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08 Jul 2013

Cover of the Day


Bastille – Locked Out of Heaven Mashup [Bruno Mars cover]

17 Dec 2012

Song of the Day

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The XX – Last Christmas (Cover)

24 Sep 2010

Out on the Town: 9/25

The XX – Warpaint – Zola Jesus

The Paramount Theater

8:00 PM

Tickets are still on sale for $26.50 here

26 Jul 2010

Capitol Hill Block Party 2010: Recap

I don’t believe that there will any other weekend this summer that will be able to top this one. I did not have a 3-day pass to the block party, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t on the hill all three days. I also decided that since I wasn’t doing any interviews or committing to any projects for this year’s block party I was going to have fun with my best friend. Unfortunately, that means no street style photos 🙁 There are photos everywhere though! They can be found in this Flickr group that was made to collect the pool of photos from this weekend.

Friday: DAY1

Yeasayer: First off, Mayor Mike McGinn mispronounced their name while introducing the band. Bad start. Yeasayer was actually one of the bands that I was really looking forward to seeing ever since my friend Max got me into them. I don’t know where this performance went wrong, but it did horribly. The sound was way off. We weren’t too far away, but it always seemed too muffled. Their inability to impress us made us go elsewhere.

Holy Fuck: Holy Fuck was one of the many bands that blew everyone away at Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend. The reviews were so good that they named them as the band that stole away the entire show – even from MGMT. Last year, I had the opportunity to see Holy Fuck perform at San Diego’s Street Scene and they immediately became my new favorite group. They have a way of doing things so effortlessly. There’s a lot that goes into their sound, but they manage to pull it off w/ ease considering how complex all of it is. If you ever have the chance to see Holy Fuck live, please do it. It might just change your life. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews!

MGMT: When word got out that MGMT was going to be performing at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, young college students and jr. high preteens all over Seattle were about to shell out their money for a chance to hear “Electric Feel,” “Kids,” and “Time to Pretend.” They were the only songs that they knew. You could tell that the majority of the crowd weren’t even fans because they were unfamiliar with their new CD “Congratulations.” I wasn’t even close to MGMT during their set, but there were people around me that were still asking who the band was halfway through the set!

At the end of the night, Holy Fuck won over my heart once again. Sorry MGMT, I wasn’t feelin’ it.

Sunday: DAY 3

Blue Scholars: They’re local favorites and they have performed at nearly every single venue in the area including my own high school. Mayor Mike McGinn took the stage once again to claim that they were his favorite rap group. Meanwhile everyone’s thinking “you can get off the stage now…” haha For my first time seeing them, I would say that they are so-so. They know how to get a crowd going and they realized that they weren’t at any music festival. They were at the Capitol Hill Block Party so they needed to make it more hipster friendly, which they did by pairing their raps with The XX’s “Intro” [I loved] and Modest Mouse’s “Float On.” After awhile though, I had had enough about hearing the 206 and 808 area codes repeatedly.

The Dead Weather: What an experience it was to finally get to see The Dead Weather perform. There was a lot of hype swirling around them considering they were the band to close out the Capitol Hill Block Party. What I liked about them was that they were very different from all of the bands and artists that came out this weekend. They were fucking rock stars and they just didn’t give a shit about anything. For the most part, Capitol Hill Block Party had a very upbeat, poppy, energetic atmosphere surrounding it, but The Dead Weather wasn’t afraid to get dark. Alison Mosshart, hair in her face and owning that stage was terrifying. At the end of the night I didn’t really feel like I was at Block Party anymore, but maybe at a satisfying end to a beautiful funeral. The Dead Weather has made me write sentences that I didn’t even know could make any sense at all.

Now I would like to commend a special group of people at the Capitol Hill Block Party. They are the most dedicated fans you have ever seen. They sacrifice their hunger, thirst, and bladder. However, they leave the show feeling the most satisfied out of anyone though. A couple of bruises mean nothing when you get to be up against the fence for the entire day watching your favorite artists perform on the main stage. For that, you deserve some sort of an award or something.

