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The First Two Episodes of The OC

This photo above is not from the first season, but we love Christmakah so much that it seemed like the perfect picture to include. Mandi and I were all set to have a night out yesterday in the city, but after settling in after a weekend of Thanksgiving festivities and a home cooked meal, we #optedinside for a viewing of the movie Dope and the first two episodes of The OC! Yes, the classic television series is now streamable on the CW Seed. We didn’t know what that meant either, but it worked and if we didn’t have an early morning today, we probably would’ve gotten through half the season. It’s been years since we fell in love with this series and now watching it when we’re much older and not pre-teens we seem to have noticed a few things we didn’t recognize before.

  • Seth and Ryan are the cutest best friends
  • As much as you kind of hate how dramatic and silly Marissa Cooper can be, you kind of love her. You root for her because she’s so troubled.
  • Summer was awful in the first two episodes. Terrible lines, terrible personality and she left Coop laying at the front of her door blacked out
  • Sandy Cohen was the best chracter on the show that was a parent.
  • Why does Seth think that he can sail to Tahiti on Summer Breeze?
  • The pool house is better than Seth’s bedroom. Ryan had it made.
  • Did we ever see the Cooper’s dog again after the first episode?
  • When Seth throws Ryan under the bus and outs him for his Chino past at the party – that was a lame thing for him to do.
  • “This is how it’s done in Orange County!” Classic.

Mandi is originally from Orange County and I just got back from there for Thanksgiving so we were having a moment, clearly.

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Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf Are Engaged

In. Real. Life.

So Leighton Meester is pretty much the luckiest girl ever because let’s be real – Adam Brody is the best catch and Rachel Bilson is not really winning with Hayden Christenson. Two of my favorite characters from television series are engaged to be married and I’m slightly miffed, but also moreso thrilled for the two of them. I can already imagine that the wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing. The two have been dating for less than a year. I actually heard the rumors about this swirling last night, but it has now been confirmed.


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Turkey Recreates The OC

It doesn’t matter what anyone says; The OC was an iconic television show. Sure, it may have gone downhill after Marissa Cooper died, but don’t even try to deny that you weren’t hooked after the first season. Ten years have passed, but Turkey is getting in on their series and has created their own version called, “Medcezir.” (or Tide in English) The Turkish adaptation of the series aired last Friday and will run for 13 episodes this season.

You have to admit, they did a pretty good job recreating this promo photo. I almost mistook it for the original series at first glance.


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I know that this song refers to Southern California, but there weren’t that many great songs about Northern California. Plus – this song is a throwback that we love!

Readers, thank you so much for being so patient with me. It’s amazing that I’ve kept Yow Yow! alive for this month as I’ve been preparing for what is one of the biggest life change I’ve ever had to make. Writing for Yow Yow! has always been therapeutic for me so naturally when moving got to be too stressful, I would fall back on writing content for this blog and that is one of the reasons why not too much has changed here and why my friends and family have become annoyed with the lack of productivity on my move.

I get it now. Moving is one of the worst things to ever go through in this world. It’s the biggest hassle, the biggest inconvenience, everything you can think of, but I believe my friends when they tell me that it is also so good for you and I’m excited for what awaits me at Point B!

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The O.C. – The 10th Anniversary

In the midst on some craziness last week, we completely forgot all about celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The O.C. Not only did the television series provide a somewhat accurate representation of what it’s like to live in Orange County (kind of,) but they also paved the way for what would become some of the best soundtracks a television series could offer. The cast was full of beautiful people each with characters that were well-developed and complex throughout the season. Marissa Cooper, there is no one like you on TV and there never will be! Ryan Atwood was the bad boy turned sensitive bro and we loved every second of it. And last, but not least – Seth and Summer. There is no one more perfect for each other than these two. We laughed, cried, and were terrified for our lives especially during that weird “Oliver” period. The show taught us some incredible lessons – lessons at 13 that I am still carrying on in life today. I wouldn’t be able to tell you them right now, but we’ll save that for the 20th anniversary. So on this Wednesday – Hump Day – we are celebrating the anniversary. I’ve included the entire first episode above and we all know how great this pilot was so take 44 minutes out of your day, relax, and enjoy the show. Unfortunately, Mischa Barton spoke out about rumors of a reunion earlier this week and her thoughts that it should not happen. Really? It might do your career some good Mischa. Regardless, the show will live on and we’ll love it forever.

