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Out on the Town: 4/9

When I was a younger, I used to be so great at planning to be at concerts. No, not just planning concerts, which I also did. But I mean if there was a show I wanted to be at, I was going to make sure I was going to be there. It’d be on my calendar. I’d have a notification for it on my phone. If it was a weekday, I’d tell my parents I was going to the library to study. Sorry Mom and Dad – but enough time has passed now that you can know this.

As a 20-Something, I now fail at something I used to succeed at. Tonight, there are two incredible shows that I am missing. If I could be in three places at once, I would. The reason why I cant go to either of these shows tonight though is because I simply just have other plans and dropped the ball on forgetting so please please please go in my place, will you?

I’ve been talking about her for about a month and now she’s finally here. Jessie Ware will be performing at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle with special guests. Show is 21+ and starts at 8PM. Tickets and more info can be found here.

Secondly, one of my favorite artists Bryce Avery of The Rocket Summer is in town. I’d actually been planning on going to this show for months. April came out of nowhere! He’ll be performing at El Corazon tonight with an AMAZING lineup – The Classic Crime, Joe Brooks, and William Beckett. It is all ages and tickets are $18. Doors open at 6:30PM.

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Song of the Day

The Rocket Summer – So In This Hour… [live]

So ever since I heard that one of my favorite bands was going to be touring with my friends’ band and another new favorite band, I’ve been extremely giddy. This is one of my favorite songs, but it wasn’t a favorite of mine until I heard this version. Now, if you’re familiar with Bryce Avary, then you know that most of his songs are written about his wife. They are the sweetest couple I’ve ever heard of even though I’ve never met them in person. The second verse in this song was improvised and not featured in the original song, but it makes me swoon every time.

Bryce Avary, can you perform at my future wedding please?

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Tour Announcement

I am thrilled to announce that my friends Eric and Andrew of The Scene Aesthetic are going on tour with one of my favorite acts The Rocket Summer and my new favorite band of 2011-2012 – States!

The lineup is stacked and it’s just the three of them. Now I haven’t gone to a concert for some time now, but this is the kind of lineup that would bring me out. It truly seems like a very special event.

Check out all of the dates here.

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Memorial Day Weekend Soundtrack

1. The Rocket Summer – Bryce Avary, His Instruments and Your Voices

Get it for free here

2. Cults (self-titled)

Stream it for free here

3. Death Cab For Cutie – Codes and Keys

Stream it for free here

4. Campfire OK – Strange Like We Are

5. The Head and the Heart (self-titled)

6. Foster the People – Torches

Stream it for free here

7. Minus the Bear – Hold Me Down EP

Get it for free here

Happy Sunday studying!

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A Look Back on Seattle U Shows

This past school year, I have had the wonderful privilege of working with some incredible musicians and bands at Seattle University. Within just one school year, they are already making headlines, putting out new albums, headlining tours, and have found themselves on the lineups of music festivals.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with these eight very talented musicians and bands:

If there are any musicians and bands that you should be following from Seattle, it is them.

– My dearest friend Liz has relocated to the state of Colorado, but has been keeping busy with a string of shows. Please go out and support her because she is a wonderful and talented little lady. [Source]

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground will be releasing their album “Introducing” on July 26, 2011 from Suburban Home Records. The band will host CD release shows in both Portland and Seattle, June 11th and 12th respectively. [Source]

– Almost immediately after my show with He Is We ended, the band hit the road to head East to begin their tour with The Rocket Summer. The band will be headlining their first tour beginning mid-June. Did I also mention that they will be performing at Bonnaroo 6/9 – 6/10? [Source]

– Two of my performers Robbie Christmas and Matt Bekker will actually be performing a show together tomorrow at the Crocodile Cafe! The show is 21+. My friend Matt Bekker also recently became a part of the Rocket Music Entertainment Group family, which is home to Elton John, James Blunt, Lily Allen, and Oh Land.

Champagne Champagne will be releasing a new album this summer and will be performing at the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot Music Festival, and Doe Bay Fest!

– I am so excited to be working with Campfire OK for my last show of the year. This year, the band was voted by City Arts Magazine as one of the best new bands of 2011 and this summer, you will be able to catch the rustic-sounding band at both Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot and Doe Bay Fest! I would say that this band is going to be in a completely different place in the next year, but I know that things for them are moving fast and that the change will most likely occur within the next few months. Their CD “Strange Like We Are”  is definitely one of my favorites from the year. Expect to see them on the bill for various music festivals next year because that’s probably where they will be.

