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19 Aug 2011

The Ivy Kids Continue To Do Werk on Facebook

It is a professor’s own fault if their students can’t seem to pay any attention to what’s going on in the class if you put them in a computer lab. Let’s just be honest about what really goes on in a classroom or computer lab sometimes. If students could choose between playing on their computers and listening to lectures, they would choose their computers. This isn’t a bold statement. I’ve seen it happen in my own computer class. Here’s the trick: You have two windows. One window is for what you’re supposed to be on, the second is what you’re not supposed to be on. Let’s call that Facebook. In order to succeed at multi-tasking you need to be fully aware of your surroundings – meaning you need to watch your professor like a hawk so they don’t catch you sluffing. This happened to me once. I made myself look like an idiot because I couldn’t answer the question nor did I know what he was even talking about. He caught me as I was on the wrong window and I became flustered and confused switching between both while he was right next to me.

One Yale undergrad student recognized this as a major issue and decided to develop a solution for it by disguising the Facebook home page into an Excel spreadsheet. Functions of the Excel spreadsheet resemble hidden buttons on Facebook. Your professor wouldn’t even know that you were on the wrong page unless they examined what was on your monitor. To them, it’s a normal Excel spreadsheet – maybe even the spreadsheet you are supposed to be working on in class.

Lower your anxiety levels now by downloading this app here.



27 May 2011

In the News…


– Now everyone can look like Terry Richardson with these frames! umm too bad they’re $290. [Source]

Joe Zee’s television series All on the Line has been picked up for a second season by Sundance. [Source]

– Did Urban Outfitters rip off an Etsy designer? [Source]

– Take a peak inside designer Erin Fetherston’s beautiful apartment. [Source]


A Tribe Called Quest will be releasing their film in a number of theaters for several dates. [Source]

Transformers 3 has released their soundtrack. [Source]

Kanye West will perform a free show in Manhattan in June. [Source]

Dom’s “Family of Love” EP will be released August 9th. [Source]

P. Diddy has decided to change his name to “Swag.” Is that to indicate that he is free? Easy? I don’t know. [Source]


Kerry Washington will be acting as “Olivia Pope” in ABC’s new series “Scandal.” [Source]

MTV is footing a new pilot called “Married Young.” Stop it… just stop it. [Source]

Scott Mccreery is the new American Idol. [Source]

VH1 makes plans to bring back “Pop Up Video.” More music – less trashy reality television shows please! [Source]


Ed Westwick will portray Tybalt in a new Romeo and Juliet film. [Source]


Joan Jett paid a visit to the students of Scriber Lake High School who are all at risk of dropping out. Jett took this time to urge these students how important it was to earn a high school diploma and pursue their dreams. [Source]

– A new service in Seattle called “I Have Munchies” will cater to all of your late night needs. [Source]

Seattle is one of the nation’s safest pedestrian cities in America. [Source]


Tom Hanks gave the commencement speech to Yale’s Class of 2011. Students were encouraged to wear silly hats. [Source]

Sofia Coppola and longtime boyfriend Thomas Mars (frontman of Phoenix) are getting married this summer. The couple have two kids together. [Source]

– In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian got engaged to Kris Humphries. [Source]

Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward have split. Not-so-secretly celebrating… [Source]

– The Kardashians need your help in deciding the title for their new novel. wut. [Source]

– The before and after shot of the damages left by the Joplin, Missouri tornado. [Source]

– Apparently it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage month so Buzzfeed rounded up a bunch of celebs that we may have not known were actually Asian. I didn’t know either of these things. [Source]

– A new study shows that those that immerse themselves in cultural activities ie) playing an instrument, attending concerts, taking trips to the art gallery – turn out to be healthier! [Source]

– Roughly 81% of the music in your iTunes library will never get played. [Source]

03 Mar 2011

Yale Parties Harder Than You.

As I perused through my daily readings in search for new material for Yow Yow! this evening, I came across an article with this headline: Today in College Sex: Masturbation Guides and Naked Parties. Expecting to find that the article would be describing some major party school, I was shocked to discover that it was about in Ivy League Yale. Then the next thought that popped into my head was “What in the world is Yale doing having annual naked parties?” “Who invented this and why does this exist?” Shoot…I didn’t know Yale students got down like that, but they seem more hardcore than any other university I know of. Also I giggled to myself at how awkward this would be after reading the details described in the article.

“Typically it’s no harm, no foul, just a bunch of naked collegers giggling and straining their tiny livers with beer.”

Oh okay. This seems a little more harmless than I thought.

To read this ridiculously laughable article, click here.

29 Dec 2010

Cassius Clay – 19-year-old Stylist to Kanye

Back in September, we were introduced to Cassius Clay, the Yale student that became the stylist of Kanye West overnight. At the time of that post, we had just heard of the news, but no one even bothered to contact Clay himself. Opening Ceremony has published a new article including an interview and pictures of the young stylist to talk about how his life has changed since he took a leave of absence from Yale to become Kanye’s right hand man. This guy is so serious and all business. You will probably feel self-conscious about your personal style after reading this interview so click here to get there already!

05 Sep 2009

In wtf news

Yale students are sending an email around to each other rating how many beers it would take them to screw dozens of female members of the freshman class of 2013. Girls get ranked by things like “sobriety,” “five beers” or “ten beers.”

COOL! It’s like the new – kill, marry, screw game.


04 Mar 2009

So my class was cancelled…

Emma Watson Yale rumor false?

It’s Myspace’s fifth birthday today! and nobody really cares cause we all moved on to Facebook

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together because he promises “he can change.”

Usher made fun of him because they were reconciling in Miami at Diddy’s house and “Chris Brown did not show enough remorse because he’s on a jet ski.” … something like that

Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend Holly Madison is no longer dating Criss Angel

Michelle Trachtenberg will reprise her role as Georgina on Gossip Girl again!

Greek starts Monday, March 30th and Lucia and I will be watching

My boys from Danger Radio will be on The Real World tonight?!

Source: ONTD

Listening to: Kanye West – Flashing Lights


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