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Yow Yow! Visits DRY Soda


all photos by Elliot Suhr

This post was written by Veronica Lim

Last month we were fortunate to sit down with DRY Soda’s Digital Marketing Manager, Garth Purkett, in the DRY Soda office found downtown in Pioneer Square. Not only did we want to learn about Garth’s day-to-day job at Dry Soda but also how the company came to be as well as where it’s going.

Founded in 2005 by Sharelle Klaus, DRY Soda has been working out of Pioneer Square since 2007. In a cozy, yet modern office, visitors are immediately greeted with a tasting bar the moment they walk through the doors. The rest of the office is lined with cases of soda along bright orange walls, reflecting a playful and creative space.


Initially intended for white cloth table dining, DRY Soda has transformed into a food-focused demographic that still ultimately aims for being a better soda. As we sat down with Garth, we learned about his daily tasks – which include running contests, day-to-day graphic design, and running DRY Soda’s social media. Rather than typical posts and hype, Garth tries to, “create fun content that actually matters to people.”

This mentality is what led DRY Soda to current Creative Director, Richard Blais, Top Chef All-Star. Richard first discovered DRY Soda at Ace Hotel in New York. While tweeting about National Left Handers day, Garth caught Richard’s attention and eventually looped Sharelle into the conversation.


Gearing towards a food-focused demographic, Richard plays a large role in introducing new flavors. Only seven flavors were available in bottles up until July 1st when cans and new flavors were launched. The new form factor being cans provide more opportunity for followers to buy the soda where glass bottles may not make most sense. Right now, apple and ginger are the newest addition to the DRY Soda family.


Making innovation a priority, Garth eagerly shared with us an app available for smart phone users. The app features wine pairings, cocktail recipes, food pairings, as well as a store locator making DRY Soda even more accessible.

When asked what separates DRY Soda from neighbor Jones Soda, Garth notes that the company is about:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Keeping the flavors interesting – flavor forward
  • Keeping it culinary focused

Because, “Every sip leaves you ready for the next one.”


Garth and the rest of the team don’t show any signs of slowing down. For now, the DRY Soda team is focused on cans and developing new flavors. To find out more about DRY Soda, check them out here or reach out to them via Twitter at @DRYSoda.


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Seattle Contestant on Next Season’s Top Chef

We may not have had a local contestant on the Seattle season of Top Chef, but that doesn’t mean we’re not making a comeback on the new one!

The network announced this morning that local chef Carrie Mashaney will compete on the reality show  next season (which took place in New Orleans) for the title of “Top Chef.” Our local chef has been at Spinasse and is gearing up to run the kitchen over at the new Aragona, a new restaurant by Jason Stratton that will open up on First and Union this coming September.

The next season of Top Chef will premiere October 2nd and we can’t wait! We’ll be rooting for you Carrie!


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Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” In Seattle

photo cred | Seattle Met

Did anyone catch last night’s season finale of Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” on the Travel Channel?! Seriously, there is more Seattle footage in this one hour than the entire season of Top Chef. It was a jam-packed episode (48 hours) of Anthony Bourdain sampling some of the best food that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and highlighting the aspects that make our city so wonderful like the culture, drinks, and of course the music scene that is so near and dear to my heart.

I was pretty much embarrassed that I hadn’t ever eaten at any of the restaurants he visited, but in my defense – I will not be able to afford Canlis until I am a real adult and have no more student debt I’m sure. Bourdain did an excellent job of touching on the different cultures and neighborhoods that Seattle has to offer though like Capitol Hill, Belltown, the University District and its best kept secrets instead of just hitting up The Pike Place Market like most people usually do. Also, it was pretty exciting to see a couple familiar faces in the episode – a family friend and someone that I had worked with on a non-profit project last year. They both dined at Rainier BBQ alongside Bourdain!

If you haven’t seen the episode, get on it. Seattle locals – you will be ever so proud.

Check out Seattle Met’s episode recap here.

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In Case You Missed Last Night’s Episode of Top Chef Seattle…

I mean, how could you? You’ll never catch me missing an episode this season. I’ve even put MTV’s The Challenge on the back burner for the rest of the season and pushed my viewing until Thursday evenings for them. However, if you are in a situation where you are not in dire need of watching right away like myself, but still want the most solid recap you’ve ever seen… rely on Seattle Met Magazine’s blog because this is spot ON.

Read the full recap of the second episode here.

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Seattle’s Best Restaurants 2012

It’s no secret at all that Seattle is one of the top food cities in the country. Hello – Top Chef’s newest season was filmed here and I can’t wait to see all of my favorite spots featured. Today, Seattle Met Magazine published their picks for the best restaurants in Seattle for the year of 2012.

Shoutouts to my favorites:

  • Homegrown
  • Skillet Diner
  • Dick’s Drive In
  • Artusi

Clearly, I’ve got a new list of restaurants that I need to hit up though. Goal for 2013? Check out the full list here and grab a tissue for the drooling that’s about to happen

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First Top Chef Seattle Preview

We are just 35 days away from the premiere on Nov. 7th and there is probably no one else besides me in my group of friends that is more excited. I really don’t have much to say on this except that you should check out the preview here courtesy of SeattleMet Magazine.

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Let’s Talk Top Chef!

They were here. It’s happening. The new season in Seattle will be airing November 7th on Bravo!! Unfortunately, none of this season’s contestants are from the actual city itself (that’s a first, kind of!) but who cares. The season was filmed here, which means I get to point out all of my favorite places to eat excitedly to people around me who just don’t care.

