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14 Feb 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sweater Dress – Aritzia / Sunglasses – Kate Spade / Purse – Vince Camuto

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know that usually people have two very extreme feelings about this holiday – they either love it or they hate it or they place some kind of blame onto Hallmark. I’ve loved Valentine’s Day since I was a very small child and I’m not exactly sure why. I never received any gifts from my parents on this day like some of my classmates did, but every time we had a Valentine’s Day party in class, it was always 10x better than any other party. There was always cookie decorating, punch, and best of all – the handing out of the cards. Best friends always got the best cards, HOBviously. Choosing which set to buy at the grocery store ended up taking much longer than it needed to and moms was not happy about having to wait for me to weigh my options between Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses.

This Valentine’s Day we’re keepin’ it pretty chill. Last year, I took Vo out for the ultimate friend date and while there’s always a lot of emphasis around how you should show your loved ones how much you care about them on V-Day, I think this year, we’re going to focus on loving ourselves! Because that’s also very important too. Here’s to hoping that your Sunday is full of sweet sweet lovin’ maybe from others or just from yourself too!

09 Feb 2016

Valentine’s Day Wants

There’s one guy friend every year that comes to me – sweat forming on his forehead and completely overwhelmed with the pressures of having to buy his girl a Valentine’s Day present. You would think that by your 20’s you would’ve nailed this already. Wrong. It’s okay though, I don’t mind helping out my boys because of course, we know this holiday like the back of our hand. As a girl myself and a girl that loves gifts, when I put myself into this situation as the receiver, it seems fairly easy. However, I recognize that some girls just aren’t like me and might be expecting more so the only way to really write this gift guide is just to share all the things that I would want! Don’t worry – I’ll include some variety so hopefully one of these things will land you in good graces.

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts by Mullein & Sparrow – $28

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16 Feb 2015

A Disney-fied Valentine’s Day Present

This would’ve been the perfect post to cap off Valentine’s Day week, but I’ve been out and about this weekend that I forgot to write it! I may be a couple days late, but it’s still worth the read. One lucky girl got the sweetest Valentine’s Day present from her boyfriend this week and I’m sure girls all over the world are wondering why their own boyfriends didn’t think of this creative idea.

Brian Flynn surprised his girlfriend Manini with a collection of the two of them AS Disney characters! Brian brought on artist Dylan Bonner to not only turn his girlfriend into a Disney princess, but to turn him into her prince. The couple “LOVE Disney movies” and he “[wanted] our relationship to be as epic and timeless as the animations we grew up on.”

AWWW. Stop it.

Bonner’s paintings really look like the real thing and completely out of a Disney movie.

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11 Feb 2015

Valentine’s Day: Not Just For the s/o’s

While Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, it’s definitely not a holiday that I have had an opportunity to celebrate as often as I would like. In college, I used to be around friends that hated the holiday because they were never in relationships. I probably had similar sentiments at the time, but oh my gosh, it broke my heart to not celebrate it because it’s such a fun holiday and if I’m being really honest here – I don’t think it has to be a holiday that you have to be in a relationship for to celebrate. So with that said, I’m planning a pretty elaborate date for my dearest friend this Saturday and I am pretty excited about it. I don’t think he reads my blog, but I don’t want to spoil anything just in case.

I’ve always been the “date planner” in most situations and I think relationship dates and friend dates are pretty similar so why not treat them all the same?

Readers, what are your Valentine’s Day plans and have you ever planned a friend date for someone special in your life?

08 Feb 2015

Send Your Love w/ A Card

Rifle Paper Co. – $4.50

When I was a child, Valentine’s Day was always my favorite holiday to celebrate at school. Not only does Valentine’s Day produce the best candy – endless amounts of chocolate and tart candies, but I loved walking around the classroom with my valentines and distributing them out to my classmates. Then, like every other child, I would come home, open up my valentines and decipher the one valentine that my crush gave to me. Clearly, he gave me the best one. How could he not? The card he gave me? Selected just for me because there’s no way there are five other ones just like that one in the box that his mom purchased for him at Safeway. Regardless of how old we become, giving and receiving cards are still special. Even as adults, I sitll love greeting cards and here are just a few of my favorite ones for the loveliest holiday of the year.

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07 Feb 2015

Valentine’s Day Dresses For Your Perfect Evening

Happy February! Ever since I moved to California, I think I’ve loved February much more than when I lived in Seattle because unlike Seattle, February here kind of is like a little bit of a colder summer. There’s not much difference. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I usually love asking all of my couple friends what they have planned. Some get to be very elaborate while others barely celebrate the holiday  or doing something really easy by telling one another what they want and getting exactly that. I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day that much, but if I had to pick an ideal date, it would just be dinner, dessert, and drinks! Last year, I was treated out to dinner and drinks at a nearby wine bar and that was just enough for me. It’s amazing how much pressure there can be on one holiday – gifts, plans, expectations, and lastly – what to wear! Red and pink are usual go-to’s, but I really love when people toss in blue and that’s why I’m highlighting this dress above from Urban Outfitters. Need more inspiration? Click the cut!

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14 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day: When You’re A Kid Vs At Age 22

Hey there readers!

I hope you have all had a very lovely Valentine’s Day so far. It’s not over yet so we don’t really know what else is in store for us, but I can definitely say today that Valentine’s Day in the adult world is not that exciting. It’s not as exciting as when you were a kid and you had the whole afternoon dedicated to a class Valentine’s Day party where you would decorate a cookie at a station, pass out Hello Kitty valentines (oh just me?) or spend the entire day consuming sugar. So much sugar. Seriously though, Valentine’s Day sweets > all other holiday candies.

Valentine’s Day in the office was peachy, but nothing will ever take the place of the excitement I had on Valentine’s Day as a kid or even in college and celebrating with my friends.

Valentine’s Day cards are priceless and really say so much by saying so little…with that… – BuzzFeed’s 10 Brutally Honest Valentine’s Day Cards From Kids

14 Feb 2013

Wedding Thursdays


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This is the last wedding video I’m posting up for the week and I’ve been quite generous with letting these go, but I’ve gotta make sure I’ve got enough in the queue to last us.

I couldn’t have picked a more perfect video to highlight from the people behind Shark Pig. Melanie and Kelcey are absolutely darling and look like they are such a fun-loving couple. I’m in love with this video.

12 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day Is More Than A Commercial Holiday


Though I’ve never celebrated a Valentine’s Day myself, I realize that there is much more meaning to the day than gifts, candies, and flowers. If it were up to me, Valentine’s Day would be everyday because I believe in celebrating love at all times possible. There is so much emphasis on this one day and not enough on any other day because too quickly we often times take love for granted. We don’t say the word out of fear. Maybe we fear rejection, but it’s also pretty daunting to just say it out loud or to another person. Once you say it you can never take it back, but sometimes you might be surprised by the response you hear back.

If these couple of weeks have taught me anything it is that the strength in the people I have in my life has built me up so that I could be strong again for the people that care about me and will always always be there. Every now and then, I believe in promoting selfishness as long as it’s healthy. I’ve had enough of that and now it is time for me to be whole-heartedly selfless and to give strength to those who need it most from me.

If I could advise you all on anything or if you could take something away from this blog at all it would be to not wait until Valentine’s Day to tell someone you love them. We shouldn’t be waiting another second to say the things that matter most.

My prayers and thoughts are with a very special family today.


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