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The End of Thought Catalog Roundup

When it comes to making big decisions on Yow Yow! I’d like to say that it is something that I give a lot of thought to, but that’s never how it really works. This morning I woke up and decided that I just didn’t want to do “Thought Catalog Roundup” posts anymore every Sunday or at all for that matter. Over the last couple of years, Thought Catalog has been a favorite of mine. I loved reading stories from other writers on their experiences. It was relatable and as a result, I developed “Thought Catalog Roundup” to gather posts that I thought my readers would be interested in viewing. It was essentially the bible for every 20-something. However, in the last year I discovered that Thought Catalog and I were no longer in sync. As a 20-something I faced my own personal struggles – struggles that were being glamorized by Thought Catalog writers and naturally, that frustrated me.

In addition to this, I didn’t feel like Thought Catalog Roundup was being well-received on Yow Yow! (or at least no one had expressed that) and my Sundays were consumed by going back and reading all of the posts from the week to make this post. It ended up being just too much work for me. Thought Catalog is a great platform  especially for 20-somethings and I may continue to read it and would encourage you to do so too, but for now, you don’t need me to tell you what’s good content and what’s not on that website. I’ll let you decide that for yourself!

We started Thought Catalog Roundup on February 20, 2012 and have had 73 of these posts.

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Thought Catalog Roundup

Because I’ve never said this before, the posts featured in Thought Catalog Roundup are not necessarily posts that I always agree with. They aren’t a reflection of my views, but sometimes they are pieces of writing that catch my interest or have sparked some controversy on the website itself that I thought would be important to share.

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