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A Collection Part 49

We don’t always time these posts with the end of the year, but it feels good, doesn’t it? Even as I search for photos it’s nice to be able to put something together that wraps up the end of the year and my feelings towards a new year. The start of this post doesn’t look anything like the end of this post, which I think is pretty different for a change. You can definitely tell that I’m feeling some sort of way by the end of this. What is it exactly? That I’m holding on to millennial pink? That I’ve got a love inanimate objects? Those things, but maybe a couple of other things that aren’t so obvious.

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A Collection Part 44

I think I’ve always loved putting these posts together because these are the types of photos I’ve always wanted to take. They’re so simple and minimalistic, but yet they say so much and they say something different to everyone. I’ve asked Veronica a couple of times now why she enjoys these posts and now that I think about it – I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten a real answer. Veronica, can you let us know so I can include it in the next post? All I know is that in college she would hound me to get these done and out. And then after she had spent some time scanning over the photos (a few minutes) she’d ask for another one. (DJ Khaled) I think I would always just laugh and say, “Veronica, these take time.” And they do! This one post took about three months to put together.

I’ve done 44 of these now. That’s an incredible number to me. And it’s interesting to me that each one of these tells a different story though I’m not sure what that story is. I look through some of the older “A Collection” posts and sometimes I wonder why I chose a certain photo. I’ll look at it and scrunch up my face and be like, “Why? What did this mean to me?” But I guess what it just means is that it was all about timing. In that exact moment that I saw that photo as I was scanning over lots of photos, that one spoke out enough to me that I had to include it. Maybe I was feeling sassy, meek, contemplative, curious…I’m not able to put my finger on it for every photo and I like that I don’t have to.

Sometimes I write posts on Yow Yow! that are very personal and I look at the words and I question if that’s what I actually wanted to convey or if people will interpret it in a different way than I attended. With these posts, I don’t have to worry as much, but these are just as personal because I’m really saying how I feel, but in the most visual way.

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Dudes in Startup Shirts

So it’s not the best looking Tumblr, but how Silicon Valley of them anyways…

Can we include some females in this though too? We also wear startup shirts if you didn’t know.


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Old Loves

I stumbled across this Tumblr the other day called “Old Loves” and for some reason found myself perusing it for nearly 20 minutes. There’s something really endearing about vintage photographs of old celebrity relationships. I know I have my favorites – Vanessa and Zac, Rachel and Ryan, Rachel and Adam! This list could go on forever. Sure, these were the couples of my time, but some couples date back even further before I was even born.

Oh memories.

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Filter Fakers

There’s a quirky new Tumblr out right now that calls out Instagram users for using the #nofilter hashtag when they actually did use a filter.  The person monitoring this page must

a) know their ish about Instagram

b) have a lot of time on their hands

To be honest though when I see the #nofilter hashtag on my feed, I’m just like “who cares?” Before Instagram, people would just use digital cameras and no one would say #nophotoshop.

Check out the Tumblr here.

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Rap Posters

The minute I saw this poster, I thought to myself – want. Or actually maybe it was along the lines of “need to have.” Graphic designer Zaven Najjar has created a new series of rap posters featuring lyrics from classic rap songs alongside interesting graphics and typefaces. He is posting a new poster every day and this will become my new favorite Tumblr for the time being. I hope it never dies.

Check out the series so far here.


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Yahoo Acquires Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

The news was released this morning, but it has taken me until the end of the day to post about it. This morning it was announced that Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Can you imagine what you could do with that much? Apparently, buy out an entire social media platform. At Yow Yow! we like our Yahoo, but we like our Tumblr a little more only because Tumblr provides us with the inspiration to construct our “A Collection” posts. With this new acquisition, everyone is wondering how things will change. I read an article this morning that the number of WordPress users spiked last night as they migrated their Tumblrs over to my platform. I also heard Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer promise “not to screw it up.”

“The product roadmap, their team, their wit and irreverence will all remain the same as will their mission to empower creators to make their best work and get it in front of the audience they deserve.”

With Tumblr going corporate, I could see a lot of great things coming out of this, but as always you can’t make everyone happy and there are certainly those that are unhappy. For now. Readers, I know some of you are on Tumblr. How do you feel about the new change? Will you stick with the company and remain loyal or will you make a switch?


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A Collection Part 35

It used to take me over six months to go back to a blog that I haven’t visited in a while. With my new routine and schedule and the absence of homework, I am able to get through my blogs a lot quicker which frees up more time for me to be creative and to spend more time on posts that mean a lot to me instead of just posting and being done with it. Most of the photographs in this A Collection post came from one blog and go figure it’s called Thriving Twenties so of course we can relate hence why we love it.

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Pretty Little Liars Annotations

Happy Pretty Little Liars Tuesday y’all!

The Urban Outfitters blog introduced me to a fetching new Tumblr yesterday called Pretty Little Liars Annotations and if you’re an avid fan like myself, then you will find every little bit of this humorous. I just went through 7 pages without even blinking and couldn’t explain to Kevin why I was snickering. He wouldn’t find it funny.

Enjoy wasting your time here.


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Cabin Porn

With spring break just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getaways. I’ve never been much of a camper myself, with the tent and all, but I can appreciate nature and the outdoors. For those of you are are cabin-obsessed, please enjoy this Cabin Porn that I’ve found for you.

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Pictures Of Astronauts

Happy Monday readers!

Every now and then the friends on my news feed surprise me with some of the most interesting websites and posts that I wouldn’t normally find on my own.

Today, a dear acquaintance of mine posted something that blew my mind! Pictures of Astronauts. It’s like this Tumblr was made for me.


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Menswear Dog

I know…right?

Is this not the best thing to improve your Thursday and make it 10x better?!

Menswear Dog is who I want to be my next best friend. He’s a three-year-old Shiba Inu living in NYC and he’s got more style and swag than any other pet I’ve ever seen.

His Tumblr page is still pretty fresh, but his popularity is growing by the second. Boo, there’s a new dog in town now.

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A Collection Part 32

This post is being released today because Veronica reminded me that I was overdue. Something you need to know: she asks for these posts often, but I usually don’t give in because I need to have a specific amount of photos for me to warrant a post. This time, she was right on the money hence…

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Topanga Writes A Letter

I am ALL OVER this Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World attention!

The actress who played Topanga – Danielle Fishel decided to create a Tumblr to write one post about the comeback and it is the sweetest thing you will read today.

Click here for reads.

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Who Was The Online Voice Behind The Obama Campaign?

I’ve said it countless times throughout the campaign period, but President Obama’s social media team was on point this year. Every tweet and Tumblr post was not only appropriate and meaningful, but also relevant. If Mitt Romney would have turned one of his statements into a cat meme, it would have been a little out of place. (Just kidding, he took the Friday Night Lights tagline instead and got himself some h8trssss.)

An interview with Laura Olin – the woman who was behind the President’s Twitter handle was published today and it is the most interesting thing I’ve read all day. It’s kind of incredible because Laura Olin is a social media strategist and every move she makes is carefully planned out to a tee with her team… and to think that this job did not even exist just a few years ago is shocking.

Check out the interview here.

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