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To Be a “Leftover” Woman in China

“People think that in Chinese society, an unmarried woman is incomplete.”

When you know the story of how your parents met when they were teenagers and how they were married in their early 20’s along with the rest of your aunts and uncles, this naturally already puts some social pressure on you. For years, I wondered if that would be me (I knew through college that it wouldn’t!) Then with every year, that curiosity starts to make you a little bit nervous. Luckily for me, in 2016 – people are meeting their partners later on in life and that’s okay! I’ve never been someone who aspired to be just someone’s wife – and I’m not saying that people who marry young are, but I wanted to spend my 20’s working really hard and focusing on my career. This meant a lot to me. However, that thought of settling down is in the back of my mind and I think others have similar feelings as well. This, I think, is normal.

Until I watched this video, I never knew about the kind of pressures that Chinese women faced when they were later on in their 20’s and unmarried. I can’t believe that there is an actual term for it; shengnu – “leftover woman.” To hear how these women’s parents were speaking out about their daughters being unmarried and what it does to them was heartbreaking. There was so much guilt that went along with it, but the video ends on a positive note and sends a very strong message that all of us can stand behind – that you shouldn’t settle, that it’s okay to be strong, independent, and have a career.

This was my favorite thing that I watched all week and really resonated with me. I hope you’ll all take the 4 minutes to watch it. :)


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Life Loops

Sometimes these things don’t need an explanation. I loved this and just like Herman, I agree, this could’ve been way longer and I would’ve been hooked all the same. This animation of life loops was made by Geoffroy de Crécy.


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The Teenage Godfather of Sneakers

Short and sweet – I really wanted to see more from this video because I found it to be so amusing that this 16-year old kid is known as the Sneaker Don. Seriously, what were you doing when you were 16? Just hanging out in the local Safeway parking lot probably. I own a few pairs of sneakers – a love that was probably passed down to me by Kevin, but I could never imagine myself owning THIS many pairs. At 16, he’s selling to DJ Khaled and Chris Brown with plans to open a physical store – the first one being in Miami. Kid is really going places.


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Blue Bottle’s Canned Cold Brew

I actually haven’t been drinking Blue Bottle for what feels like almost a year, but I’ve always loved how they are doing different things to brand themselves and set them apart. I used to love their little hole-in-the-wall stands in San Francisco and while I think their iced coffee in the carton is a little bit too strong for my taste, they are absolutely adorable. I haven’t seen these in the wild myself, yet, but I did see an Instagram of it today and they are pretty qt. Starting this month, they are now available at Whole Foods!


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The Cast of Silicon Valley Explains What Real Startups Do

My friend Kurt and I are the only two people from our small hometown in Washington from our graduating class working in Silicon Valley. What that means is that a lot of people like to ask me what it’s like to work in it and they often go straight to the HBO show “Silicon Valley.”  – “It’s like that, right? It’s totally like that, I bet.” Umm… no. But I’ll let you think that if you want! I kind of enjoyed this video by Wired of the cast of Silicon Valley guessing what startups do based on their name and it’s pretty ridiculous and NSFW (language wise) so if you’re watching this at work, I hope you have headphones!

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Nike SB Dunk High – “Chicken and Waffles”

This was the first thing I woke up to this morning and this is genius. I’m loving the waffle looking texture and the hue of the shoe itself. The advertisement is also pretty cheeky as well. This makes me miss home a little bit because one of my favorite spots in Seattle – Skillet Diner serves up a mean chicken and waffles. I sometimes remember just going to that place to get a different meal and then asking for one piece of chicken to go afterwards. I hope someone I know buys these kicks.


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Cocktails in Different Glasses

I have really special feelings for a day called Sunday. It’s sounds weird to say that, but growing up – Sunday has always been reserved for both rest and relaxation. It’s also “homework” day – and a day when I am the most productive out of the weekend especially if I slack off Friday-Saturday. Now that I’m not in school anymore, it’s not that I don’t feel like I’m learning anymore, but in a way… kind of? I’m learning concepts and strategies in a very specific industry – something that I’m growing a career in. Sometimes though, you just want to learn about non-sensical things, things you’ve always been curious about or something you can start a conversation with over brunch. That’s what we’ve been trying to do on Yow Yow! lately, which is why you’ll see Blog Roundups happen on Sundays. Today, we’re sharing a pretty educational and interesting video about how bartenders choose glasses for cocktails – something that I’ve always been particularly curious about. Enjoy!

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Almost Birthday Thyme!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.09.38 PM

Spencer and I are celebrating our 26th birthday this week (Thurs/Saturday) and together, we are having our 3rd party in a row together! It’s really something that I’m quite proud of and is such a funny reminder of how our friendship first started and how long I’ve been living in California now. For our Facebook event photo, we actually took a couple pictures together that we had planned on using and made some GIFs with Boomerang, but when we made the event, I started thinking about how funny it would be to use photos from our childhood!