Congratulations, I hope the stench and discomfort were worth it!

To view the rest click here

I’d like to finish off this lengthy post with some lessons learned from this year’s experience:

  • Never let your friend pee in a water bottle if he refuses to go to the bathrooms and loses his spot. He must hold it. The pee will get on you.
  • It beats the vom though.
  • Be polite. If you are moving through the crowd, say “Sorry” and “Excuse me.” like your parents taught you to. Do it with a smile and no one will even think twice about giving you a back hand to the face.
  • Avoid pushing through the crowd to the front with a chain of people behind you. If everyone had the opportunity to be closer, they would. Let’s not be selfish now.
  • Make friends with your neighbors! They’re awesome.
  • Dress appropriately. Don’t over-do it.
  • Don’t puke. No one likes the vom.
27 Nov 2009

Out on the Town: 11/27

TONIGHT two of my new favorite bands will be performing in Seattle.

London’s The XX & Friendly Fires and…Holly Miranda

Neumos, 925 E Pike St, 709-9467. 8 pm, $12, 21+

26 Nov 2009

Meet: Eleanor Seabird

I first came across Eleanor’s music about a month ago after hearing about her on the Urban Outfitters blog. After listening to her song, “Belgium,” I was hooked and haven’t stopped listening to it! I was amazed when she found my blog so I asked her if she would be interested in doing an interview. Let me just say that Eleanor is one talented lady. She was also super excited to do this interview 🙂

Q: Eleanor, how old are you and where are you from? Plus, I have to know. Is Eleanor Seabird your real name?!

Eleanor: I’m 22 years old, and I’m originally from America! I still like to call London my hometown as it is the first place I finally feel able to call my home.  No, Eleanor Seabird is not my real name, it actually came from my old landlord/friend who was in the music business briefly and we were driving along and I was trying to come up with a stage name and I wanted to be Eleanor SEBERG after Jean Seberg my favourite actress and Sandy thought I said SEABIRD and was like, “Genius! Eleanor Seabird is great!” And I never corrected him. It might not be the name on my birth certificate, but Eleanor Seabird is a real person it’s who I am and who I’ve always been.

Q: When did you first begin singing and was it just for fun or could you see this as a possible career?

E: I began singing when I was four. I started off with Elton John cassette tapes and a little walkman and then did talent shows with my kid sister (we’d sing gruesome versions of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen songs) then when I was about 17, my aunt took me to this music group and I would sing Wham! Songs at the mall to people. I didn’t take it seriously till I moved to London and felt like I had nothing to lose, so now I’m embarking on a proper career.

Q: Who are you usually compared to? And do you think that this person and you are alike?

E: Looks wise, people say I have this Karen O thing going on, and music wise it’s a combination of Karen O and Lily Allen, both of whom I love so I take it as a compliment.

Q: What is your favorite song to cover?

E: ANYTHING by Hall and Oates. I end my sets with a killer acoustic version of MANEATER and we want to do a Hall and Oates show of just their songs. They are so much fun to sing!

Q: Who were your influences growing up?

E: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! He was and is one of my heroes. I really loved Elton John, AC/DC, Genesis, the Police, a lot of classic rock growing up as I think I was in a state of rebellion coming from a conservative home so anything loud that made me feel like I was going to get the heck out of dodge had an impact on me. As I got to my late teens’ early 20s when I moved to London I became seduced by French pop of the 1960s and fell madly in love with Jacques Brel. He is, to me, such an amazing vocalist and performer. I really hope as an artist to be as captivating as he was/is.

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

E: Jacques Brel, Dizzie Rascal, or Bruce Springsteen.

Q: What influenced your relocation to London from America?