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Bryce Avary, His Instruments And Your Voices

It’s not “Study Music Sunday” yet, but let’s be real – I know I won’t be studying this Sunday. Since it is a long weekend, I thought I would give you all a little treat sure to last you the four days. Earlier this week, one of my favorite singers – Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer released a new CD called His Instruments And Your Voices. The CD is a compilation of songs that Avary recorded while he was on the “His Instruments And Your Voice” tour this past fall and includes his fans’ favorite songs and them singing along with him.

I actually attended one of his shows in Seattle back in November after waiting five years to see him and it is probably included on my list of top five favorite concerts ever. You can read all about my fan girl night here.

Since this is gift from Avary to all of his fans, the CD is completely free! So kick off your wonderful Memorial Day weekend by downloading the CD here.

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Katie’s Favorites of 2010

Favorite Style Icon: Alexa Chung

Earlier this year, my friend Veronica asked me if I would be compiling 20 of my favorite posts to feature like I had done last year. At the end of 2009, I had 1,423 posts. Today, I have 3502 posts. Going through that many from this year alone does not sound fun to me. 2010 was a great year and there are many special posts that mean something to me, but the task is exhausting. After starting the process, I decided to opt out of it and bring you my favorites in other things instead as a way to look back on this year. Enjoy!

Continue reading

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Congratulations He Is We!

You can find the local band on the front of the MySpace music page today.

These guys are having a great end to the year – announcing their debut album and touring with The Rocket Summer. I can’t wait to see what Rachel and Trevor do next.

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The Rocket Summer 11/8

I did a little digging tonight to find some videos of Bryce’s performance from this past Monday so I could re-live one of the greatest nights of my life?

YouTube, you’re always coming through for me in the end.

What do you know? These happen to be two of my favorite songs.

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Song of the Day

The Rocket Summer – TV Family

It seemed fitting. :)

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Show Review: The Rocket Summer

I’ll never forget the day I was introduced to The Rocket Summer’s first album Calendar Days. I was 14 and had become obsessed with “TV Family.” My love for this song became exhaustive to everyone around me, but to this day, it is still a favorite.

If my 9th grade year had a soundtrack, it would be this song. On repeat.

“I don’t know much but I know we will be
As happy as a 1950’s TV family
Except times infinity”

I have been a fan of Bryce Avery’s music for six years. Until last night, I had never been to one of his shows. I missed him at Warped Tour every year and I have missed every Seattle date since becoming a fan because of other commitments. Tonight, I became that 14-year-old all over again. I know I say this often, but tonight’s show was incredible. It was honestly one of the best shows that I have ever been to because it was so intimate and personal – just the way Bryce had wanted it. Bryce’s set was close to an hour and a half and ended with a six-song encore. The “His Instruments, Your Voices tour was focused largely on his fans. He told us that for the entire night our voices had better be louder than his – and as the night went on, that statement became true. Bryce arrived in Seattle with his instruments – as promised – but sans full band. He played it all himself – drums, harmonica, guitar, keyboard – sometimes even looping the instruments so that they could all be played at the same time without him behind them. His set featured songs from all five of his albums and at times, he even took requests for songs to play next from his fans. It would have been very difficult for Bryce to try and play every one of his fan’s favorite songs, but he definitely tried his hardest even if it meant playing a snippet of it or a medley of two or three songs. 

I think that the best part of the show, at least for me, was hearing some of the stories that Bryce had shared behind the songs before performing them. He made sure to take his time with the set and that is something that I appreciated. A lot of the bands I have seen in the past have been rushed and don’t make the effort or time to connect with their fans in the way that Bryce did. He had a strong stage presence and made sure that we all understood how much he was like us by crowd surfing over his fans, performing in a circle in the middle of the dance floor and sharing stories with us about his job at Starbucks before becoming the artist that he is today. By the end of the night, my legs had gone numb from standing in the venue, but I was able to take away this one-of-a-kind experience that I have never had before with any show that I have ever been to.

I may have missed his show for the past six years, but I’m glad that this was the show I attended.

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In the News…

Glee actress Dianna Agron recently tested for the reboot of the new Spiderman starring Andrew Garfield.

Pacific Coast News reported that they saw Miley Cyrus out last night at Voyeur Nightclub in Hollywood. The club is 21+ and themed around sex. Miley is 17.[Source]

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was unable to find herself a gorilla juicehead on the most recent season of MTV’s Jersey Shore so the network will be giving Snooks her very own reality dating show. [Source]

– Fashion stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe may possibly be pregnant. If true, this news is coming in at a good time since she recently had a mutual breakup with assistant Brad Goreski and there has not been any word on whether or not her show The Rachel Zoe Project will be renewed. [Source]

– The Power Rangers are returning to the tube with Power Rangers Samurai! The site was recently launched this week and features the characters in the show. They finally cast an Asian actress for the part of the pink ranger and not the yellow ranger. [Source]

