27 May 2010

The first band announced to play Bumbershoot


Let me just tell you about this wonderful band. Familiar faces and an even more familiar name in the Seattle area. These guys are no strangers to the local music scene. They have toured across the country and have played countless shows in Seattle. I was ecstatic to hear that they had made it onto Bumbershoot’s lineup this year because they are just that incredible. They truly deserve it. I also had the opportunity to see them perform two months ago for the BirthDIY fest at The Vera Project where they put on a spectacular headlining show. However, my connection to this band spans wider than just musical interest. When I was in high school working as a booking intern for a local venue,  I was lucky enough to work with BOAT’s drummer Mr. Jackson Long as he checked the sound for my bands prior to and during my shows in the evenings.

Congratulations BOAT! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys hit the stage this September!

To hear their music click here

Bumbershoot’s Preview

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  1. Hey, don’t forget about Great Waves. They won EMP’s SoundOff! and earned their place at Bumbershoot 2010 in the process.

    Stay tuned for the official lineup announcement June 1!

    Posted on 5.28.10 · Reply to comment
  2. itsyowyow wrote:

    Thanks Bumbershoot, let me know if you would like me to post any other updates regarding the event 🙂 I appreciate you checking out my blog

    Posted on 5.29.10 · Reply to comment

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