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27 Feb 2016

The First Monday in May


Oh my goodness, watching this trailer just gave me all sorts of exciting goosebumps! The Met Ball is something that we’ve been highlighting on Yow Yow! uh since this blog was born and it is THE biggest night in fashion of the entire year. I’ve always loved seeing all of the celebrities and designers on the red carpet and I’m even more thrilled that there’s a behind the scene documentary being created for it. This reminds me a lot of The September Issue – which just happens to be one of my favorite documentaries also.

28 Nov 2012

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I could not be more excited about this new HBO documentary on the HBIC – the editors of Vogue! The September Issue is one of my favorite movies of all time and I still remember just how powerful it was to learn about the Vogue culture and step into Anna Wintour’s world for 90 minutes. If you haven’t seen it, it is incredible. The last I checked two years ago, it was on Netflix. It probably isn’t there anymore, but if it is – hi – watch it! I can’t promise you that it will be as life changing for you as it was for me, but there are other things that can be appreciated from this R.J. Cutler documentary – like the art and the creation and everything you didn’t know about this industry whether it is in magazines or fashion.

The documentary airs December 6th on HBO. Marking my calendar now.


27 Mar 2012

In the News…


photo cred | The Man Repeller

– Bloggers are making their mark on the world! The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine will be releasing a new book slated for next year. [Source]

– Pinterest puts their foot down when it comes to thinspiration images on their website. [Source]

– Could H&M be on the verge of launching a luxury brand? [Source]


Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

– The lyrics slay me.

– Britney Spears is joining X Factor y’all! [Source]

– Maroon 5’s new album “Overexposed” will be released in June. [Source]

– A new MGMT record will be released this September! [Source]

– Australian music group, Jet, has decided to part ways. [Source]

– Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their second album together by the end of the year. [Source]


– A Hunger Games vacation. [Source]

– JJ Abrams isn’t letting anyone see Star Trek 2 before it comes out! [Source]

– The Weinstein Company has decided to retaliate against the MPAA and will release the new documentary, “Bully,” as unrated. [Source]

– Direct R.J. Cutler (The September Issue) will direct yet another fashion-based film. [Source]


– We said goodbye to one of my favorite series, Skins. [Source]

– Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle is going under the knife. [Source]

– Mike “The Situation” has checked into rehab for prescription pills and alcohol. [Source]

– 30 Rock will do another live episode next month. [Source]

– Lifetime has pulled a controversial episode of Dance Moms featuring the young girls as little showgirls. [Source]

– Jo Rivera from Teen Mom 2 attempts a rap career. [Source]

– Here’s a first look at AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. [Source]

– Camille Grammer is not returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Source]

– ABC Family has picked up the network rights to The Hunger Games – will air in 2014. [Source]

– Jimmy Kimmel will host the Emmy’s! [Source]


– Everyday Music has officially moved across the street. [Source]

– Ballard burger spot, The Counter, has closed. [Source]

– A store I recently discovered while in San Francisco, Bevmo, will open up two locations in Washington in Silverdale and Tacoma. Um…I think they really meant Seattle, but that’s not happening. [Source]

– Seattle Restaurant Week begins April 8th! [Source]

– There is a Vintage Wedding Fair going down this weekend. Swoon swoon swoon. [Source]


– Miami Heat show their support for Trayvon Martin. [Source]

– Jason Russell’s naked meltdown was because of a brief reactive psychosis. [Source]

– Tori Spelling is pregnant again. [Source]

– Kim’s flour shower. [Source]

– Megan Fox has spent $60K + on plastic surgery. [Source] Yikes.

– Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca last week.

– Khloe Kardashian turns her back on PETA after her sister’s incident. [Source]

– VS Angel Adriana Lima is also pregnant. [Source]

09 Jan 2011

In the News…

Emmanuel Alt will be the new editor-in-chief at French Vogue replacing Carine Roitfeld. [Source]

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise may ditch the Oscars next month because they were not impressed with host Anne Hathaway mocking Katie on Saturday Night Live. [Source]

David and Victoria Beckham are expecting their fourth child! Let’s hope it’s a girl this time. [Source]

– First glance at Natalie Portman’s engagement ring. [Source]

Donald Trump is running for President? [Source]

Model Coco Rocha recovered the unpublished picture from Vogue’s The September Issue. In the documentary, Grace Coddington loved the shot, but Anna Wintour didn’t. [Source]

In Seattle news…

– The indie “15th Ave Coffee and Tea” on 15th Ave has returned to its original Starbucks store. [Source]

24 Oct 2010

Saturday Night September Issue

For one of my classes, my professor has asked us to analyze one of four movies and compare it to what we have been learning in class. What do you know…one of the movies on the list just happens to be a favorite of mine. The last time I watched The September Issue was sometime over the summer, but tonight I spent my Saturday night watching it again and this time trying to dig deeper below the surface of what this movie is about. I realized I may have missed the whole point the previous times I have watched it. It’s not a reality show. It’s not just a movie about a magazine and it most certainly is not a movie that encourages young girls who aspire to be Anna Wintour to get into this industry.

