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14 May 2016

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 8.33.56 PM

Hat + Leggings – Aritzia / Vest – Uniqlo / Socks – SmartWool / Uggs

I love Mandi and Eric because they are such a fun and adventurous couple. It seems like every weekend they’re always having these outings together and they never really mind to have me third wheel. Of course, the feeling is mutual because they’re my favorite couple to third wheel anyways! Back in December after Thanksgiving weekend, the three of us drove to Little Hills Christmas Farm and picked out their 3rd Christmas Tree since living in the Bay Area. They encouraged me to get one for my little home too, but I was having fun just enjoying the ride over with them! Also, it’s a great excuse to dress up like we’re back in the Pacific Northwest again. Throughout the year, it’s very rare for anyone to see me out dressed like this unless it’s for an occasion (like this one!) because as you know we get a little bit fancier for work. I know Uggs are like totally OUT, but whatever, they’re still super comfy, ok? This Christmas tree farm outfit seems much more reasonable than the one I wore two years ago, wouldn’t you agree?

14 Oct 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

05 Oct 2011

Nothing Says Christmas Like…

An Ugg stocking!

Even though this is completely wrong and not at all related to the Christmas spirit, is it wrong for me to find this somewhat adorable? I’d hang it up as decor…maybe, but not at Christmas.

And so the Uggs live on…just when we thought that they’d be gone forever. Since I got my own Hunters, my pair of Uggs never see daylight anymore. I’m glad I could finally retire them after five years.


06 Jan 2011

Wearing Uggs Can Increase Your Chances For Getting Foot Fungus

Uggs may be the most comfortable pair of boots that I own, but that comfort certainly comes with a price. Dr. Olivier Zong, a director of surgery at NYC Footcare has claimed that wearing Uggs could increase your chances for getting foot fungus: “fungus breeds in dark, wet environments–conditions that are usually seen inside trendy sheepskin boots.”

This isn’t exactly that hard to believe because not only do you factor in disgusting foot sweat that may or may not be present when wearing Uggs, the worst is when you make the poor decision of wearing your Uggs in the rain.

Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about. The rain droplets soak the top of your Uggs seeping in through the sheep skin and when you get home to remove the shoes off your feet, your socks are wet. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it is reality… thanks for the heads up Dr. Zong!

Read more about the Uggs and foot fungus here!

13 Dec 2010

Would You Wear It?

I have a love/hate relationship with the boot they call “Ugg.” Though I’ll never admit it in person, I adore my short boots in “sand.” I am, however, not someone that notoriously abuses the boot by wearing it every chance I get with short denim skirts and a tank top during the summer. In fact, I would prefer to wear the boot when I can mask it by rolling my jeans down so that it looks like any standard shoe. It’s not my first choice on a given day, but I do leave it as an option.

I suppose there is no additional explanation needed when I tell you that I will not be purchasing the new sequined Uggs. If you’re in the mood to buy tons of f’ing sequins, buy these for $170.


17 Jan 2010

Uggs + Jimmy Choo

I honestly don’t even know if I can begin to imagine what this combination will look like. I’m envisioning a pair that does not make sense in my mind. Non-sensible heels…covered in warm material surrounding the top portion of the feet. Or is more like a boot… flat… and with intricate cut outs, zippers, embellishments, and spikes? WHO KNOWS.

Apparently, the price for the new collaborative collection will range from $595-$795

Oh puh-leeze I didn’t even want to spend that much on my own full-priced Uggs!


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