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06 Feb 2012

Out on the Town: 2/7

My favorite dream pop duo will be performing this Tuesday! Details for the show and ticker purchasing can be found here.

My, oh my – do I have the biggest crush on Lemolo…

16 Jun 2011

A Drink For The Kids

“From June 26-July 2nd you can support all-ages art and music in Seattle just by grabbing a drink at some of the best bars in Seattle and coming to a great concert with Hot Bodies in Motion at the Sunset. Proceeds from Pyramid Brewing Company beers & Medoyeff vodka drinks go directly to The Vera Project. Vera also has fun stuff planned like karaoke at the Cha Cha, music videos chosen by Eric Grandy (DJ FITS, Seattle Weekly, Pitchfork) and Jason Baxter (Vera, Cairo, the Stranger, U.S.F.) at Redwood and John Roderick of The Long Winters DJing at Hattie’s Hat. Go out and get your drink on while supporting all-ages art and music!” [Source]

In two weeks, treat yourself out to a beer or two to celebrate one great cause! A Drink For the Kids was created to support the all-ages music venue The Vera Project and it is incredibly easy to give back. Last year, I was unable to participate in this event, but it still meant so much to me and it still does today. All-ages music venues have been a part of my life for the past six years. Without these venues, I would’ve never been introduced to local music when I did. I would not have had the opportunity of working my first internship. I would not be pursuing my dream career like I am today. Whether we are 21 or not, we should still take into consideration that many venues in Seattle are not all-ages. Most of the time, those that are underage care more about the show they are seeing than having that ability to consume alcoholic drinks and this isn’t something that we should deprive them of. Our participation in this event shows that we recognize this difference. Our contribution goes towards being able to allow those underage to still have the opportunity of seeing their favorite musicians and bands live.


15 Apr 2011

Out on the Town: 4/16

This Saturday, the Vera Project will be hosting BirthDIYfest with an amazing lineup that includes Wild Orchid Children, The Pharmacy, Iji, and Seattle University’s Battle of the Bands 1st place group Kithkin! Last year, I had the chance to attend and review the show, and while I will not be able to attend this year, I wanted this opportunity to share just how important it is for me to support something like this in our community.

BirthDIYfest celebrates everyone in the Pacific Northwest that is just “doing it themselves.” They are your local artists, musicians, independent record labels, and non-profit organizations. They are going after their passions without any help from anyone else and that is something that we should be commending. Last year, I watched incredible performances by Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and Kids and Animals. Unfortunately, Kids and Animals will not be joining the lineup this year (even though it’s advertised) because they have decided to break up.

Regardless the show will go on, and Kithkin will blow everyone away, I’m sure.

Tickets are $10. For more information, click here.

03 Feb 2011

Out on the Town: 2/3

So Seattle U’s favorite up and coming band Chinook Jargon has a show tonight at my favorite all-ages venue The Vera Project! Tickets are $11 and if you need more details, just click here.

If you can’t make the show tonight, you can also catch them again when they compete in EMP’s Sound Off! competition later on this month.

28 Nov 2010

Out on the Town: 11/30

Lucy Schwartz will be performing with “guests” on Tuesday, November 30th at The Vera Project located near the Seattle Center. Tickets will be $9 and doors are at 7:30 PM.

Her album is incredible and so beautifully done – I’m always amazed when I listen to a musician who is my age.


04 Nov 2010

Refresh Everything

Now that I have planned out your entire weekend for you, I want to bring up something that is actually pretty important to me. Earlier this summer, SuChin Pak visited the Vera Project in Seattle to film a segment for the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project which gives funding to those with great ideas.

SuChin was here to learn more about the all-ages movement project and visited one of Seattle’s most popular all-ages venue The Vera Project. That day for filming, they hosted a show with one of my favorite local Seattle bands Minus the Bear. For more information on the event, check out my previous post.

