07 Jul 2009

The Memorial

I never really planned on tuning in until I was driving home from class today listening to the radio station when they were doing live coverage and then at that point, I realized this is a BIG moment. Michael Jackson only dies once, he’s not like Tupac who keeps mysteriously coming back and what not. This isn’t going to happen again so I probably shouldn’t miss this. So I raced home, and was glued to the spot in front of my television for a good hour until it was over? I came in when Usher was performing. I thought the memorial was nicely put together. It wasn’t rushed, there weren’t any unnecessary distractions and that’s how it was supposed to be. It honored his life and showed the audience like, “Hey, this is what you didn’t know about Michael Jackson, and he was a great guy because xy and z.”

No matter, how many stories we hear about him, his surgeries, the little boys and scandals, his family, etc etc, I think we have to recognize the fact that we don’t really know him at all. He was a complicated man, I’m sure and probably confused at a lot of things, look at the way he grew up. Marlon Jackson said it best, “Maybe they will all leave you alone now.” There’s no need to bring up anything in the past anymore because he is gone. And when Paris stepped up to the mic, my heart went out to her. If she says he’s a great daddy then he is, but we would have never known.

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