– After 13 years, Heidi Klum has decided to hang up her wings from Victoria’s Secret. [Source]

Baby Paris Hilton running away from Nancy Reagan. Oh the good ‘ol days…

Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN [Source]

Kings of Leon will play three US tour dates in Boston, East Rutherford – New Jersey, and New York. [Source]

The Rocket Summer will be releasing a new EP entitled Of Men and Angels: The B-Sides which will include five tracks that did not make the cut for Of Men and Angels released earlier this year. [Source]

E! host Giuliana and Bill Rancic have opened up about their miscarriage on The View for the first time. [Source]

ABC has already decided to cancel their new series “My Generation” after two episodes. [Source] That sucks… maybe that means Wren can finally come back to Pretty Little Liars.

In Seattle news…

Cupcake Royale’s new cupcake of the month is pumpkin maple! [Source]

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Shows Go Underground

Picture this:

Your favorite musicians and bands are no longer playing large venues and arenas. The only time you will ever see them perform in that type of setting will be at a music festival. What if musicians and bands started playing at smaller venues – the same type of venues that gave them their start? Ticket prices would be much less than the close to $100 you are paying now. Instead, they’ll be $10 or not even. The bands will take requests for songs that you want to hear. A few feet will be all that separates you from them. These shows will be more exclusive of course, but well worth it. In fact, these are what your favorite bands want. They WANT these intimate shows with their fans.

The times are changing people.

This past summer, Rocky Votolato hosted a number of “Living Room Shows” in the homes of his fans. Tickets were limited, but you really can’t get any more intimate than that right there. The Rocket Summer is touring the country at much smaller venues starting this fall and is leaving their full band behind and only taking along a few of Bryce’s instruments. Earlier this week we heard about the secret shows from Deerhunter and Neon Trees. Ben Gibbard is playing a small show in November that is already sold out with proceeds benefiting Teen Feed. Now, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is next to jump on the band wagon. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, they hosted a surprise show at Secret Project Robot located in Brooklyn.

In their announcement, the band explained their choice of tiny venue, saying “Our birthday wish is to play a show as small- or smaller- than back in the day.”

Unfortunately, the show was sold out and happened two nights ago. If you don’t want to miss out on any of these secret shows, take my advice and sign up for mailing lists of your favorite bands. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, etc because if they’re going to let a gig slip – this is where they will do it.

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Bryce Avary “His Instruments and Your Voices” Tour

I always feel a little awkward when I have to tell people that I have yet to see one of my favorite bands live in concert. I’ve been listening to The Rocket Summer ever since I was in middle school. Bryce’s songs were the background music to my teenage years. Somehow, in the span of seven years, I have found myself always missing his stops through Seattle. Our schedules just haven’t been in alignment, but this year is the year that it will all come to an end. I will see Bryce. I will finally get to see him perform live after all these years.

Yesterday, Bryce announced his new fall tour, “His Instruments and Your Voices.” Bryce plans to visit cities all over the country and a few in Canada for his most intimate tour yet. Bryce will also take along an acoustic guitar, a piano, and drums for this tour instead of venturing with his entire full band. He promises to explain the stories behind each song that he performs, take requests from fans, and maybe even record some of these shows for an upcoming live album.

Avary said, “I’ve never done anything like this before and I think it’s time to do something extra special for our core fans. I’m hoping each night has a rowdy, choir-like sing along vibe. The plan is to even record the shows with the hopes of putting out a live record of this special tour. I’m excited to tell stories, talk with fans, take requests and play some of the more obscure songs I’ve written, as well as the popular ones. I plan on playing a bunch of instruments and looping stuff as well. I’m going to make sure it’s an exciting show, and I’m purposely staking out smaller rooms than ever to keep it intimate. We’ve spent the whole year playing really big rooms with bigger bands, and it’s time do something intimate—just me and TRS fans. I really can’t wait for this.”

Dates announced so far:

10/12/10 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
10/13/10 Atlanta, GA Smith’s Olde Bar
10/17/10 Annapolis, MD Rams Head
10/18/10 Hartford, CA Webster Underground
10/23/10 South Hackensack NJ School of Rock
10/24/10 Allston, MA Harpers Ferry
10/25/10 New York, NY The Studio at Webster Hall

Never been more excited. I am crossing my fingers for a Seattle date!


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Song of the Day

The Rocket Summer – Of Men and Angels

Would you believe that out of all the music I listen to on a daily basis, The Rocket Summer ranks in the top five favorites of all time? I’ve been listening to Bryce for about six years now and somehow I have managed to miss every tour date to Seattle. I’ll even miss him this weekend when he is here for Warped Tour…

The new album is fantastic by the way! It’s called Of Men and Angels as well.

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