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05 Nov 2012

Would You Eat This?

I love sushi, but just looking at this cake is more than I can even handle. Kevin and I practically grab sushi on a weekly basis and while this photo above contains all my favorite pieces, it also seems overwhelming. But I have to know…

Would. You. Eat. It?!

You can also make it. Maybe you won’t decide to eat it, but you can make it for someone else here.


11 Apr 2012

A “Whatthecool” Roundup Of Things That Look Cool

– The book igloo sculptural installation designed by Columbian artist Miler Lagos. The title of this piece is “Home.”

– A Nintendo controller coffee table being sold on Etsy for $3,500

– Orange cat. After seeing this, I can officially say that playing with your food is still pretty cool.

[1, 2, 3]


04 Dec 2011

Whatthecool Roundup

Have you ever tried sleeping with earbuds? It doesn’t work. By morning, my earbuds are entangled in my ears and/or they feel sore from having headphones wedged in. I suppose that’s why SleepPhones was created and apparently it’s supposed to be the “most comfortable headphones for sleeping.” UM. Do want. Only $39.95 [Source]

London has set up a 33ft tall Christmas tree made out of Legos in St Pancras station. [Source]

Adorable bibs for babies. [Source]


  • I meaaaaaan how did everyone else feel about Monday? 🍷
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  • Party thyme w/ @pdugan20
  • That time we just went for it and got the breakfast pasta!
  • where did the week go??

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