’s Teen Vogue so it’s not like adult Vogue which would be an even bigger deal, but usually when this happens, it means that it might be on its way to being phased out. I’m not a collector of magazines these days, however, my coworker next to me somehow started receiving a subscription to Teen Vogue in the last year and started passing them over to me. I didn’t know where to put them where I was cleaning my place this weekend so they are in a stack on my bathroom counter for now.

I don’t think I would be surprised if Condé Nast announced that they would be going purely digital within the next year. Should we start taking bets now?

According to a statement from the company, “the new frequency is designed to capture key audience moments relevant to young readers lives,” and the new print edition will debut in spring 2017 as a larger book with a collectible, “keepsake” feel. 

Also the reason why I believe Teen Vogue might be folding is because Lucky saw the same death as well back in 2015 when they scaled back to quarterly and then…well we know what happened after.

Teen Vogue, let’s just do a thank you now – thank you for being the high end print magazine that helped me shape my teenage years and taught me how to use better makeup and to look up to amazing style icons before anyone else during my youth years.


23 Oct 2013

Condé Nast Discontinues Internship Program

The publication that has made Lauren Conrad famous as a Teen Vogue intern has decided to discontinue their internship program. Girls all over the country are crying into their pillows right now. Actually, the internships at Condé Nast are kind of a big deal. Former interns have used it as a launch pad for fashion industry careers and while the program itself has received a bad name in the news after being sued by two former summer interns who claimed to have been paid under minimum wage, there are people who feel like they have received great industry experience.

Current interns will not be affected by this movement and as of right now Condé Nast has declined to comment on the matter.


18 Jun 2013

Eva Chen is Lucky Magazine’s New EIC

photo cred | Street Peeper

I read the best piece of news this morning. One of my favorite fashion journalistic icons Eva Chen, the former Beauty Director at Teen Vogue, has accepted the position of Editor-in-Chief at Lucky Magazine! This is an incredible accomplishment for Chen as she has done wonders for the Beauty department at Teen Vogue and is widely received by her peers and colleagues in the fashion industry. For as long as I had been reading Teen Vogue in both middle school and high school, Eva has always shared the best tips in beauty. We are so excited to see how she will leave her mark on Lucky.



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