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06 Feb 2017


Last year, we watched Rebecca Minkoff hold one of her fashion shows in the middle of SoHo. This past weekend, it was at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles. With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, I’m already finding myself getting giddy over the type of presentations and shows we’re anticipating to see. Minkoff’s show was no exception to that. Her show opened with one of our favorite LA-based bloggers – Aimee Song – of Song of Style, model Coco Rocha, and actresses Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice just to name a few. With that, here are our favorite looks!

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12 Jul 2013

Victoria Justice Releases Music Video for “Gold”

Victoria Justice released her music video for her single “Gold” and while it is endearing and adorable, it’s definitely not as saucy as Ariana Grande’s for “The Way.” While the two both starred on Victorious together, it seems like they have both decided to pursue musical careers and Ariana seems to be winning. While Victoria is getting her single played on Radio Disney, Ariana is slaying the music charts. It will be interesting to see what happens to the both of them with their next move and their second single. I’m “betting my money” on Ariana.

19 Jun 2013

Song of the Day

Victoria Justice – Gold

The only part I don’t like about the song is that bridge…
Looks like Ariana Grande wins for the best first single!

03 Feb 2013

Farewell Victorious

Last night was the series finale of Victorious and though I don’t think any of us were ready for it to end, it happened. I’ve been a fan of Victoria Justice since her days on Zoey 101 so when I learned that she would be having her own show on Nickelodeon, I was a little bit excited. Yeah, whatever I’m 22. But have you seen the show? It’s hilarious – and my two little cousins absolutely adore it so it always reminded me of them. The finale was disappointing because there was never really any closure between the characters. We didn’t end up seeing what happened to them or where they ended up. We never got a last performance and we were only restricted to 30 minutes.

Victoria Justice, however, thought we deserved more so she wrote an open letter to all of her fans thanking everyone for the support over the last couple of years and where the characters ended up.

Her headlining tour? Um. Count me in.


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