I’m sure the first time I watched the documentary my naive self was probably shocked at how the various parts of an issue all came together [duh.] This time, I focused on the passion and emotion specifically from Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. Their personalities were at opposite ends of the spectrum yet the film was able to capture them beautifully in their most vulnerable state. I found myself identifying with both of them at certain points during the film.

While the film pans Anna as a frigid ice queen and Grace as the free-spirited, it is clear to see that they share one very important trait. They both work extremely hard and care a lot about what they do.

A few weeks ago, I went on a retreat where I was asked to choose which side to be on. “Do I work to live or live to work? Most people chose work to live because that’s kind of the obvious choice if we’re talking reality. I don’t think many people would choose live to work, but I did. This isn’t the life that most people want because there’s no in between. No one wants to have a life where it is work day in and day out and not having any time to live, but regardless it is rewarding. I want to know what part of a person’s career makes this all worth it. Hopefully, I can tell you the answer to that soon.

“You have to have something to put your work in otherwise it’s not valid” – Grace Coddington

23 Aug 2010

Grace Coddington to pen memoir

Grace Coddington, former model and current creative director for Vogue, will be writing about her life following her new-found fame from the movie, The September Issue. Grace says that her story will cover fashion history as well as her own modeling career and working for British Vogue. I love Anna Wintour, I do, but every time she shut down Grace in The September Issue, I always found myself taking Grace’s side. Grace is extremely talented,  beautiful, and -pun intended – simply full of grace and class. I found her story within the documentary very interesting so I’m excited for her memoir.


12 Aug 2010

Vogue’s September Issue

Halle Berry is this year’s lucky girl! She appears on the cover of Vogue’s most important September issue. It will be hard for you to miss this one on the newstands:

1) Because it’s thicker than a novel.

2) Halle Berry looks fantastic!

3) Click the cut for the cover.

Read more “Vogue’s September Issue”

29 Jul 2010

In the News…

– That same Miu Miu applique dress has landed yet another cover for August making its appearance total to four covers this month. It really is one great dress… [source]

– The boys of Glee will co-host the Teen Choice Awards with Miss Katy Perry next month.

Justin Timberlake’s William Rast Collection will collaborate with Target’s Go Fashion line to bring affordable denim to both fans and customers. Pieces are likely to range from $15-$80.  [source]

Jimmy Fallon is accused of sexual discrimination because of his preference with who he wants to work with. [source]

Mel Gibson continues to be disgusting so Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to pull out of an upcoming film with him. Good choice Leo! [Source]

– Who is set to be more “present” on  next season’s Glee? Click here to see!

John Legend and The Roots are releasing a new album! Check out the tracklisting here

Jennifer Lopez will be replacing Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol next season. [Source]

Huge crush on Neil Patrick Harris

GQ introduces pantless Saturdays including Michael Cera and his Scott Pilgrim costars. NSFW or SFW  at your own discretion. [Source]

Zac Efron visited a strip club in New York and it was a BIG deal you guys. [source]

Kanye West has got a Twitter account now y’all! Follow him here

– Another Victoria’s Secret model has let slip that Miranda Kerr may be pregnant? Maybe that’s why her and Orlando Bloom got married one month after announcing their engagement.

W Magazine is pulling a “September Issue” and will be filming a documentary on the release of their September issue. Copycatters of Vogue much? [Source]

Taylor Momsen has got an official album cover.

Naomi Watts is the new face of Ann Taylor [Source]

Essence Magazine hired a white fashion director, which is causing a little bit of a scandal. [source] and the response back here


in random news from The Daily What

The poor kid didn’t get to see any of his favorite animals at the zoo because all of the girls wanted to see “gentle animals.”

Awesome street art from Warsaw

The world’s oldest Twitter user passed away today at age 104. [source]


In Seattle news…

– The Picasso will be at the Seattle Art Museum this October. Find out more about how to get tickets here

The Block Party has come and gone, now you can start making your schedule for Bumbershoot hour-by-hour here

The Grassroots production continues to take over Capitol Hill and it is awesome.  [Source]

20 Aug 2009

The September Issue Premiere

I am so excited to see this movie! Finally, someone is capturing the time and process, not to mention, the work alone, it takes to put out Vogue’s largest and most anticipated issue every year. The September Issue. “dun dun dun”

All the designers and models came out to play!

Designer Vera Wang in her own design- 4

I love that designers always remain consistent in what they wear to events, but I guess you’d have to be if you’re around your own collection 24/7. Makes sense.

Model Hillary Rhoda in Rachel Roy

Dress gets a 3, shoes get a 1. poor choice.

Read more “The September Issue Premiere”


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