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29 Jan 2014

TLC’s “No Scrubs” De-Constructed

I don’t know who Elijah Aaron is, but his live-loop cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs” is amazing. I love that he completely took apart this song and started with a bunch of sounds that was nowhere near to “No Scrubs,” but that it worked out in the end. Amazing.

25 Aug 2012

10 Thoughts

  1. Guess what kind of face I made when I saw THIS for the first time?
  2. Today, I discovered my dream wedding dress is not within the range of my future wedding dress budget.
  3. Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. They exist. They’re mini! Only at Cafe de Russ, right?
  4. TLC spoils me with the wedding series… Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, and now I Found the Gown.
  5. Bellinis will be served at MY wedding.
  6. Throughout the summer, I have eaten at the Nordstrom Cafe for dinner nearly 5-6 times. Every time I have gone, there has always been the same elderly couple and today (after inquiring) my waiter told me that they come in almost every Friday. They are just as cute as I believed them to be and he orders breakfast for dinner and she orders the pasta. It was the sweetest thing.
  7. Courtney and I pulled over to watch some donkeys on the side of the road today on the way home.
  8. Lance Armstrong – bummer bro.
  9. There’s no point in saving money for the sake of just saving it. You should be saving with an intent to use it towards something that you really want whether it’s for yourself or for someone else. Sup v-ron.
  10. Chocolate Croissants will always be my most favorite pastry in the world.
18 Aug 2012

In the News…


Joseph Gordon Levitt for Playboy Magazine [Source]

Condé Nast lets you play model in their new video game, Fashion Hazard, available on both iPhone and the iPad. [Source]

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas  puts her hair in the hands of celeb stylist Ted Gibson. [Source]



Spin Magazine has cancelled their Nov/Dec issue. [Source]

Record label, Fueled By Ramen, is raising money to support The Academy Is… band member Andrew Bishop Mrotek AKA The Butcher. Andrew was violently mugged at the end of July and has been in and out of the ER undergoing several surgeries. He is also without health care and FBR has said that any support that fans can provide will significantly help towards his bills. [Source]

Remember that brawl between Chris Brown and Drake not too long ago? The nightclub is allegedly suing them for $16 million. [Source]

Lady Gaga x Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the way! [Source]

The Jonas Brothers will come together again for a one-time concert. [Source] I want this. 


TLC taps into a new reality “looking for love” show called “Secret Princes.” [Source]

ABC’s Revenge has decided to make a re-cast decision for Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. [Source]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham released a new music video. Apparently, auto tune is her best friend.  [SourceToo awful to actually post the video on my blog

ABC Family has cancelled “Jane By Design.” [Source]

NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ has laid off 20 employees. [Source]


The city of Bremerton will re-name a street for Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian. [Source]

Amazon Local will begin delivering Capitol Hill’s Eltana bagels. [Source]


Lauren Conrad made a huge mistake by releasing a new DIY video on her YouTube account today that showed her slicing up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and turning it into a storage project.  Fans of the series were not very happy and her video has since been deleted. [Source]

Top Chef Cruise 2013 [Source]

Could a men’s birth control be in the works? [Source]

27 Nov 2011

TLC Just Got Reals Funny

Shut up. I can’t believe this is going to be a real show.

This is the last post for the night because I want everyone to see this before they go to bed or start their day by watching this.

31 Jul 2011

New Low

Did I really just shed a tear during “Nick and Vanessa’s Dream Wedding” special on TLC?



26 Aug 2010

In quick morning news…

[that I forgot to post the morning of August 25th sorry!]

Timbaland’s family believed that he may have been so distraught over the theft of a $2 million watch that he could have committed suicide. [Source] Watches should not be that expensive.

and relax everyone he’s not suicidal, just disappointed. Shit happens.

Just one week after the untimely death of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi Montag sat down exclusively with Life & Style to tell-all about her plastic surgery regrets, revealing that she wants her outrageous G implants removed.

“I’m desperate to go back to normal,” she confides to Life & Style. “I’m downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D.” LOL [Source]

Nordegren told People magazine she and Woods tried for months to reconcile the relationship. In the end, a marriage “without trust and love” wasn’t good for anyone, she said. Team Elin


A sneak peak of this year’s Fashion’s Night Out 2010 cupcakes made by Magnolia Cupcakes in NYC. The devil’s food cake comes in red or black – the official colors – and is finished w/ a meringue icing. [Source]

Michael Cera in all of his roles.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 are no more, but it’s okay; TLC found replacements. Victor and Digna Carpio, proud parents of 22-month-old sextuplets, will also be starring in the new TLC show “Sextuplets Take New York.” [Source] Oh TLC… you and your shows.

Miley Cyrus is single again?! [Source]

Mr. Blue Power Ranger joined the “Pray the Gay Away” program and was harassed by old co-workers while doing so. 🙁 [Source]

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting a baby boy. Their son Jett passed away at age 16 last year.

Kimora Lee Simmons threw a Chanel-inspired theme party for her daughter Aoki and it looked awesome.The daughters celebrated Aoki’s birthday with other little girls from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s great to hear that they are giving back to the community and allowing these girls to have the star treatment with them.


Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell have just been added to the Scream 4 cast. They will be joining Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, Davie Arquette, Hayden Panetierre, Rory Culkin,  Emma Roberts, Adam Brody, and Marley Shelton.What a cast…

Have YOU seen prancing Cera?


In Seattle news…

Z Pizza is officially open at the Broadway Building right next to Genki Sushi and Panera Bread, which will open soon. [Source]

06 Aug 2010

A Collection Part 18

It’s time to transition out of August and into the fall that is September. Back to school – back to reality – back to dreams. I am so much happier w/ this collection post than the last one. These photographs are not as sarcastic as the last, but instead beautiful, inspiring, and more genuine.

Read more “A Collection Part 18”

19 Jun 2010

In the News…

Spencer Pratt has no career – pursues his own paparazzi business.

Pratt Tweeted late Thursday. “Send me all your celeb photos you take with your camera phones and i will post them on my new blog and give you credit and $.”

Lauren Conrad’s fans voted for her Got Milk Ad and chose this one:

Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green. Again.

TLC plans to air a one-hour special on Michael Jackson’s kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket on June 25th – the anniversary of Jackson’s death.

Columbia Pictures has provided us with this sneak peak of the new movie “The Social Network” due out October 1st about how Facebook was formed. This movie stars Justin Timberlake. [what?]

Arcade Fire has announced the tracklisting of their new CD The Subsurbs here

– When the actors of Glee signed their contract, they apparently signed on for up to three movies based on the hit television show.

– Designer Stella McCartney is rumored to be pregnant w/ her fourth child.

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian are writing an autobiography entitled Kardashian Konfidential [They’ve taken the alliteration too far on everything.]

David Spade is dating Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef. [Meanwhile, the rest of the world is wondering how he snagged that.]

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are taking a break from their engagement.

– In honor of her magazine’s 10th anniversary, Oprah gave everyone on her O Magazine staff a $10,000 check AND an iPad. Everyone.

– The Campbell soup company has been ordered to recall nearly 15,000,000 pounds of SpaghtettiO’s w/ meatballs due to possible underprocessing. [gross.]


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