Welcome to the O.C. bitch.

And because we want this to come around full circle… my favorite clip from the last episode. Spoiler alert. What have you been doing with your time if you haven’t seen this by now?


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Yow Yow’s Favorite New Couple

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!

Would you ever believe that The OC’s Seth Cohen and Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf would get together? Of course not, but now that it has happened, it is pretty much the best thing ever. Adam Brody is the ultimate dreamboat and Leighton Meester is just so darling that there’s no way this wouldn’t work out. Please get married now. I know I said I would never be happy if Adam Brody got together with anyone that wasn’t Rachel Bilson, but I am retracting that statement.


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Channing Tatum is the Sexiest Man Alive

People announced on the cover of their magazine that Channing Tatum is the sexiest man alive. I respectfully disagree. While I enjoyed him in Dear John and The Vow (sorry I never saw Step Up and Magic Mike) I gotta say that there is just something that doesn’t do it enough for me. Therefore, I came up with my own list of men that I think are sexier than Chaning Tatum.

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In Really Unsettling News Today…

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis was found dead yesterday and is also being considered a murder suspect. His body was found at the home of a 70-year old woman who he is also suspected of murdering. Johnny Lewis previously had roles on The OC (my favorite,) Criminal Minds (where he played a murderer,) and Quintuplets. I actually met him when I was 14 and have pictures with the guy!

This is all a little bit strange though…


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Adam Brody – Age 32 And Still The Best Looking Nerd Ever

I can’t exactly explain why Adam Brody is my dream crush. I mean I could try to explain, but I’m not sure if it would make sense to anyone. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen was a freakin’ dreamboat. He loved Death Cab For Cutie. Hello – Death Cab For Cutie is like the anthem band for any Seattle resident. Seth Cohen was all into his comic books. I knew my X-Men characters. His hobbies included skateboarding, boating, and being stealth. I’m not into any one of those things, but I can learn to appreciate it.

If Adam Brody would reprise his role as Seth Cohen in his own series, I would watch it. It has been five years, but his appeal has not faltered one bit.

The actor was recently featured in this spread for GQ and he looks damn good. Just sayin’…

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Jennifer’s Body

Adam Brody’s performance as the front man of a band called “Low Shoulder” in this film was absolutely ridiculous and very unrealistic. It was almost enough to make me write him off for good, but then I remembered that this movie received poor reviews and that normalcy will return tomorrow morning at 10AM when I get to see him as Seth Cohen again.

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Song of the Day

South – Paint the Silence

Say what you will about The OC, but this show introduced everyone to some of the best musicians and bands.

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He Can’t Be Avoided

photo cred | TV Guide

This morning, while watching The OC reruns on The Soap Network, I found Chris Brown playing a character opposite Willa Holland ie) Kaitlin Cooper.

I can’t get away from him! He would find a way to appear on one of my favorite retired shows…

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What New Year’s Eve Party Are You Going To?

pic cred: The Daily What

Oh…this one!

Just kidding, I don’t actually have my New Year’s Eve plans figured out yet. This fake New Year’s Eve flier was passed around the interwebz today and as funny as it is reading it, we all know that there’s an 80% chance of these scenarios happening.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the holiday. In the past couple of years, my celebration has been pretty tame. Last year, I was sick. Two years ago, Samantha and I played third and fourth wheel to our best friend and previous boyfriend’s evening. There was some dinner at a nice restaurant involved and a showing of a British or Australian zombie movie on TV with a title that could have been confused with a porno.

This year, I’m going into it with no expectations or at least lowered expectations. New Year’s Eve is a classy holiday, but yet I always find that it is ruined by schmammeredness and dresses that are not fit for the evening or – dresses that just don’t fit (right). My plans may be up in the air right now, but I’ll do you a solid and make you proud.

Happy New Year everyone!

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