The All-Ages Movement is a growing network of about 200 organizations all over the country that connect young people to the music they enjoy. Believe it or not, some shows are still 21+ even in Seattle – which is still shocking to me. Why put an age limit on shows? Why are some shows and some music just for adults? I went to my first concert when I was seven years old and have been attending for 13 years now. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were prevented from going to concerts. It was after attending so many shows that I realized how much I was willing to dedicate my time, efforts, and passion to this type of community here in Seattle. Music should be shared and experienced for everyone and it is hard for young adults to have this kind of barrier put in front of them. I’m almost 21, which means that this will no longer apply to me, but it is something that I care very much about because there will always be those younger than me who will be shut out because of this rule.

The funding through the Pepsi Refresh Project has allowed the All-Ages Movement Project to publish their book called In Every Town. For everyone that has ever wanted to break out into the music industry, this is the book for you. Inside you will learn how to put on a show, how to put on a festival, and how to put out a record all by yourself! The book covers all of the bases. The most wonderful thing about the All-Ages Movement Project is that we are a community of supporters. There are plenty of people out there who will always tell you that your ideas are unrealistic or that something is too big to accomplish. You can do it. It is possible. Do it more than once to rub it in their faces!

Congratulations AMP!

27 Oct 2010

The Vera Project Seeks Booking/Promotions Intern

I wanted to take some time to let you guys know about a very special opportunity at The Vera Project coming up. The all-ages venue is looking for someone to fill their Booking/Promotions Intern slot from November-March. As a booking and promotions intern, you will get to see how a local show is organized from start to finish starting at the booking process of the bands and ending with overseeing the show the night of the performance.

I’m not exactly sure what the demographics of my readers are, but if you are interested – living in Seattle, are between the ages of 16 and 24 and have an interest in the music industry, you should definitely apply!

It is a great opportunity and an incredible experience.

To find out more, click here.

17 Jul 2010

Out on the Town: 7/17

Brite Futures formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head will be performing at Neumos tonight for the “Drink for the Kids” finale show benefiting the Vera Project. The band will perform alongside Sap’n and Motopony.

Only $14 and all ages. You should go! It’s for a good cause. If you don’t, you’re a jerk. So eat all your food at the Bite and then go dance your ass off at Neumos.

Doors are at 8:00

20 Jun 2010

All-Ages Movement Project

The All-Ages Movement Project won the $50,000 prize in the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign earlier this year. As a result, The Vera Project in Seattle hosted a show today from 1-3:30 PM featuring Zephyrs, Naomi Punk, and one of my favorite Seattle bands of all time Minus the Bear. MTV productions were also be present along with Suchin Pak to record footage for a special MTV presentation that will air at a later date.

The All-Ages Movement Project exists in local venues that showcase hip-hop, indie, and punk music. These venues are open to all young individuals of all ages who enjoy seeing live music and performing music. They offer opportunities to learn new skills through internships with the venues, showcasing their art in shows, and recording music through their own recording studio. I have been involved with the all-ages movement since I was 15 years and old and I cannot even begin to express how much it has done for me and the impact that these venues have had on the local Seattle music scene. These venues include the Kirkland Teen Center, The Old Redmond Firehouse, Ground Zero Teen Center in Bellevue, and The Vera Project.

What Seattle bands have had their start through all-ages teen centers?

  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Common Market
  • Brite Futures (formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head)
  • Danger Radio
  • The Scene Aesthetic
  • Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
  • Minus the Bear

At the end of the show, I had a few minutes to catch up w/ MTV correspondent Suchin Pak who filled me in on the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Basically the project has $1,300,000 that they give away to people with great ideas and the All-Ages Movement Project won their $50,000  grant back in February so they’ve been traveling for three weeks visiting their recipients and documenting footage to be shown on channels like MTV, VH1, Comedy Central etc. Seattle was their last stop!

To learn more about the project click here

To learn more about the all-ages movement click here


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