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19 Aug 2011

One Restaurant is Out – The Chieftain is in

Tidbit Bistro located on the corner of Union and Broadway will be shutting down after a little more than a year since they moved into that space. What a shame – I’ve never been there myself, but many friends have told me that they have (or had) the BEST happy hour. How can you say no to $1 wells? You can’t, but it looks like we’ll have to.

On another note, The Chieftain had their “soft opening” last night, but you can pretty much just call it their grand opening because every Seattle University student was there last night. As described by multiple friends, it was the “C-Street with alcohol.” I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Chieftain last night, but in some ways it did exceed my expectations. For one, I thought it was just going to be a straight up bar. I wanted it to be like Greek’s “Dobbler’s,” but The Chieftain is a bar AND a restaurant and that’s perfectly okay with me. They serve both lunch and dinner with standard menu items and items that are Irish-inspired. I even saw a handful of things that I would want to try the next time I pay a visit.

The Chieftain is definitely going to be a hot spot for students and a premiere happy hour spot since it is directly right across the street from campus. With multiple TV’s set up, I can also see it being a location to watch some Redhawk basketball games, maybe…if you’re into that sort of anything.

My only concerns with The Chieftain are that it is a little bit pricey for drinks and it is difficult to hear much of anything inside. Cost isn’t a huge issue because it is understandable. They’re the only bar across the street so they’ve got a monopoly going on, but I don’t see that being a huge problem with anyone. As I chatted with my friends from our table, I could barely hear them because it seemed like there may have been a little bit of an echo inside. The sound/acoustics could be better evaluated.

Aside from that, I had the best time last night catching up with everyone from Seattle U. The environment was comfortable and relaxing and as my friend described it – “non-pressured.”

Make sure to visit today for their ACTUAL opening!

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