Spoiler alert – this is definitely not us. That girl – while incredibly adorable – is probably very Chinese and Spencer who is Chinese… did not look Japanese as a kid. It doesn’t matter because our friends can’t tell the difference and didn’t want to accuse us of using fake photos. Well, now you know!

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The Sharing Community + Tech

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a couple weeks now and especially after watching that video of how Japan trains its kids to be independent. As we all know, the sharing community is kind of what our present looks like. It’s something that has fascinated me for awhile because we are getting into cars with complete strangers when we Lyft or Uber and we are staying in the homes of strangers through Airbnb. Similarly, we’re opening up our homes to strangers to stay with us for a price. Everything is for a price and sure, we all know that there are crazy stories that we’ve heard about of these things going absolutely wrong, but yet we still do it because of convenience.

It’s funny to me because being in tech, I talk to my parents about this quite often and we talk about new start-ups that come up and how they’re supposedly making our lives easier because they are less expensive than hotels, and we don’t have to deal with parking in a busy city when we ride share. However, I’m reminded that a long time ago when I was a kid, these were all things that my parents told me I shouldn’t do.

(Mom and Dad – don’t get mad at me for this story)

A couple weekends ago, I was spending time with Dom at Dolores Park and had parked up a huge ass hill. I remembered as I was climbing up this hill in my black suede booties that it was so much easier coming down. I was sweating and out of breath already and I’d really only walked 1/3 of the way. It was a sunny Saturday so parking was scarce – a car drove up next to me on the sidewalk and asked me if I was parked nearby. I said, “Yes, but at the very top of the hill.”

The three guys in the car looked to be my age and they asked me if I wanted a ride up to my car and immediately I shouted back, “I can’t get in the car with you! You’re a stranger!” (yeah, like I was 8 years old or something) I paused for a second. “I’m an Uber driver!”  – the car said to me. I shot back, “Anyone can say that!” But ultimately, I had to think about my situation – and yes, I know this was a risky one and my mom’s going to be so mad at me for this – but I got in the car because if I didn’t, that car was going to  drive right next to me at the pace of a glacier as I struggled up this hill for the next 15 minutes. I didn’t want to go through that embarrassment, they didn’t want to go through that and the long wait of cars behind us definitely didn’t want to sit through that so it was fight or flight and obviously I’m here so the situation was fine. So yes, when I yelled to this car and was being stubborn, I was really being a hypocrite because every weekend, I get into a car with a stranger. All of us do.

It makes me wonder – what am I going to teach my own kids when I’m a parent? Are my kids going to be Ubering at age 10 when I can’t get them to somewhere? Is this going to be normal? How do we teach our kids that strangers are people we have to avoid and ignore, but strangers that we pay to get us from Point A to Point B are okay?

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Tim Hwang’s Ultimate Trick to Gaining Access to Restricted Areas

I really loved that Herman shared this on his blog earlier tonight because it was one of the more entertaining things that I’ve watched all week. Tim basically just wanted to get tours and gain access into areas that are not available to the public. So what did he do? He created a fake organization and made it look totally legit to the point that it’s now a thing that occurs in multiple cities! I kind of love this mostly because I like uncovering new areas, but I don’t love infrastructure all that much so that’s the only reason why I’m not signing up.


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In Adult Mishaps This Week

A really embarrassing incident happened to me on Friday. So you know how earlier this year, I mentioned that I’ve become a new fan of rings? Well, that fandom got me into a little bit of trouble. While getting ready Friday morning, I put on my rings a little bit too quickly and on the wrong hands. The reason why they need to be on specific hands is because my right-handed fingers are a little bit fatter than my left-handed fingers. As I got to work, I started to become really irritated by it and I couldn’t let it go. In between working I would ice my right hand to get the swelling to go down, but that was pretty inconvenient because that’s my “mouse” hand. When that didn’t work, I used lotion, olive oil, and soapy water. The two rings on my right hand weren’t budging. After a call in the middle afternoon, I got up and started feeling a little woozy and panic started to set in that the rings were really cutting my circulation and they needed to come off NOW. After obtaining a piece of string, my coworker used the trick exemplified in the video below, but I would say that the intensity level of what was actually being done to me was 10x what was show in the video. My rings felt like they were sucked to my finger and the string had to be wrapped around my finger in two turns continually cutting off my circulation even more and essentially turning my finger purple. I couldn’t even watch it as it was happening, but one co-worker thought it would make a good Snapchat story.

Thank goodness for helpful co-workers, but what would I had done if I were on my own?!

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Knitted Electronics

I have a certain knack for being attracted to really cute things that I find on the internet and this one stopped me dead in my tracks. Artist Jessica Dance is bringing to us some serious nostalgia with these knitted electronics and other things from our past and we just couldn’t not share them with you all. Can we just have one of these pieces to display them in our homes?! These pieces were photographed by food photographer David Sykes.

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