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11 Dec 2012

How A Year in New York Will Change You

I have so much admiration for people that can pick up and leave – move away from their home and into a new city. That ish is hard; not that I would know, but … going through college and meeting people in my workplaces, I’ve realized that pretty much everyone around me has done it. Except me. I’ve also decided that someday it will be me. I think about my future – about who will become my new circle of friends, how I will adapt to the weather, but most of all how this will change my style.

Even in the last six months my style has completely changed! From Space Girl to working professional. Adult lyfe. What I would  give to be Space Girl once again. The magazines will tell you that it’s the trends that change your style, but I believe that it’s the experience.

Today, Sartorialist Scott Schuman posted on his blog this amazing transformation of Kara. The first photograph was when Kara was very new to the city and the second is today – one year after.

photo mashup cred | Doobybrain
photo cred | The Sartorialist
23 Jun 2011

The Sartorial-Twist

The Sartorial-Twist is a fun fashion generator that snags parts of different street style photographs and puts them together to create one unique outfit. Some of them are questionable, but some of them I think I would try myself!



02 Apr 2011

In the News…

Rachel Zoe’s former right hand man Brad Goreski will be getting his own show on Bravo called It’s a Brad Brad World![Source]

Matthew Morrison is going on a summer tour. [Source]

Emily Deschanel is expecting with husband David Hornsby. [Source]

James Franco has denied being under the influence at the Oscars. [Source]

– Former Real World and GOP Rep Sean Duffy was recorded complaining about his $174,000 salary. [Source]

The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman created quite the controversy the other day when he described the woman in this photo as “bigger and curvier” than his typical subjects. [Source]

Rachel Zoe tweets her first picture with her new son Skyler. [Source]

Elizabeth Banks is now a mother to a newborn son via surrogate. [Source]

– Two USC students were totally caught doing it on the roof. [Source]

09 Jan 2011

Scott Schuman – The Man Behind the Camera


I have been a huge fan of Scott Schuman’s for nearly four years now. Schuman paved the way for street style photography by featuring every day people on the streets of New York on his blog The Sartorialist. He has since captured those with a unique style all over the world. In this new short film by Intel, he explains that he never learned photography from anyone or anywhere and that his job feels like “falling in love every day.” I am such a fangirl of Schuman’s especially since his blog was the first street style blog that I discovered. In the film, he seems almost humbled by his work and his experiences with others. Street style photography isn’t always the easiest hobby to get into. To this day, I still feel a little nervous having to approach people. I am in awe of his career and continually inspired by his blog.

17 Jan 2010


Scott Schuman, you’re not the only one who can take amazing street style photos. In fact, I would say that I became a fan of both you and Yvan Rodic at the same time. You may have released your book first, but Yvan is not too far behind. This April, Facehunter the US book version, will hit the shelves. Yvan is a renowned fashion photographer who has a keen sense of style and has traveled to over 30 countries snapping shots of the most stylish.

This is actually one of my favorite street style blogs and has helped inspire many of my outfits since high school.

Feel free to preorder here


11 Aug 2009

In The News…

It’s a BIG news day. These will be my only posts of the day unless something relevant comes up. It’s finals week so you’ll won’t be seeing too much until Thursday 🙂

Eunice Kennedy Shriver has passed away today at the age of 88. She was the founder of the Special Olympics.

– The famous Times Square Studio will no longer be home to MTV. The glass window is known for being a classic tradition during the live tapings of MTV’s hit show TRL – Total Request Live

– Last week news broke that Emmy Rosum had split with boyfriend Justin Siegel. Turns out that they were actually married and had a confidential marriage license.

Twilight Barbies. Enough said.

The trailer for Heath Ledger’s final film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” has been released.


Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a baby boy with fiance David Otunga on Monday.

– In case you haven’t seen… Mac Book Touch

I hate Macs, but I still think it’s pretty. To read more about the article click here

Charlize Theron is gracing the cover of THE SEPTEMBER ’09 issue of Vogue and because of the financial crisis we’re all living in, the fashion magazine has scaled down to a mere 584 pages this year. oh man more ads and less text I’m sure.

– Did anyone watch the Teen Choice Awards last night? It was completely all about The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Twilight. Granted, the Jo Bros were the hosts of the night so that’s understandable.

Kathy Griffin took Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin’s baby daddy) as her date. Then they talked about it on Larry King Live? and it was awkward to the max. This must be a sick joke.


– Miley Cyrus’s very controversial performance at the Teen Choice Awards performing “Party in the USA.”


I guess the pole part wasn’t that bad… but I can see why it might make people uncomfortable. DAMN what does Nick Jonas think of Miley now?! And this song is really catchy… can’t stop listening to it.

– 60 year old grandpa John Moyer has been sentenced to two days in jail, 180 days of probation and 50 hours of community service for publicly groping Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World back in June ie giving her “fake Minnie Mouse boobs a squeeze.”

How did this go down in court?

“It doesn’t matter she was grabbed. She’s just a mouse,” argued the prosecutor. “It’s not just a mouse. It’s a person … It’s not OK to go to the diner and pinch a waitress’ butt anymore, and it’s not OK to go to a theme park and pinch a character’s butt.”

Scott Schuman’s book “The Sartorialist,” featuring his profession as a photographer for street style will debut this Wednesday. I’ll be at Border’s reading it all Saturday.

– Some guy has a handgun strapped to his leg during a health care forum. In public. President Obama is attending and no one is doing anything about it really.


– and irrelevant Country music news. Brooks & Dunn are ending their music career after 20 years. no big deal.


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