E: Because I left the states to pursue a better life for myself I don’t have too many good memories but I will say the ones that mean the most are the ones with me and my radio. I always found solstice in listening to music. I think now as an adult and coming back to the states on different terms I’m looking forward to meeting people who love music, who are passionate about life, and to be able to see the parts of the country I haven’t seen, such as Seattle. I think growing up in a small town you’re just not inclined to travel so I’d only go to places where I had relatives, we never really could afford to travel much so even though I’m from America I’ve met Europeans who have seen more of it than I have.


Q: Describe to me the London music scene.

E: The London music scene is vast. Music is on every night of the week, and there is sooo much of it. That’s what’s great about London, it’s really chaotic and multi-cultural and the music capital of the world and any and everything goes here. I will say it’s cool to be a artist here as it does feel like a community and you go out to support your peers and they come out to support you and there are some big faces around so it’s cool to bump into some bands you really like and get the chance to strike up a conversation.

Q: What is a typical day for Eleanor Seabird?

E: This question makes me laugh as I know people expect a musician to have this lifestyle, but I’m quite boring to be honest. I eat breakfast at the same café every morning, I’m usually writing and recording throughout the day and at meetings with different people I want to collaborate with, and in the nights I’m either rehearsing or checking my Myspace and then off to bed. I had someone ask me where all the great nightclubs are in London and I couldn’t name ANY! I prefer films, art galleries, photography exhibits in my spare time. And of course going to gigs to see friends play or  a really great band I like.  It’s pretty standard.

Q: What has been most challenging for you as a musician?

E: I think taking the criticism. I have people tell me I’m crap or that my music is shit to my face and because I put a lot of myself and my life into my work, it’s hard not to take it personally. I have those moments where I’m ready to quit sometimes…….. it’s not a life for the faint of heart especially when trying to make a living doing it.

Q: At the end of the day, what makes it all worth it for you?

E: This! When people want to interview me or chat with me because they really enjoy what I do and want to learn more about who I am. It’s cool to know that there are people out there willing to give me a chance and come on this journey with me because I’m still unknown, but hopefully I’ll drum up support along the way. I really love to play and put on a good show for people and I’m glad that more people believe in me and my work than don’t so the fans and friends who believe in me make it worthwhile and it makes me want to really succeed!

Q: What are you listening to these days and who would you suggest my readers start listening to, besides you of course!

E: Oh there are a few suggestions: I really like this band called the Dark Room Notes based out of  Dublin, Ellie Goulding is great, The Temper Trap, The XX The Big Pink are great and put on a wicked show,  Pelle Carlberg is an indie guy from Sweden who’s great,  Dizzie Rascal is a rapper from London who I quite think is fun, and Mayer Hawthorne is cool! He’s like Amy Winehouse, but a bloke!

Q: Where can we expect to see you next Eleanor?

E: I’m starting up a show on my YouTube channel ELEAVISION called ELEANOR GOES where I go on little adventures. It’s not a reality show, though if I did a reality show I’d call it THE BILLS because that’s wherein my drama unfolds.  Me a telephone and the lady on the other line. LOL  It’s just a little documentary style show where I go off and do stuff. My first one is ICE SKATING and then I’m going to Norway to find this red phone booth I have an obsession with. Apparently phone booths are on the historical society’s list to preserve in Norway or so my Norwegian mates tell me. So going to go on a safari and try to capture them in their habitat before they disappear.  Good times……….

Check out Eleanor’s music here

24 Oct 2009

Song of the Day

The XX – Basic Space



  • OK these first two days at home have been lovely, but where should I escape to out of the city for a day?
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • I’m appreciating Kevin’s rooftop more than he is
  • Last night’s ramen gifted us with the thickest slice of pork ever and a side of butter corn 🤤
  • Weekend hangs at the shopping plazas
  • Had a craving for the sush last night 🍣
  • Dessert, always
  • Spread of my dreams ✨
  • Never have I ever done anything like this for the 4th of July

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