So let’s talk details. They are calling this the “back to basics” season. There’s a new judge on the panel and he goes by the name of Wolfgang Puck. You can check out all of the contestants here. There will also be a few cameos from some of Seattle’s best chefs. Tom Douglas – iz you in the house?! Check out my source of information here.

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Top Chef Seattle, Where’d You go?

It looks like the judges and the five finalists have taken off for Alaska, but luckily Eater gave us the scoop on where our judges ate at while they were here in Seattle. What do you think of the picks? There are definitely some great choices on there as well as some others that I would’ve changed.

Peep the list here.

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In the News…


Joseph Gordon Levitt for Playboy Magazine [Source]

Condé Nast lets you play model in their new video game, Fashion Hazard, available on both iPhone and the iPad. [Source]

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas  puts her hair in the hands of celeb stylist Ted Gibson. [Source]



Spin Magazine has cancelled their Nov/Dec issue. [Source]

Record label, Fueled By Ramen, is raising money to support The Academy Is… band member Andrew Bishop Mrotek AKA The Butcher. Andrew was violently mugged at the end of July and has been in and out of the ER undergoing several surgeries. He is also without health care and FBR has said that any support that fans can provide will significantly help towards his bills. [Source]

Remember that brawl between Chris Brown and Drake not too long ago? The nightclub is allegedly suing them for $16 million. [Source]

Lady Gaga x Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the way! [Source]

The Jonas Brothers will come together again for a one-time concert. [Source] I want this. 


TLC taps into a new reality “looking for love” show called “Secret Princes.” [Source]

ABC’s Revenge has decided to make a re-cast decision for Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. [Source]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham released a new music video. Apparently, auto tune is her best friend.  [SourceToo awful to actually post the video on my blog

ABC Family has cancelled “Jane By Design.” [Source]

NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ has laid off 20 employees. [Source]


The city of Bremerton will re-name a street for Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian. [Source]

Amazon Local will begin delivering Capitol Hill’s Eltana bagels. [Source]


Lauren Conrad made a huge mistake by releasing a new DIY video on her YouTube account today that showed her slicing up Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and turning it into a storage project.  Fans of the series were not very happy and her video has since been deleted. [Source]

Top Chef Cruise 2013 [Source]

Could a men’s birth control be in the works? [Source]

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3 Reasons To Love Homegrown

photo cred: Seattle Met Blog

1. They’ve got a watermelon caprese sandwich. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! It looks like THIS ^^^

2. They make my favorite sandwich – the Turkey Bacon Avocado

3. Tom Colicchio stopped by and ordered the Revised Reuben.

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A Rumor Soon-To-Be Confirmed

Top Chef filming its next season in the lovely city of Seattle!

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Top Chef Texas – Four Seattle Competitors

The newest season of Top Chef in Texas will return to Bravo on Nov. 22nd at 10PM and this season we will see four chefs from Seattle battle it out on the hit show!

Congratulations to (name, restaurant) :

  • Simon Pantet, 22
  • Colin Patterson, Sutra
  • Nina Vicente, Spur Gastropub
  • Ashley Villaluz, Sous Chef

To see the rest of the chefs that made the cut, click here.


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Top Chef Just Desserts

I recently acquired both internet and cable at my place and last night was a total television night.

The Lineup:

  • Victorious
  • iCarly
  • Hellcats
  • The Real World
  • Top Chef Just Desserts
  • Top Chef
  • World of Jenks

I was up until 1:30 watching all of this, but anyways this post is designated to the Top Chef spin off. Anyone catch it last night? I love desserts. Sometimes I think I enjoy it more than food because I love how creative you can get with it. It is no doubt also one of the hardest types of food to make because you can’t just “wing it” like you can when cooking other types of food. You need exact ingredients and exact measurements. I thought the show was fantastic though. It follows the same route as its big brother Top Chef in that everyone has a quickfire challenge before the elimination challenge. Whoever wins the quickfire receives immunity. The contestants are such characters! You can already tell that there’s going to be drama with quite a few of them.

My favorite is Zac Young because he puts “disco dust” i.e. edible glitter on his desserts!

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In the News…

Spencer Pratt has no career – pursues his own paparazzi business.

Pratt Tweeted late Thursday. “Send me all your celeb photos you take with your camera phones and i will post them on my new blog KINGSPENCER.com and give you credit and $.”

Lauren Conrad’s fans voted for her Got Milk Ad and chose this one:

Megan Fox is engaged to Brian Austin Green. Again.

TLC plans to air a one-hour special on Michael Jackson’s kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket on June 25th – the anniversary of Jackson’s death.

Columbia Pictures has provided us with this sneak peak of the new movie “The Social Network” due out October 1st about how Facebook was formed. This movie stars Justin Timberlake. [what?]

Arcade Fire has announced the tracklisting of their new CD The Subsurbs here

– When the actors of Glee signed their contract, they apparently signed on for up to three movies based on the hit television show.

– Designer Stella McCartney is rumored to be pregnant w/ her fourth child.

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian are writing an autobiography entitled Kardashian Konfidential [They’ve taken the alliteration too far on everything.]

David Spade is dating Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef. [Meanwhile, the rest of the world is wondering how he snagged that.]

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are taking a break from their engagement.

– In honor of her magazine’s 10th anniversary, Oprah gave everyone on her O Magazine staff a $10,000 check AND an iPad. Everyone.

– The Campbell soup company has been ordered to recall nearly 15,000,000 pounds of SpaghtettiO’s w/ meatballs due to possible underprocessing. [gross.]

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Top Chef Season 6

Congratulations to Ashley Merriman who will be representing the city of Seattle as a contestant on the sixth season of Top Chef!

Her bio under the cut:

Continue reading

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