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Would You Eat This?

I love sushi, but just looking at this cake is more than I can even handle. Kevin and I practically grab sushi on a weekly basis and while this photo above contains all my favorite pieces, it also seems overwhelming. But I have to know…

Would. You. Eat. It?!

You can also make it. Maybe you won’t decide to eat it, but you can make it for someone else here.


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A “Whatthecool” Roundup Of Things That Look Cool

– The book igloo sculptural installation designed by Columbian artist Miler Lagos. The title of this piece is “Home.”

– A Nintendo controller coffee table being sold on Etsy for $3,500

– Orange cat. After seeing this, I can officially say that playing with your food is still pretty cool.

[1, 2, 3]


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Whatthecool Roundup

Have you ever tried sleeping with earbuds? It doesn’t work. By morning, my earbuds are entangled in my ears and/or they feel sore from having headphones wedged in. I suppose that’s why SleepPhones was created and apparently it’s supposed to be the “most comfortable headphones for sleeping.” UM. Do want. Only $39.95 [Source]

London has set up a 33ft tall Christmas tree made out of Legos in St Pancras station. [Source]

Adorable bibs for babies. [Source]

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